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Ogiela, L.[Lidia] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Approach to Visual Data Interpretation in Medical Information and Recognition Systems
* Cognitive Techniques in Visual Data Interpretation
* Graph image language techniques supporting radiological, hand image interpretations
* Image languages in intelligent radiological palm diagnostics
* Mathematical Linguistics in Cognitive Medical Image Interpretation Systems

Ogiela, M.R.[Marek R.] Co Author Listing * Artificial intelligence structural imaging techniques in visual pattern analysis and medical data understanding
* Averaging Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Sequences of Rotations: Application to Preprocessing of Motion Capture Data
* Cognitive Approach to Visual Data Interpretation in Medical Information and Recognition Systems
* Cognitive Techniques in Visual Data Interpretation
* Digital images authentication scheme based on bimodal biometric watermarking in an independent domain
* Graph image language techniques supporting radiological, hand image interpretations
* Image languages in intelligent radiological palm diagnostics
* Mathematical Linguistics in Cognitive Medical Image Interpretation Systems
* Matrix-Based Hierarchical Graph Matching in Off-Line Handwritten Signatures Recognition
Includes: Ogiela, M.R.[Marek R.] Ogiela, M.R.
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Ogier, A. Co Author Listing * Biased Image Correction Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
* New Color Representation for Intensity Independent Pixel Classification in Confocal Microscopy Images, A
Includes: Ogier, A. Ogier, A.[Arnaud]

Ogier, A.C.[Augustin C.] Co Author Listing * new geodesic-based feature for characterization of 3D shapes: application to soft tissue organ temporal deformations, A

Ogier, J. Co Author Listing * Find it! Fraud Detection Contest Report
* Watercolor, Segmenting Images Using Connected Color Components

Ogier, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * Accented Handwritten Character Recognition Using SVM: Application to French
* Active Contour Model for Speech Balloon Detection in Comics, An
* adaptive document recognition system for lettrines, An
* Automatic classification of company's document stream: Comparison of two solutions
* Bags of Strokes Based Approach for Classification and Indexing of Drop Caps
* Bidirectional Language Model for Handwriting Recognition
* Camera-based document image retrieval system using local features - comparing SRIF with LLAH, SIFT, SURF and ORB
* Categorization of Document Image Tampering Techniques and How to Identify Them
* character degradation model for color document images, A
* Colour Document Interpretation: Application to Ancient Cadastral Maps, A
* colour text/graphics separation based on a graph representation, A
* Comic Retrieval System Based on Multilayer Graph Representation and Graph Mining, A
* comparative study of local detectors and descriptors for mobile document classification, A
* comparison of local features for camera-based document image retrieval and spotting, A
* comprehensive survey of mostly textual document segmentation algorithms since 2008, A
* Conditional Random Field model for font forgery detection, A
* Content-based comic retrieval using multilayer graph representation and frequent graph mining
* Contextual System of Symbol Structural Recognition based on an Object-Process Methodology
* Cursive On-line Handwriting Word Recognition Using a Bi-character Model for Large Lexicon Applications
* Deblurring of Document Images Based on Sparse Representations Enhanced by Non-local Means
* Discrimination of Old Document Images Using Their Style
* Discriminative Approach to On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Bi-character Models, A
* DocMining: A Document Analysis System Builder
* Document Images Watermarking for Security Issue using Fully Convolutional Networks
* Document Retrieval Based on Logo Spotting Using Key-Point Matching
* Drop Caps Decomposition for Indexing a New Letter Extraction Method
* eBDtheque: A Representative Database of Comics
* Enhanced Object Tracking in Real-Time Environment Using Dual Camera
* Extraction of light and specific features for historical image indexing and matching
* Fuzzy generalized median graphs computation: Application to content-based document retrieval
* Fuzzy-Spatial Descriptor for the Online Graphic Recognition: Overlapping Matrix Algorithm, The
* general framework for the evaluation of symbol recognition methods, A
* graph matching method and a graph matching distance based on subgraph assignments, A
* Graph matching versus bag of graph: A comparative study for lettrines recognition
* ICDAR2015 competition on smartphone document capture and OCR (SmartDoc)
* Image Interpretation Device Cannot Be Reliable Without Any Semantic Coherency Analysis of the Interpretated Objects: Applied to French Cadastral Maps, An
* Improving document matching performance by local descriptor filtering
* Improving Logo Spotting and Matching for Document Categorization by a Post-Filter Based on Homography
* initial study on the construction of ground truth binarized images of ancient palm leaf manuscripts, An
* Interactive content-based Document Retrieval using fuzzy attributed relational graph matching
* Interactive Knowledge Learning for Ancient Images
* Knowledge-driven understanding of images in comic books
* Let's be done with thresholds!
* local evaluation of vectorized documents by means of polygon assignments and matching, A
* Logo spotting for document categorization
* Mapping high dimensional features onto Hilbert curve: Applying to fast image retrieval
* Mobile Phone Camera-Based Video Scanning of Paper Documents
* multi-layer approach for camera-based complex map image retrieval and spotting system, A
* Multi-modal and Cross-Modal for Lecture Videos Retrieval
* Multilevel Approach and Distributed Consistency for Technical Map Interpretation: Application to Cadastral Maps
* Multiresolution approach based on adaptive superpixels for administrative documents segmentation into color layers
* Multiscale and Multiorientation Recognition Technique Applied to Document Interpretation: Application to the French Telephone Network Maps, A
* NAVIDOMASS: Structural-based Approaches Towards Handling Historical Documents
* New Adaptive Structural Signature for Symbol Recognition by Using a Galois Lattice as a Classifier, A
* new interactive semi-supervised clustering model for large image database indexing, A
* New spatial-organization-based scale and rotation invariant features for heterogeneous-content camera-based document image retrieval
* On defining signatures for the retrieval and the classification of graphical drop caps
* On-Line Handwriting Word Recognition Using a Bi-character Model
* Original Approach for Extracting Circular Shapes from Technical Charts, An
* PEDIVHANDI: Multimodal Indexation and Retrieval System for Lecture Videos
* Polygon-shape-based Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* randomized hierarchical trees indexing approach for camera-based information spotting, A
* Realtime multi-scale scene text detection with scale-based region proposal network
* robust watermarking approach for security issue of binary documents using fully convolutional networks, A
* Segmentation and Word Spotting Methods for Printed and Handwritten Arabic Texts: A Comparative Study
* segmentation free Word Spotting for handwritten documents, A
* Segmentation system and its evaluation for gray scale coin documents
* semi-automatic groundtruthing tool for mobile-captured document segmentation, A
* Shall deep learning be the mandatory future of document analysis problems?
* Similitude Invariant Pattern Recognition on Technical Documents
* SmartDoc-QA: A dataset for quality assessment of smartphone captured document images - single and multiple distortions
* Specific Comic Character Detection Using Local Feature Matching
* Speech balloon and speaker association for comics and manga understanding
* SRIF: Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* Straight Line Reconstruction for Fully Materialized Table Extraction in Degraded Document Images
* Stroke feature extraction for lettrine indexing
* Structured representations in a content based image retrieval context
* Study on feature extraction methods for character recognition of Balinese script on palm leaf manuscript images
* Subgraph spotting in graph representations of comic book images
* Symbol and character recognition: application to engineering drawings
* Symbols recognition by global-local structural approaches, based on the scenarios use,and with a XML representation of data
* System Based on Intrinsic Features for Fraudulent Document Detection, A
* Technical Map Interpretation: A Distributed Approach
* Text and non-text segmentation based on connected component features
* Text zone classification using unsupervised feature learning
* Text-Independent Writer Identification on Online Arabic Handwriting
* Towards an interactive index structuring system for content-based image retrieval in large image databases
* Towards historical document indexing: extraction of drop cap letters
* Two aspects of automatic map treatment: road and texture extractions
* Urdu handwritten text recognition: a survey
* Writer Identification Using TF-IDF for Cursive Handwritten Word Recognition
Includes: Ogier, J.M.[Jean Marc] Ogier, J.M.[Jean-Marc] Ogier, J.M.
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Ogiermann, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Effect of Modeling Assumptions on the ECG in Monodomain and Bidomain Simulations, The

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