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Miladinovic, M. Co Author Listing * Patch-Based Video Denoising With Optical Flow Estimation

Milady, A. Co Author Listing * Planning Tripoli Metro Network By The Use Of Remote Sensing Imagery

Milaghardan, A.H.[Amin Hosseinpoor] Co Author Listing * Geometric Framework for Detection of Critical Points in a Trajectory Using Convex Hulls, A

Milam, M. Co Author Listing * OATM: Occlusion Aware Template Matching by Consensus Set Maximization

Milam, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Variational approach for segmentation of lung nodules

Milan, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Challenges of Ground Truth Evaluation of Multi-target Tracking
* Continuous Energy Minimization for Multitarget Tracking
* DeepSetNet: Predicting Sets with Deep Neural Networks
* Detection- and Trajectory-Level Exclusion in Multiple Object Tracking
* Improving Global Multi-target Tracking with Local Updates
* Joint Probabilistic Data Association Revisited
* Joint Probabilistic Matching Using m-Best Solutions
* Joint tracking and segmentation of multiple targets
* Learn to Predict Sets Using Feed-Forward Neural Networks
* Learning People Detectors for Tracking in Crowded Scenes
* MOTChallenge: A Benchmark for Single-Camera Multiple Target Tracking
* Multi-person Pose Estimation with Local Joint-to-Person Associations
* Multi-Target Tracking by Discrete-Continuous Energy Minimization
* Multiple object tracking: A literature review
* PoseTrack: A Benchmark for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
* PoseTrack: Joint Multi-person Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Privacy Preserving Multi-target Tracking
* RefineNet: Multi-Path Refinement Networks for Dense Prediction
* RefineNet: Multi-path Refinement Networks for High-Resolution Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Milan, A.[Anton] Milan, A.
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Milan, B.[Banic] Co Author Listing * Multi-disnet: Machine Learning-based Object Distance Estimation from Multiple Cameras

Milan, C. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a real time image rotation using B-spline interpolation on FPGA's board
* Real Time Image Rotation Using Dynamic Reconfiguration

Milan, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty in Parameterizing Floodplain Forest Friction for Natural Flood Management, Using Remote Sensing

Milan, N. Co Author Listing * Health Monitoring of Complex Structure Using TLS and Photogrammetry

Milanes, V. Co Author Listing * Automated On-Ramp Merging System for Congested Traffic Situations
* Autonomous Driving: Part 1-Sensing and Perception
* Autonomous Driving: Part 2-Learning and Cognition
* Autonomous Pedestrian Collision Avoidance Using a Fuzzy Steering Controller
* Cascade Architecture for Lateral Control in Autonomous Vehicles
* Controller for Urban Intersections Based on Wireless Communications and Fuzzy Logic
* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in Real Traffic Situations
* Cooperative Car-Following/Emergency Braking System With Prediction-Based Pedestrian Avoidance Capabilities, A
* Cooperative Maneuvering in Close Environments Among Cybercars and Dual-Mode Cars
* Intelligent V2I-Based Traffic Management System, An
* LPV-Based Autonomous Vehicle Lateral Controllers: A Comparative Analysis
* Multi-Model Adaptive Control for CACC Applications
* Review of Motion Planning Techniques for Automated Vehicles, A
Includes: Milanes, V. MilanÚs, V. MilanÚs, V.[Vicente]
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Milanese, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * S-BLOSUM: Classification of 2D Shapes with Biological Sequence Alignment

Milanese, C. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Body Fat from Depth Images

Milanese, M. Co Author Listing * High-Altitude Wind Energy for Sustainable Marine Transportation
* Preliminary Archeological Site Survey by UAV-Borne Lidar: A Case Study
* UAS for Archaeology: New Perspectives on Aerial Documentation
Includes: Milanese, M. Milanese, M.[Marco]

Milanese, R.[Ruggero] Co Author Listing * email: Milanese, R.[Ruggero]: milanese AT cui unige ch
* Combining Multiple Motion Estimates for Vehicle Tracking
* Comparing Features for Target Tracking in Traffic Scenes
* Correspondence Analysis and Hierarchical Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Detecting Salient Regions in an Image: From Biology to Implementation
* Efficient Segmentation and Camera Motion Indexing of Compressed Video
* Feature Selection for Object Tracking in Traffic Scenes
* Integration of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Cues for Visual Attention Using Non-Linear Relaxation
* Projective and Illumination Invariant Representation of Disjoint Shapes
* Rotation, Translation, and Scale-Invariant Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval, A
* Temporal precedence in asynchronous visual indexing
Includes: Milanese, R.[Ruggero] Milanese, R.
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Milanesi, G. Co Author Listing * Robust real-time intrusion detection with fuzzy classification

Milanfar, P.[Peyman] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Milanfar, P.[Peyman]: milanfar AT ee ucsc edu
* Action Recognition from One Example
* Advances and challenges in super-resolution
* Asymptotic Performance of Global Denoising
* Automatic Parameter Selection for Denoising Algorithms Using a No-Reference Measure of Image Content
* Better Compression With Deep Pre-Editing
* Bias minimizing filter design for gradient-based image registration
* Blind Deconvolution Using Alternating Maximum a Posteriori Estimation with Heavy-Tailed Priors
* Clustering-Based Denoising With Locally Learned Dictionaries
* COMISR: Compression-Informed Video Super-Resolution
* computationally efficient superresolution image reconstruction algorithm, A
* Data-adaptive Filtering and the State of the Art in Image Processing
* Deblurring Using Regularized Locally Adaptive Kernel Regression
* Deblurring via Stochastic Refinement
* Deconvolving PSFs for a Better Motion Deblurring Using Multiple Images
* Deep 3D-to-2D Watermarking: Embedding Messages in 3D Meshes and Extracting Them from 2D Renderings
* Deep K-SVD Denoising
* Deep Perceptual Image Quality Assessment for Compression
* Detection of human actions from a single example
* Distortion Agnostic Deep Watermarking
* Efficient generalized cross-validation with applications to parametric image restoration and resolution enhancement
* Estimating Spatially Varying Defocus Blur From A Single Image
* Fast and Robust Multiframe Super Resolution
* Fast and Robust Super-Resolution
* Fast Local and Global Projection-Based Methods for Affine Motion Estimation
* Fast, Trainable, Multiscale Denoising
* Fundamental Performance Limits in Image Registration
* General Framework for Regularized, Similarity-Based Image Restoration, A
* Generalizing the Nonlocal-Means to Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* GIFnets: Differentiable GIF Encoding Framework
* Global denoising is asymptotically optimal
* Global Image Denoising
* Handheld Multi-Frame Super-Resolution
* High Perceptual Quality Image Denoising with a Posterior Sampling CGAN
* How to SAIF-ly Boost Denoising Performance
* Image stylisation: from predefined to personalised
* Imaging Below the Diffraction Limit: A Statistical Analysis
* Improving denoising filters by optimal diffusion
* Is Denoising Dead?
* Iteratively merging information from a pair of flash/no-flash images using nonlinear diffusion
* Kernel Regression for Image Processing and Reconstruction
* Laplacian object: One-shot object detection by locality preserving projection
* Learning denoising bounds for noisy images
* Learning to Reduce Defocus Blur by Realistically Modeling Dual-Pixel Data
* Learning to Resize Images for Computer Vision Tasks
* LIDIA: Lightweight Learned Image Denoising with Instance Adaptation
* Linear Support Tensor Machine With LSK Channels: Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Infrared Images
* Little Engine That Could: Regularization by Denoising (RED), The
* Local Kernels That Approximate Bayesian Regularization and Proximal Operators
* Mask Design for Optical Microlithography: An Inverse Imaging Problem
* MAXIM: Multi-Axis MLP for Image Processing
* MaxViT: Multi-axis Vision Transformer
* Model of the Effect of Image Motion in the Radon Transform Domain, A
* Modeling and estimation for a class of multiresolution random fields
* Moment-based geometric image reconstruction
* moment-based variational approach to tomographic reconstruction, A
* Motion from projection: a forward model
* Multi-path Neural Networks for On-device Multi-domain Visual Classification
* Multi-Scale Statistical Detection and Ballistic Imaging Through Turbid Media
* Multiframe Demosaicing and Super-Resolution of Color Images
* MUSIQ: Multi-Scale Image Quality Transformer
* new class of image filters without normalization, A
* NIMA: Neural Image Assessment
* no-reference image content metric and its application to denoising, A
* Nonlocal Image Editing
* Nonparametric bottom-up saliency detection by self-resemblance
* On Iterative Regularization and Its Application
* On the Hough Transform of a Polygon
* One Shot Detection with Laplacian Object and Fast Matrix Cosine Similarity
* Optimal framework for low bit-rate block coders
* Patch Craft: Video Denoising by Deep Modeling and Patch Matching
* Patch-based locally optimal denoising
* Patch-Based Near-Optimal Image Denoising
* Polyblur: Removing mild blur by polynomial reblurring
* Practical Bounds on Image Denoising: From Estimation to Information
* Projection-Based, Frequency-Domain Estimation of Superimposed Translational Motions
* pull-push method for fast non-local means filtering, A
* Rank-Smoothed Pairwise Learning In Perceptual Quality Assessment
* Reconstructing Binary Polygonal Objects from Projections: A Statistical View
* Regularization by Denoising via Fixed-Point Projection (RED-PRO)
* Removing Atmospheric Turbulence via Space-Invariant Deconvolution
* Removing Motion Blur With Space-Time Processing
* Rendition: Reclaiming What a Black Box Takes Away
* Restoration for weakly blurred and strongly noisy images
* Rich features for perceptual quality assessment of UGC videos
* Robust Kernel Regression for Restoration and Reconstruction of Images from Sparse Noisy Data
* Robust Multichannel Blind Deconvolution via Fast Alternating Minimization
* Shape Estimation from Support and Diameter Functions
* smartphone application for removing handshake blur and compensating rolling shutter, A
* Space-Variant Image Deblurring on Smartphones Using Inertial Sensors
* Spatio-temporal video interpolation and denoising using motion-assisted steering kernel (MASK) regression
* Stabilizing and deblurring atmospheric turbulence
* Static and Space-Time Visual Saliency Detection by Self-Resemblance
* statistical analysis of diffraction-limited imaging, A
* Statistical Models of Signal and Noise and Fundamental Limits of Segmentation Accuracy in Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography
* Statistical Performance Analysis of Super-Resolution
* Style Transfer Via Texture Synthesis
* Super-Resolution Imaging
* Super-Resolution Without Explicit Subpixel Motion Estimation
* Super-Resolving Commercial Satellite Imagery Using Realistic Training Data
* Superfast superresolution
* Symmetrizing Smoothing Filters
* Tour of Modern Image Filtering: New Insights and Methods, Both Practical and Theoretical, A
* Training-Free, Generic Object Detection Using Locally Adaptive Regression Kernels
* Turbo denoising for mobile photographic applications
* Two-Dimensional Matched Filtering for Motion Estimation
* Using local regression kernels for statistical object detection
* Variable Projection for Near-Optimal Filtering in Low Bit-Rate Block Coders
* Video-to-Video Dynamic Super-Resolution for Grayscale and Color Sequences
Includes: Milanfar, P.[Peyman] Milanfar, P.
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Milani, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * Architectural Paradigm for Collaborative Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Data Objects, An
* Evolutionary Approach to Inverse Gray Level Quantization, An

Milani, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Object Detection for Remote Sensing Images: A Survey

Milani, I.[Ileana] Co Author Listing * Fusing Measurements from Wi-Fi Emission-Based and Passive Radar Sensors for Short-Range Surveillance

Milani, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Applications of a CloudSat-TRMM and CloudSat-GPM Satellite Coincidence Dataset
* Biases in CloudSat Falling Snow Estimates Resulting from Daylight-Only Operations
* Clear-Air Anomaly Masking Using Kalman Temporal Filter From Geostationary Multispectral Imagery
* Quantitative Investigation of Radiometric Interactions between Snowfall, Snow Cover, and Cloud Liquid Water over Land
* SLALOM: An All-Surface Snow Water Path Retrieval Algorithm for the GPM Microwave Imager
Includes: Milani, L.[Lisa] Milani, L.

Milani, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Low-Complexity Rate Control Algorithm Based on (rho,q)-Domain, An
* ADAE: Adversarial Distributed Source Autoencoder for Point Cloud Compression
* Adaptive denoising filtering for object detection applications
* Codec and GOP Identification in Double Compressed Videos
* Compression of multiple user photo galleries
* Correction and interpolation of depth maps from structured light infrared sensors
* Denoising infrared structured light DIBR signals using 3D morphological operators
* Depth Image Coder Based on Progressive Silhouettes, A
* Distributed Multiple Description Video Transmission via Noncooperative Games With Opportunistic Players
* distributed source autoencoder of local visual descriptors for 3D reconstruction, A
* Distributed video coding based on lossy syndromes generated in hybrid pixel/transform domain
* Ergonomic Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles: An Investigation on the Effect of Transition Curves on Motion Sickness
* Fast H.264/AVC FRExt Intra Coding Using Belief Propagation
* Fast point cloud compression via reversible cellular automata block transform
* game theory based classification for distributed downloading of multiple description coded video, A
* Game-theoretic rate-distortion-complexity optimization for HEVC
* Ground-to-Aerial Viewpoint Localization via Landmark Graphs Matching
* Identification of the motion estimation strategy using eigenalgorithms
* Impact of drone swarm formations in 3D scene reconstruction
* Improving 3D reconstruction tracks using denoised euclidean distance matrices
* joint multi-view plus depth image coding scheme based on 3D-warping, A
* Lifting-based design of reversible cellular automata for scalable coding of binary images
* Low-Complexity Cross-Layer Optimization Algorithm for Video Communication Over Wireless Networks, A
* low-complexity packet classification algorithm for multiple description video streaming over IEEE802.11E networks, A
* low-complexity rate allocation algorithm for joint source-channel video coding, A
* Motion Sickness Mitigating Algorithms and Control Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles
* Multiple Description Distributed Video Coding Using Redundant Slices and Lossy Syndromes
* Neural Network for Denoising and Reading Degraded License Plates
* No-reference quality metric for depth maps
* novel multi-view image coding scheme based on view-warping and 3D-DCT, A
* On the use of Benford's law to detect GAN-generated images
* Rendering-Aware Point Cloud Coding for Mixed Reality Devices
* Resolution Scalable Image Coding With Reversible Cellular Automata
* Segmentation-based motion compensation for enhanced video coding
* Smart Autodriver Algorithm for Real-Time Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Control
* Syndrome-Based Autoencoder For Point Cloud Geometry Compression, A
* Three-dimensional reconstruction from heterogeneous video devices with camera-in-view information
* Transform Coding Strategy for Dynamic Point Clouds, A
* Transform Coding Strategy for Voxelized Dynamic Point Clouds, A
* Video Codec Forensics Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Who is my parent? Reconstructing video sequences from partially matching shots
Includes: Milani, S. Milani, S.[Simone] Milani, S.[Sina]
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Milano, A. Co Author Listing * System for the Interpretation of 3-D Moving Scenes from 2-D Image Sequences, A

Milano, F.[Fiona] Co Author Listing * Robust Segmentation-Free Algorithm for Homogeneity Quantification in Images

Milano, M. Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition by VC-graphs and interactive constraint satisfaction
* Geophysical Study of the Diendorf-Boskovice Fault System (Austria)
Includes: Milano, M. Milano, M.[Maurizio]

Milanov, Y.[Yevgeny] Co Author Listing * Saint Petersburg 3D: Creating a Large-Scale Hybrid Mobile LiDAR Point Cloud Dataset for Geospatial Applications

Milanova, M.[Mariofanna] Co Author Listing * Combined visual attention model for video sequences
* Lossless data compression for image decomposition with recursive IDP algorithm
* Three Dimensional Computer Vision for Computer Design and Manufacturing Applications
* Video Analytics Gait Trend Measurement for Fall Prevention and Health Monitoring
Includes: Milanova, M.[Mariofanna] Milanova, M.

Milanova, M.G.[Mariofanna G.] Co Author Listing * Cellular Neural Networks for Motion Estimation

Milanovic, S.[Sladan] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based System for Movement Analysis in Medical Applications: The Example of Parkinson Disease, A

Milanowska, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Global Ionosphere Maps in Relation to Their Time Interval

Milard, K.[Koreen] Co Author Listing * Semi-Automated Surface Water Detection with Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: A Wetland Case Study

Milardo, S. Co Author Listing * Driving Behavior Analysis through CAN Bus Data in an Uncontrolled Environment
* Understanding Drivers' Stress and Interactions With Vehicle Systems Through Naturalistic Data Analysis
Includes: Milardo, S. Milardo, S.[Sebastiano]

Milas, A.S.[Anita Simic] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Stand-Level Volume Estimates from Image-Based Canopy Height Models of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Effects of Increasing C4-Crop Cover and Stomatal Conductance on Evapotranspiration: Simulations for a Lake Erie Watershed
* Impact of UAS Image Orientation on Accuracy of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Integrating UAV-Derived Information and WorldView-3 Imagery for Mapping Wetland Plants in the Old Woman Creek Estuary, USA
* Mapping Invasive Phragmites australis in the Old Woman Creek Estuary Using UAV Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Classifiers

Milazzo, A.C.[Anna Clare] Co Author Listing * Node-Based Gaussian Graphical Model for Identifying Discriminative Brain Regions from Connectivity Graphs
Includes: Milazzo, A.C.[Anna Clare] Milazzo, A.C.[Anna-Clare]

Milazzo, G. Co Author Listing * Computer Aided Restoration Tools to Assist the Conservation of An Ancient Sculpture. the Colossal Statue of Zeus Enthroned
* Main Portal of the Cathedral of Monreale: First Geometric Analysis And Interpretive Assessment of Architectural Features, The

Milazzo, M.[Mariapina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Liver Segmentation in Pre-TIPS Cirrhotic Patients: A Preliminary Step for Radiomics Studies

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