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Terabayashi, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Construction of a 3D Model of Real-world Object Using Range Intensity Images
* Detection of Moving Objects with Removal of Cast Shadows and Periodic Changes Using Stereo Vision
* Effective Adaptation to Experience of Different-Sized Hand
* Fast Human Detection Combining Range Image Segmentation and Local Feature Based Detection
* Fast human detection using template matching for gradient images and aSC descriptors based on subtraction stereo
* Generation of Overhead View Images by Estimating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Camera Parameters of Multiple Fish-Eye Cameras
* Measurement of Pedestrian Groups Using Subtraction Stereo
* Multi-object Segmentation in a Projection Plane Using Subtraction Stereo
* Registration of 3D Geometric Model and Color Images Using SIFT and Range Intensity Images
* Variation of edge detection uncertainty on fish-eye images
Includes: Terabayashi, K.[Kenji] Terabayashi, K.
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Terada, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Facial features-based method for human tracking
* framework for Human tracking using Kalman filter and fast mean shift algorithms, A
* Gait features extraction method using image processing
* Improving mobility for blind persons using video sunglasses
* method for counting passersby using time-space image, A
* Method of Counting the Passing People by Using the Method of the Template Matching, A
* method of Counting the Passing People by using the Stereo Images, A
* Range Finder by Using a Rotary Cubic Mirror, A
* Recognition of a person's state using FG Vision Sensor
Includes: Terada, K.[Kenji] Terada, K.
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Terada, Y. Co Author Listing * On the Possibility of Structure Learning-Based Scene Character Detector

Terado, I.[Ikuo] Co Author Listing * Reflection and Transparency Model of Rose Petals for Computer Graphics based on the Micro-Scopic Scale Structures

Teraguchi, M. Co Author Listing * Learning personalized video highlights from detailed MPEG-7 metadata
* Rapid generation of event-based indexes for personalized video digests

Terahata, K.[Katsuya] Co Author Listing * MAAD: A Model and Dataset for Attended Awareness in Driving

Terai, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Co Author Listing * 3D-Mode: A 3D Modelling and Measurement System Using a Few Photos
* Fully Automatic Panoramic Image Registration
* Linear Algorithm for Camera Self-Calibration, Motion and Structure Recovery for Multi-Planar Scenes from Two Perspective Images, A
Includes: Terai, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Terai, J.I.[Jun-Ichi]

Terai, K. Co Author Listing * Cell Image Segmentation by Integrating Multiple CNNs
* Recovery of spectral reflectances of objects being imaged by multispectral cameras Virtual Journal
Includes: Terai, K. Terai, K.[Kenichiro]

Terai, R.[Rieko] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Eye Movement and Clinical Judgment in Nurses and Nursing Students During the Sterile Glove Application

Terai, S.[Shuji] Co Author Listing * Improved Method for Cirrhosis Detection Using Liver's Ultrasound Images, An

Terai, T. Co Author Listing * Color decomposition of overlapped watercolors

Terakado, K.[Kazuya] Co Author Listing * Pose estimation by local procrustes regression

Teramae, T.[Tatsuya] Co Author Listing * Learning assistive strategies for exoskeleton robots from user-robot physical interaction

Teramoto, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Automated Solder Inspection Method by Means of X-ray Oblique Computed Tomography

Teramoto, M. Co Author Listing * segmentation method for touching Japanese handwritten characters based on connecting condition of lines, A

Teramoto, O.[Okihide] Co Author Listing * Interactive motion photography from a single image

Teramoto, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighting Multi-Field-Of-View CNN for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
* Development and Evaluation of Technology Education Using Earth Observation Technique
* Multi-Class Cell Detection Using Modified Self-Attention
* Negative Pseudo Labeling Using Class Proportion for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
Includes: Teramoto, Y.[Yuki] Teramoto, Y.

Teran, L.[Leizer] Co Author Listing * 3D Interest Point Detection via Discriminative Learning
* Ground Terrain Database, GTOS

Teran, M.F.[Marcos F.] Co Author Listing * Conserving Ecosystem Diversity in the Tropical Andes

Teran, R. Co Author Listing * Visceral dynamic computing

Teranishi, T. Co Author Listing * Indexing and Classification of TV News Articles Based on Telop Recognition

Teranishi, Y.[Yuuichi] Co Author Listing * P2P Sensor Data Stream Delivery System That Guarantees the Specified Reachability under Churn Situations, A

Terano, T.[Takao] Co Author Listing * 3D block-based medial axis transform and chessboard distance transform based on dominance

Terao, J. Co Author Listing * Promoting Interactions Between Humans and Robots Using Robotic Emotional Behavior

Terao, K.[Kento] Co Author Listing * Rephrasing Visual Questions by Specifying the Entropy of the Answer Distribution

Terao, M.[Makoto] Co Author Listing * Non-Iterative Optimization of Pseudo-Labeling Thresholds for Training Object Detection Models from Multiple Datasets

Teraoka, T.[Takehiro] Co Author Listing * Relevance-aware Question Generation in Non-task-oriented Dialogue Systems
* Spatial-temporal data management for a 3D graphical information system
* VAIR Field - Multiple Mobile VR Shooting Sports
Includes: Teraoka, T.[Takehiro] Teraoka, T.[Teruhiko]

Teras, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study With New Accuracy Metrics for Target Volume Contouring in PET Image Guided Radiation Therapy
* Non-Gaussian smoothing of low-count transmission scans for PET whole-body studies

Terasaki, T. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Coding of Polygonal Mesh Data Based on Triangular Lattice Structure with Expanded Nodes

Terasawa, H.[Hiroko] Co Author Listing * Wearable Auditory Biofeedback Device for Blind and Sighted Individuals

Terasawa, K.[Kengo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Evaluation Framework for Word Spotting
* Automatic Keyword Extraction from Historical Document Images
* Eigenspace method for text retrieval in historical document images
* Fast Appearance-Based Full-Text Search Method for Historical Newspaper Images, A
* Locality Sensitive Pseudo-Code for Document Images
* Slit Style HOG Feature for Document Image Word Spotting
Includes: Terasawa, K.[Kengo] Terasawa, K.

Terashima Marin, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Assembling Similar Tracking Approaches in Order to Strengthen Performance
* Comparison of Class Separability, Forward Sequential Search and Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection in the Classification of Individual and Clustered Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms Using a Difference of Optimized Gaussian Filters
* Experimental Study on Ant Colony Optimization Hyper-Heuristics for Solving the Knapsack Problem, An
* Learning vector quantization for variable ordering in constraint satisfaction problems
* Straightforward Framework for Video Retrieval Using CLIP, A
Includes: Terashima Marin, H.[Hugo] Terashima-Marín, H.[Hugo]

Terashima, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resolution Image Acquisition Using Image Mosaicing Technique from Video Sequence
* Image Mosaicing Without Distortion Using Projected Mask For Image Digitization
* Realistic 3D facial animation using parameter-based deformation and texture remapping
Includes: Terashima, N. Terashima, N.[Nobuyoshi]

Terashima, R. Co Author Listing * On the Use of Stochastic Driver Behavior Model in Lane Departure Warning
* Self-Coaching System Based on Recorded Driving Data: Learning From One's Experiences

Terashima, T. Co Author Listing * Method for representing 3D virtual origami
* visual-SLAM for first person vision and mobile robots, A

Terashima, Y.[Yoshito] Co Author Listing * Scene Classification with a Biologically Inspired Method

Terashita, H.[Hiromi] Co Author Listing * Bodily state detection apparatus

Terashita, K.[Kunihito] Co Author Listing * Efficient Topological Calibration and Object Tracking with Distributed Pan-Tilt Cameras

Terassi, P.[Paulo_Miguel_de_Bodas] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Products for the Daily Average and Extreme Rainfall in the Mearim River Drainage Basin (Maranhão, Brazil)

Terata, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Simple Visual Words Selection Strategy for Pedestrian Detection, A

Terauchi, G.[Genki] Co Author Listing * Simple Procedure to Preprocess and Ingest Level-2 Ocean Color Data into Google Earth Engine, A

Terauchi, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Surface Orientation Using Gray Level Difference Statistics
* Real-Time Hand and Eye Coordination for Flexible Impedance Control of Robot Manipulator
* Robust Vehicle Detection and Distance Estimation Under Challenging Lighting Conditions
* Vehicle Detection Based on Multi-feature Clues and Dempster-Shafer Fusion Theory
Includes: Terauchi, M. Terauchi, M.[Mutsuhiro]

Terauchi, S.[Susumu] Co Author Listing * 3-D object positioning from monocular image brightnesses

Terauchi, T. Co Author Listing * flexible 3D modeling system based on combining shape-from-silhouette with light-sectioning algorithm, A
* Improved 3D head reconstruction system based on combining shape-from-silhouette with two-stage stereo algorithm

Terayama, K.[Kei] Co Author Listing * practical classifier for photographs and non-photographic images based on local visual features, A

Terazono, K.[Kohei] Co Author Listing * Shadow Representation of Image-based Objects in Virtual Space

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