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Thach, V.T.[Vo Trong] Co Author Listing * Mapping Submerged Aquatic Vegetation along the Central Vietnamese Coast Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing

Thachasongtham, D.[Dissaphong] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Pose Estimation Using Viewpoint Generative Learning

Thacker, N.A.[Neil A.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Thacker, N.A.[Neil A.]: neil a thacker AT manchester ac uk
* Adaptive Step-Edge Model for Self-Consistent Training of Neural-Network for Probabilistic Edge Labeling
* Algorithmic Modeling For Performance Evaluation
* Algorithmic Modelling for Performance Evaluation
* Analysis of Pairwise Geometric Histograms for View-Based Object Recognition, An
* Assessing the Completeness Properties of Pairwise Geometric Histograms
* Automatic identification of landmarks in digital images
* Automatic Identification of Morphometric Landmarks in Digital Images
* Automatic Model Selection by Modelling the Distribution of Residuals
* Automatic parameter selection for object recognition using a parallel multiobjective genetic algorithm
* B-Fitting: An Estimation Technique with Automatic Parameter Selection
* Bayesian and non-Bayesian probabilistic models for medical image analysis
* Benchmarking of Bootstrap Temporal Stereo using Statistical and Physical Scene Modelling
* Case Study in the use of ROC curves for Algorithm Design, A
* Colour Image Segmentation by Non-Parametric Density Estimation in Colour Space
* Correlation Chip for Stereo Vision, A
* Data Fusion Using an MLP
* Evaluation of the Performance of RANSAC Algorithms for Stereo Camera Calibration, An
* Feature Representation for Map Building and Path Planning, A
* Feature Tracking and Motion Classification Using a Switchable Model Kalman Filter
* Hardware Architecture for Image Rectification and Ground Plane Obstacle Detection, A
* Hardware support for fast edge-based stereo
* Improving accuracy, robustness and computational efficiency in 3D computer vision
* Learning to Recognise Talking Faces
* Linear Poisson Models: A Pattern Recognition Solution to the Histogram Composition Problem
* Locating and Tracking Facial Speech Features
* Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates
* Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling
* Multiple Shape Recognition Using Pairwise Geometric Histogram Based Algorithms
* Multistage Approach to the Dense Estimation of Disparity from Stereo SEM Images, A
* Noise Filtering and Testing Illustrated Using a Multi-Dimensional Partial Volume Model of MR Data
* Non-Parametric Image Subtraction using Grey Level Scattergrams
* Online Calibration of a 4 DOF Stereo Head
* Optimal Combination of Stereo Camera Calibration from Arbitrary Stereo Images
* Optimal Pairwise Geometric Histograms
* Pairwise Geometric Histograms: A Scalable Solution for the Recognition of 2D rigid Shape
* Performance characterization in computer vision: A guide to best practices
* Quantitative Performance Optimisation for Corner and Edge Based Robotic Vision Systems: A Monte-Carlo Simulation
* Quantitative Verification of Projected Views Using a Power Law Model of Feature Detection
* Real-time Body Tracking Using a Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model
* Retina Sampling Feature Detection and Saccades; A Statistical Perspective.
* Robust Recogniton of Scaled Shapes Using Pairwise Geometric Histograms
* Robust Stereo via Temporal Consistency
* Smart Feature Detection using an Invariance Network Architecture
* Specification and design of a general purpose image processing chip
* Speechreading Using Probabilistic Models
* Statistical Analysis of a Stereo Matching Algorithm
* Statistical interpretation of non-local means
* Stretch-Correlation as a Real-Time Alternative to Feature-Based Stereo Matching Algorithms
* Surface Approximation from Industrial SEM Images
* TINA 2001: The Closed Loop 3D Model Matcher
* Use of Geometric Histograms for Model-Based Object Recognition, The
* Using a Combined Stereo/Temporal Matcher to Determine Ego-motion
* Validating MRI Field Homogeneity Correction Using Image Information Measures
* When are Simple LS Estimators Enough? An Empirical Study of LS, TLS, and GTLS
Includes: Thacker, N.A.[Neil A.] Thacker, N.A.
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Thacker, W.C. Co Author Listing * Variational Approaches on Discontinuity Localization and Field Estimation in Sea Surface Temperature and Soil Moisture

Thackray, G.[Glenn] Co Author Listing * Application of multi-temporal high-resolution imagery and GPS in a study of the motion of a canyon rim landslide

Thackway, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Comparing CNNs and Random Forests for Landsat Image Segmentation Trained on a Large Proxy Land Cover Dataset
* Convolutional Neural Network Shows Greater Spatial and Temporal Stability in Multi-Annual Land Cover Mapping Than Pixel-Based Methods

Thackway, W.T.[William Thomas] Co Author Listing * Spatial Variability of the Airbnb Effect: A Spatially Explicit Analysis of Airbnb's Impact on Housing Prices in Sydney

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