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Ronse, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ronse, C.[Christian]: ronse AT dpt-info u-strasbg fr
* Algebraic Basis of Mathematical Morphology: I. Dilations and Erosions, The
* Algebraic Basis of Mathematical Morphology: II. Openings and Closings, The
* Annular Filters for Binary Images
* Axiomatics for oriented connectivity
* Bibliography on Digital and Computational Convexity (1961-1988), A
* Cerebral Vascular Atlas Generation for Anatomical Knowledge Modeling and Segmentation Purpose
* Connected Components in Binary Images: The Detection Problem
* Digital Imaging: A Unified Topological Framework
* Discretization in Hausdorff Space
* Flat Morphological Operatorson Arbitrary Power Lattices
* Flat Morphology on Power Lattices
* Generation of Shading-off in Images by Extrapolation of Lipschitz Functions
* Geodesy on label images, and applications to video sequence processing
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--Part I: Unified theory
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--part II: Application to angiographic image processing
* Guest Editorial, Morphology
* Hausdorff Discretization for Cellular Distances and Its Relation to Cover and Supercover Discretizations
* hit-or-miss transform for multivariate images, A
* ISMM05 special issue
* Lattice-Theoretical Fixpoint Theorems in Morphological Image Filtering
* Lattice-Theoretical Framework for Annular Filters in Morphological Image Processing, A
* Lattice-Theoretical Morphological View on Template Extraction in Images, A
* Loop Removal from Colon Central Path Through Skeleton Scale-Space Tracking
* Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On
* Minimal test patterns for connectivity preservation in parallel thinning algorithms for binary digital images
* Morphological shape and region description
* Morphology on Label Images: Flat-Type Operators and Connections
* On Idempotence and Related Requirements in Edge Detection
* Order-Configuration Functions: Mathematical Characterizations and Applications to Digital Signal and Image Processing
* Ordering Partial Partitions for Image Segmentation and Filtering: Merging, Creating and Inflating Blocks
* Orders for Simplifying Partial Partitions
* Partial Partitions, Partial Connections and Connective Segmentation
* Phase Congruence Model for Edge Detection in Two-Dimensional Pictures: A Mathematical Study, The
* Self Calibration and 3D Reconstruction from Lines with a Single Translating Camera
* Set-Theoretical Algebraic Approaches to Connectivity in Continuous Or Digital Spaces
* Simple Proof of Rosenfeld's Characterization of Digital Straight Line Segments, A
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation Using 3d Morphological Tools
* Strong Chord Property for 4-Connected Convex Digital Sets, A
* Topology on Digital Label Images
* Unified Topological Framework for Digital Imaging, A
* Using Multimodal MR Data for Segmentation and Topology Recovery of the Cerebral Superficial Venous Tree
* Watershed and multimodal data for brain vessel segmentation: Application to the superior sagittal sinus
Includes: Ronse, C.[Christian] Ronse, C.
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Ronsin, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Registration for Applications in Remote Sensing, An
* Block coding for television at 34 Mbit/s
* Bounded Gray-Level Morphology and Its Applications to Image Representation
* Color LAR Codec: A Color Image Representation and Compression Scheme Based on Local Resolution Adjustment and Self-Extracting Region Representation
* Compressed Sensing Performance of Random Bernoulli Matrices with High Compression Ratio
* Contours Smoothing for Non-Occluded Planar Shapes Description
* IHS-Based Fusion for Color Distortion Reduction and Vegetation Enhancement in IKONOS Imagery, An
* Image representation by a new optimal non-uniform morphological sampling
* Inverse pyramidal decomposition with multiple DCT
* method for change detection with multi-temporal satellite images based on Principal Component Analysis, A
* Motion descriptors for micro-expression recognition
* Multiscale contour description for pattern recognition
* Novel Multi-scale Representation for 2-D Shapes, A
* Online Glocal Transfer for Automatic Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Parallel algorithm implementation for multi-object tracking and surveillance
* Planar Shapes Descriptors Based on the Turning Angle Scalogram
* Quantitative evaluation of detail-preserving and noise-removal abilities of morphological filters
* Region of Interest Coding for Low Bit Rate Image Transmission
* Residues of Morphological Filtering by Reconstruction for Texture Classification
* Robust Morphological Features for Texture Classification
* Segmentation Driven Low-rank Matrix Recovery for Saliency Detection
* Segmentation-Based Motion-Compensated Video Coding Using Morphological Filters
* Semantic image segmentation using region bank
* Semantic segmentation via sparse coding over hierarchical regions
* Shape Decomposition and Representation Using a Recursive Morphological Operation
* Texture Classification and Segmentation Based on Iterative Morphological Decomposition
* Texture features based on Fourier transform and Gabor filters: an empirical comparison
* Unsupervised Joint Salient Region Detection and Object Segmentation
Includes: Ronsin, J.[Joseph] Ronsin, J.
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Ronsky, J.[Janet] Co Author Listing * Toward an Automatic Calibration of Dual Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems

Ronsky, J.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic ICP-based 2d-3d Registration Method for A High-speed Biplanar Videoradiography Imaging System, An
* Rigorous Geometric Self-Calibrating Bundle Adjustment for a Dual Fluoroscopic Imaging System
* Robust Self-Supervised Learning of Deterministic Errors in Single-Plane (Monoplanar) and Dual-Plane (Biplanar) X-Ray Fluoroscopy

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