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Sabeal, M.A.[Manal Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Dubai 3d Textuerd Mesh Using High Quality Resolution Vertical/Oblique Aerial Imagery

Sabeenian, R.S. Co Author Listing * Motion-compensated video compression using variable length Huffman coding

Sabel, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Soil Moisture Retrieval from the ERS and Metop Scatterometers in the Lower Mekong Basin
* Seven Years of Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) Global Monitoring (GM) of Surface Soil Moisture over Africa
Includes: Sabel, D. Sabel, D.[Daniel]

Sabel, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * On the Robustness and Generalizability of Face Synthesis Detection Methods

Sabelman, E.E. Co Author Listing * real-life dangers of augmented reality, The

Sabelnikovs, O.[Olegs] Co Author Listing * CNN for Hand Washing Movement Classification: What Matters More - the Approach or the Dataset?

Saber, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Reconstruction through a Fusion of Passive Video and Lidar Imagery
* adaptive and progressive approach for efficient Gradient-based multiresolution color image segmentation, An
* Analysis and classification for complex scanned documents
* Automated 3D object identification using Bayesian networks
* Automatic Image Annotation Using Adaptive Color Classification
* Automatic Image Segmentation by Dynamic Region Growth and Multiresolution Merging
* Automatic registration of multisensor airborne imagery
* Convolutional Auto-Encoder with Tensor-Train Factorization
* Dense Semantic Labeling of Very-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR with Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks and Higher-Order CRFs
* Discrete Topology Based Hierarchical Segmentation for Efficient Object-Based Image Analyis: Application to Object Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images
* Dynamic learning from multiple examples for semantic object segmentation and search
* Dynamic Object Tracking by Partial Shape Matching for Video Surveillance Applications
* End-to-End Color Printer Calibration by Total Least Squares Regression
* Face Detection and Facial Feature Extraction Using Color, Shape and Symmetry Based Cost Functions
* Frontal View Face Detection and Facial Feature Extraction Using Color, Shape and Symmetry Based Cost Functions
* Fusion of Color and Edge Information for Improved Segmentation and Edge Linking
* Gaussian Processes for Vegetation Parameter Estimation from Hyperspectral Data with Limited Ground Truth
* Hierarchical Content Description and Object Formation by Learning
* Hierarchical Image Authentication Watermark with Improved Localization and Security, A
* Hierarchical watermarking for secure image authentication with localization
* Integration of Color, Shape, and Texture for Image Annotation and Retrieval
* intensity-gradient-texture guided methodology for spatial segmentation of remotely sensed multi/hyperspectral imagery, An
* Lossless Generalized-LSB Data Embedding
* Mutual Information Based Automatic Registration and Analysis Algorithm for Defect Identification in Printed Documents, A
* Object Formation by Learning in Visual Databases using Hierarchical Content Description
* Object segmentation and labeling by learning from examples
* Object-based image labeling through learning by example and multi-level segmentation
* Partial shape recognition by sub-matrix matching for partial matching guided image labeling
* probabilistic framework for unsupervised evaluation and ranking of image segmentations, A
* Region-Based Shape-Matching for Automatic Image Annotation and Query-by-Example
* Reversible data hiding
* Segment-Based Mesh Design for Building Parallel-Perspective Stereo Mosaics, A
* Semi-automatic 3-D segmentation of Computed Tomographic imagery by iterative gradient-driven volume growing
* Signature line detection in scanned documents
* Spatial-Feature-Enhanced MMI Algorithm for Multimodal Airborne Image Registration, A
* Spectral Super-Resolution with Optimized Bands
* Supervised Classification of Multisensor Remotely Sensed Images Using a Deep Learning Framework
* Total least square techniques in color printer characterization
* Unsupervised video segmentation by dynamic volume growing and multivariate volume merging using color-texture-gradient features
Includes: Saber, E. Saber, E.[Eli]
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Saber, H.[Hafid] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Assessment of Desertification in an Arid Oasis Using Remote Sensing Data and Spectral Index Techniques

Saber, M. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Automated Fire Detection Early Warning System Based on Geoprocessing Service Composition, An
* Environmental Conditions in Middle Eastern Megacities: A Comparative Spatiotemporal Analysis Using Remote Sensing Time Series
* Integrated Methodology for Urban Flood Risk Mapping at the Microscale in Ungauged Regions: A Case Study of Hurghada, Egypt
* Interoperable Architecture for Air Pollution Early Warning System Based on Sensor Web, An
* Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Disease Cardiac Segmentation: The M &Ms Challenge
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of NO2 Production Using TROPOMI Time-Series Images and Google Earth Engine in a Middle Eastern Country
* Urban Land Use and Land Cover Change Analysis Using Random Forest Classification of Landsat Time Series
Includes: Saber, M. Saber, M.[Mohsen] Saber, M.[Mohamed] Saber, M.[Mina]
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Saber, O. Co Author Listing * Smart City Security Issues: the Main Attacks and Countermeasures

Saber, Y.[Yusuf] Co Author Listing * High resolution biologically inspired salient region detection

Saberali, S.M.[S. Mohammad] Co Author Listing * ECF-Based Estimator for the LOS Power in Uplink NOMA System With Unknown Impulsive Noise

Saberi, A. Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of a Controller to Achieve Optimum Seeding Rate With Specific Spatial Management in Agricultural Machinery

Saberi, I.[Iman] Co Author Listing * Self-competitive Neural Networks

Saberi, M.[Morteza] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning for 3D Point Cloud Objects

Saberi, N.[Nastaran] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Aleatoric Uncertainties in Lake Ice Mapping Using RADARSAT-2 SAR Images and CNNs
* Modeling the Observed Microwave Emission from Shallow Multi-Layer Tundra Snow Using DMRT-ML
* Use of a Monte Carlo Markov Chain Method for Snow-Depth Retrievals: A Case Study Based on Airborne Microwave Observations and Emission Modeling Experiments of Tundra Snow, The
Includes: Saberi, N.[Nastaran] Saberi, N.

Saberi, S.J.[Saba J.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 for Burn Severity Mapping in Western North America

Saberian, J. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Optimize The Ridesharing Problem Using Genetic Algorithm, A

Saberian, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Deep Hashing with Hash-Consistent Large Margin Proxy Embeddings
* Learning Complexity-Aware Cascades for Deep Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Complexity-Aware Cascades for Pedestrian Detection

Saberian, M.J.[Mohammad J.] Co Author Listing * Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks
* Boosting algorithms for simultaneous feature extraction and selection
* Learning Optimal Embedded Cascades
* TaylorBoost: First and second-order boosting algorithms with explicit margin control

Saberian, M.S.[M. Sadegh] Co Author Listing * DEEMD: Drug Efficacy Estimation Against SARS-CoV-2 Based on Cell Morphology With Deep Multiple Instance Learning

Saberinia, E. Co Author Listing * OFDM Performance Assessment for Traffic Surveillance in Drone Small Cells

Saberioon, M.[Mohammadmehdi] Co Author Listing * Examining the Performance of PARACUDA-II Data-Mining Engine versus Selected Techniques to Model Soil Carbon from Reflectance Spectra
* Exploring the Suitability of UAS-Based Multispectral Images for Estimating Soil Organic Carbon: Comparison with Proximal Soil Sensing and Spaceborne Imagery
* Memory-Based Learning Approach as Compared to Other Data Mining Algorithms for the Prediction of Soil Texture Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectra, A
* Satellite Imagery for Monitoring and Mapping Soil Chromium Pollution in a Mine Waste Dump
* Satellite Imagery to Map Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Cultivated Areas: An Overview

Saberioon, M.M. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach For Estimating Nitrogen Content In Paddy Fields Using Low Altitude Remote Sensing System

Saberkari, A. Co Author Listing * Fast and adaptive license plate recognition algorithm for Persian plates

Saberkari, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Small Gene Prediction in DNA Sequences, An

Sabet, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Dynamic-OFA: Runtime DNN Architecture Switching for Performance Scaling on Heterogeneous Embedded Platforms

Sabet, M.[Mojtaba] Co Author Listing * Neural Based Approach for Fast Retrieval of Symbolic Images in Database

Sabetghadam, S.[Serwah] Co Author Listing * faceted approach to reachability analysis of graph modelled collections, A
* Multimodal Video-to-Video Linking: Turning to the Crowd for Insight and Evaluation

Sabeti, M.[Malihe] Co Author Listing * Analysis of lung scan imaging using deep multi-task learning structure for Covid-19 disease
* Improved particle swarm optimisation to estimate bone age

Sabeti, V.[Vajiheh] Co Author Listing * Steganalysis and payload estimation of embedding in pixel differences using neural networks

Sabetizade, M.[Marmar] Co Author Listing * Mapping Physiognomic Types of Indigenous Forest using Space-Borne SAR, Optical Imagery and Air-borne LiDAR
* National Mapping of New Zealand Pasture Productivity Using Temporal Sentinel-2 Data

Sabetsarvestani, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Image Separation With Side Information: A Connected Auto-Encoders Based Approach

Sabeur, Z.[Zoheir] Co Author Listing * High-Level Feature Extraction for Crowd Behaviour Analysis: A Computer Vision Approach
* Multi-modal Computer Vision for the Detection of Multi-scale Crowd Physical Motions and Behavior in Confined Spaces
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows

Sabeur, Z.A.[Zoheir A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale crowd feature detection using vision sensing and statistical mechanics principles

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