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Mech, M. Co Author Listing * Microwave Passive Ground-Based Retrievals of Cloud and Rain Liquid Water Path in Drizzling Clouds: Challenges and Possibilities

Mech, R.[Radomir] Co Author Listing * 3DN: 3D Deformation Network
* Best Frame Selection in a Short Video
* Combined description of shape and motion in an object based coding scheme using curved triangles
* CPFN: Cascaded Primitive Fitting Networks for High-Resolution Point Clouds
* Deep Multi-patch Aggregation Network for Image Style, Aesthetics, and Quality Estimation
* DeepMetaHandles: Learning Deformation Meta-Handles of 3D Meshes with Biharmonic Coordinates
* Detection of Moving Cast Shadows for Object Segmentation
* Event-Specific Image Importance
* Good View Hunting: Learning Photo Composition from Dense View Pairs
* Image Sequence Analysis for Emerging Interactive Multimedia Services: The European COST 211 Framework
* Learning an Aesthetic Photo Cropping Cascade
* Learning Generative Models of Shape Handles
* Learning to Detect Multiple Photographic Defects
* Learning to Understand Image Blur
* Method for detecting moving cast shadows object segmentation
* Minimum Barrier Salient Object Detection at 80 FPS
* Noise Robust Method for 2D Shape Estimation of Moving Objects in Video Sequences Considering a Moving Camera, A
* Objective Evaluation Criteria for 2D-Shape Estimation Results of Moving Objects
* Parsenet: A Parametric Surface Fitting Network for 3d Point Clouds
* Personalized Image Aesthetics
* Photo Aesthetics Ranking Network with Attributes and Content Adaptation
* Photo-Sketching: Inferring Contour Drawings From Images
* Robust 2D Shape Estimation of Moving Objects Considering Spatial and Temporal Coherency in One MAP Detection Rule
* Salient Object Subitizing
* Sequence-to-Segments Networks for Detecting Segments in Videos
* Unconstrained Salient Object Detection via Proposal Subset Optimization
* Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation with Joint Hotspot Tracking
* Video Object Generation Tool Allowing Friendly User Interaction, A
Includes: Mech, R.[Radomir] Mech, R.[Radomír] Mech, R. Mech, R.[Roland]
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Mechant, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Open transport data for maximising reuse in multimodal route planners: a study in Flanders

Mechbal, Y. Co Author Listing * Development of a clinical decision support system for the early detection of COVID-19 using deep learning based on chest radiographic images
* Early detection of COVID19 by deep learning transfer Model for populations in isolated rural areas

Mechelke, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Model of Al Zubarah Fortress in Qatar: Terrestrial Laser Scanning vs. Dense Image Matching
* Methods for Geometric Accuracy Investigations of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems
* Monitoring And Deformation Analysis Of Groynes Using TLS at the River Elbe
* Virtual Reconstruction of the Almaqah Temple of Yeha in Ethiopia by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Includes: Mechelke, K. Mechelke, K.[Klaus]

Mecheri, K.[Kamel] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution based on interpolation and global sub pixel translation

Mechi, O.[Olfa] Co Author Listing * Combining Deep and Ad-hoc Solutions to Localize Text Lines in Ancient Arabic Document Images

Mechiche, R.[Rania] Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Autocad for Measuring Deformations of Cultural Heritage Structures. Case Study of El Atik's Minaret in Sétif-Algeria

Mechlem, K.[Korbinian] Co Author Listing * Direct Differentiation of Pathological Changes in the Human Lung Parenchyma With Grating-Based Spectral X-ray Dark-Field Radiography
* Dual-Energy X-Ray Dark-Field Material Decomposition
* Joint Statistical Iterative Material Image Reconstruction for Spectral Computed Tomography Using a Semi-Empirical Forward Model
* Spectral Angiography Material Decomposition Using an Empirical Forward Model and a Dictionary-Based Regularization
* Spectral Differential Phase Contrast X-Ray Radiography
Includes: Mechlem, K.[Korbinian] Mechlem, K.

Mechler, R.[Reinhard] Co Author Listing * Integrated Participatory and Collaborative Risk Mapping for Enhancing Disaster Resilience

Mechouche, A. Co Author Listing * Hybrid System Using Symbolic and Numeric Knowledge for the Semantic Annotation of Sulco-Gyral Anatomy in Brain MRI Images, A

Mechrez, R.[Roey] Co Author Listing * 2018 PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Super-Resolution, The
* Adversarial Feedback Loop
* Contextual Loss for Image Transformation with Non-aligned Data, The
* Dynamic-Net: Tuning the Objective Without Re-Training for Synthesis Tasks
* Maintaining Natural Image Statistics with the Contextual Loss
* Saliency Driven Image Manipulation
* Template Matching with Deformable Diversity Similarity
Includes: Mechrez, R.[Roey] Mechrez, R.
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Mechri, R.[Rihab] Co Author Listing * Downscaling Meteosat Land Surface Temperature over a Heterogeneous Landscape Using a Data Assimilation Approach

Mechtcherine, V. Co Author Listing * 3d Least Squares Matching Applied to Micro-tomography Data

Mechtersheimer, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry-Based Quantification of Colocalizations in Multichannel 3D Microscopy Images of Human Soft Tissue Tumors

Mechtley, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Enactive Steering of an Experiential Model of the Atmosphere

Mechurova, V.[Veronika] Co Author Listing * Comparison of CORINE Land Cover Data with National Statistics and the Possibility to Record This Data on a Local Scale: Case Studies from Slovakia
Includes: Mechurova, V.[Veronika] Mechurová, V.[Veronika]

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