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Soro, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Video Rendering: Zooming Video Using Fractals

Soro, S.[Stanislava] Co Author Listing * Camera selection in visual sensor networks
* Lifetime-Distortion Trade-off in Image Sensor Networks

Soroka, B.I.[Barry I.] Co Author Listing * Generalised cylinders from local aggregation of sections
* Generalized Cones from Serial Sections
* Generalized Cylinders from Parallel Slices
* Generalized Cylinders from Serial Sections
* Program for Describing Complex Three-Dimensional Objects Using Generalized Cylinders as Primitives, A
* Steps Toward the Representation of Complex Three-Dimensional Objects
* Understanding Objects from Slices
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Sorokin, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Human Activity Recognition with Metric Learning
* Utility data annotation with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Sorokin, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Cropping Intensity in the Aral Sea Basin and Its Dependency from the Runoff Formation 2000-2012

Sorokin, D.V. Co Author Listing * 3-D Quantification of Filopodia in Motile Cancer Cells
* Automatic detection of laser-induced structures in live cell fluorescent microscopy images using snakes with geometric constraints
* Correlation-based 2D registration method for single particle cryo-EM images
* FiloGen: A Model-Based Generator of Synthetic 3-D Time-Lapse Sequences of Single Motile Cells With Growing and Branching Filopodia
* Gauss-Laguerre keypoints descriptors for color images
* Gauss-Laguerre Keypoints Extraction Using Fast Hermite Projection Method
* Non-Rigid Contour-Based Registration of Cell Nuclei in 2-D Live Cell Microscopy Images Using a Dynamic Elasticity Model
Includes: Sorokin, D.V. Sorokin, D.V.[Dmitry V.]
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Sorokin, N.Y.[Nikolay Y.] Co Author Listing * Criterion of Noisy Images Quality, A

Sorokine, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Ontological Investigation of a Multiscale Ecosystem Classification Using the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units as an Example
* Spatio-temporal Conceptual Schema Development for Wide-Area Sensor Networks

Sorooshian, S.[Soroosh] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Assessment of Satellite Precipitation Products

Soros, G. Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Product Class Recognition for Assisted Shopping

Sorour, S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Cloud-Based Routing With In-Route Charging of Mobility-on-Demand Electric Vehicles

Soroush, M.Z.[Morteza Zangeneh] Co Author Listing * novel EEG-based approach to classify emotions through phase space dynamics, A

Soroushmehr, S.M.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Specular Reflection Detection and Inpainting in Colonoscopy Video Frames
* Aggregation of Rich Depth-Aware Features in a Modified Stacked Generalization Model for Single Image Depth Estimation
* Blind Stereo Quality Assessment Based on Learned Features From Binocular Combined Images
* Bone extraction in X-ray images by analysis of line fluctuations
* Boosted Dictionary Learning for Image Compression
* Fast exposure fusion using exposedness function
* Frame rate up-conversion using nonparametric estimator
* Liver Segmentation in CT Images Using Three Dimensional to Two Dimensional Fully Convolutional Network
* Low-rank regularized collaborative filtering for image denoising
* Multi-view video super-resolution for hybrid cameras using modified NLM and adaptive thresholding
* Quality assessment of retargeted images by salient region deformity analysis
* Radon transform inspired method for hand gesture recognition
* Real-time removal of random value impulse noise in medical images
* Single image depth estimation using joint local-global features
* Skin lesion segmentation in clinical images using deep learning
* Vessel region detection in coronary X-ray angiograms
Includes: Soroushmehr, S.M.R. Soroushmehr, S.M.R.[S.M. Reza] Soroushmehr, S.M.R.[S.M.Reza]
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