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Le Maillot, C. Co Author Listing * Environmental Challenges, Technical Solutions and Standard Operating Procedures for Data Collection In Photogrammetric Studies Toward A Unified Database of Objects and Features In Underwater Caves In Mexico

Le Maire, G. Co Author Listing * Calibration of a Species-Specific Spectral Vegetation Index for Leaf Area Index (LAI) Monitoring: Example with MODIS Reflectance Time-Series on Eucalyptus Plantations
* Classification of Crops, Pastures, and Tree Plantations along the Season with Multi-Sensor Image Time Series in a Subtropical Agricultural Region
* Influence of GEDI Acquisition and Processing Parameters on Canopy Height Estimates over Tropical Forests
* Terrain Slope Effect on Forest Height and Wood Volume Estimation from GEDI Data
Includes: Le Maire, G. Le Maire, G.[Guerric] le Maire, G.[Guerric]

Le Marshall, J. Co Author Listing * Ionospheric Regions Producing Anomalous GNSS Radio Occultation Results
* Toward Vicarious Calibration of Microwave Remote-Sensing Satellites in Arid Environments

Le Masson, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Global Monitoring of the Vegetation Dynamics from the Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD): A Review

Le Masson, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * MIMO channel measurements on a ionospheric HF (3-30 MHz) radio link

Le Masson, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Placement methods of Virtual Machines in servers
Includes: Le Masson, S.[Stephane] Le Masson, S.[Stéphane]

Le Master, R.J.[Ronald J.] Co Author Listing * Fast Hough Transform
* Fast Hough Transform: A Hierarchial Approach

Le Men, H. Co Author Listing * Applying the Theory of Evidence to Vector-D.E.M. Comparison for the Building Planimetric Change Detection
* Building Detection by Markov Object Processes
* Building Detection by Markov Object processes and a MCMC Algorithm
* Character String Recognition on Maps, a Rotation-Invariant Recognition Method
* Detection of Linear Networks on Satellite Images
* hierarchy of the cocoons of a graph and its application to image segmentation, The
* Object point processes for image segmentation
* Scale-Sets Image Analysis
Includes: Le Men, H. Le Men, H.[Herve] Le Men, H.[Hervé]
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Le Menn, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Full-Waveform LiDAR Pixel Analysis for Low-Growing Vegetation Mapping of Coastal Foredunes in Western France
* Microphytobenthos Biomass and Diversity Mapping at Different Spatial Scales with a Hyperspectral Optical Model

Le Merle, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Speckle Noise Spectrum at Near-Nadir Incidence Angles for a Time-Varying Sea Surface

Le Mero, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * Survey on Imitation Learning Techniques for End-to-End Autonomous Vehicles, A

Le Merrer, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * RoBIC: A Benchmark Suite for Assessing Classifiers Robustness
* SurFree: a fast surrogate-free black-box attack

Le Mestre, G. Co Author Listing * Iterative vector non-linear interpolation for the synthesis of intermediate views

Le Metayer, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Multi-layered Approach for Tailored Black-box Explanations, A
Includes: Le Metayer, D.[Daniel] Le Métayer, D.[Daniel]

Le Meur, B.O. Co Author Listing * How Old Do You Look? Inferring Your Age from Your Gaze

Le Meur, E. Co Author Listing * Recent elevation and velocity changes of Astrolabe Glacier, Terre Adelie, Antarctica
* Retrieval of Snow Properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
Includes: Le Meur, E. Le Meur, E.[Emmanuel]

Le Meur, O. Co Author Listing * Age-dependent saccadic models for predicting eye movements
* Attention-based video reframing: Validation using eye-tracking
* Co-Saliency Detection Based on Hierarchical Segmentation
* Coherent Computational Approach to Model Bottom-Up Visual Attention, A
* Depth-Aware Salient Object Detection and Segmentation via Multiscale Discriminative Saliency Fusion and Bootstrap Learning
* Depth-based image completion for view synthesis
* Do video coding impairments disturb the visual attention deployment?
* Does where you Gaze on an Image Affect your Perception of Quality? Applying Visual Attention to Image Quality Metric
* Effective schizophrenia recognition using discriminative eye movement features and model-metric based features
* Efficient Saliency-Based Repurposing Method
* Examplar-based inpainting based on local geometry
* Examplar-based video inpainting with motion-compensated neighbor embedding
* FANet: Features Adaptation Network for 360° Omnidirectional Salient Object Detection
* HEVC Intra coding of ultra HD video with reduced complexity
* Hierarchical Super-Resolution-Based Inpainting
* High-dynamic-range image recovery from flash and non-flash image pairs
* How Well Current Saliency Prediction Models Perform on UAVs Videos?
* Image Inpainting: Overview and Recent Advances
* Memorability of natural scenes: The role of attention
* Multi-purpose bi-local CAT-based guidance filter
* Object removal and loss concealment using neighbor embedding methods
* Overt visual attention for free-viewing and quality assessment tasks: Impact of the regions of interest on a video quality metric
* Perceptual metric for color transfer methods
* Performance assessment of a visual attention system entirely based on a human vision modeling
* Relevance of a Feed-Forward Model of Visual Attention for Goal-Oriented and Free-Viewing Tasks
* Robustness and repeatability of saliency models subjected to visual degradations
* Saliency Aggregation: Does Unity Make Strength?
* Saliency Tree: A Novel Saliency Detection Framework
* Single image super-resolution using sparse representations with structure constraints
* Spatio-temporal combination of saliency maps and eye-tracking assessment of different strategies
* Spatio-Temporal Model of the Selective Human Visual Attention, A
* Spatiotemporal saliency detection based on superpixel-level trajectory
* Special issue on recent advances in saliency models, applications and evaluations
* Super-Resolution-Based Inpainting
* Superpixel-Based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection
* Trajectory Saliency Detection Using Consistency-Oriented Latent Codes From a Recurrent Auto-Encoder
* Video Inpainting With Short-Term Windows: Application to Object Removal and Error Concealment
* Visual Attention Saccadic Models Learn to Emulate Gaze Patterns From Childhood to Adulthood
* What we see is most likely to be what matters: Visual attention and applications
* Which semi-local visual masking model for wavelet based image quality metric?
Includes: Le Meur, O. Le Meur, O.[Olivier]
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Le Minter, G.[Gildas] Co Author Listing * Predicting the Presence of Leptospires in Rodents from Environmental Indicators Opens Up Opportunities for Environmental Monitoring of Human Leptospirosis

Le Moan, S.[Steveh.] Co Author Listing * email: Le Moan, S.[Steveh.]: s lemoan AT massey ac nz
* Can image quality features predict visual change blindness?
* class-separability-based method for multi/hyperspectral image color visualization, A
* Comparison of machine learning-based feature pooling strategies for colour image fidelity assessment
* Constrained Band Selection Method Based on Information Measures for Spectral Image Color Visualization, A
* Efficient Method for the Visualization of Spectral Images Based on a Perception-Oriented Spectrum Segmentation, An
* Evaluating the perceived quality of spectral images
* Evidence of change blindness in subjective image fidelity assessment
* Gradual Chroma Reduction and High-Level Visual Masking in Videos
* Heating Patterns Recognition in Industrial Microwave-Processed Foods
* High-Level Visual Masking of Image Compression Artefacts
* How to predict lightness variations from one illuminant to another?
* Image-Difference Prediction: From Color to Spectral
* Improving K-Nearest Neighbor Approaches for Density-Based Pixel Clustering in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
* influence of short-term memory in subjective image quality assessment, The
* Lens distortion correction by analysing peak shape in Hough transform space
* Measuring the Effect of High-Level Visual Masking in Subjective Image Quality Assessment with Priming
* Minimax Bridgeness-Based Clustering for Hyperspectral Data
* new coefficient estimation method when using PCA for spectral super-resolution, A
* Parameter-Free Density Estimation for Hyperspectral Image Clustering
* Prediction of Chromatic Visual Masking with Deep Learning
* Quality Assessment of Spectral Reproductions: The Camera's Perspective
* Saliency in Spectral Images
* Salient Pixels and Dimensionality Reduction for Display of Multi/Hyperspectral Images
* Spatially Variant Dimensionality Reduction for the Visualization of Multi/Hyperspectral Images
* Toward the adaptive control of the colour rendering of LED lighting with an RGBW sensor
* Towards a completely blind classifier for hyperspectral images
* Towards exploiting change blindness for image processing
Includes: Le Moan, S.[Steveh.] Le Moan, S.[Steven] Le Moan, S.
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Le Moigne, J.[Jacqueline] Co Author Listing * email: Le Moigne, J.[Jacqueline]: lemoigne AT backserv gsfs nasa gov
* automated parallel image registration technique based on the correlation of wavelet features, An
* Automatic Image Registration of Multimodal Remotely Sensed Data With Global Shearlet Features
* Automatic reduction of hyperspectral imagery using wavelet spectral analysis
* Crater Detection and Registration of Planetary Images Through Marked Point Processes, Multiscale Decomposition, and Region-Based Analysis
* Efficient algorithms for robust feature matching
* Image Segmentation by Integration of Edge and Region Data: The Influence of Edge Detection Algorithms
* Multiresolution registration of remote sensing imagery by optimization of mutual information using a stochastic gradient
* Reconfigurable processing for satellite on-board automatic cloud cover assessment
* Refining Image Segmentation by Integration of Edge and Region Data
* Research issues in image registration for remote sensing
* Translation Sensitivity of Wavelet-Based Registration, The
* Use of Multiresolution Wavelet Feature Pyramids for Automatic Registration of Multisensor Imagery
Includes: Le Moigne, J.[Jacqueline] Le Moigne, J.
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Le Moigne, J.J. Co Author Listing * Domain-Dependent Reasoning for Visual Navigation of Roadways
* Knowledge-Base Reasoning for Road Following
* Projected Light Grids for Short Range Navigation of Autonomous Robots
* Structured Light Patterns for Robot Mobility
* Vision-Based Navigation: A Status Report
* Visual Navigation System for Automonous Land Vehicles, A

Le Moigne, O. Co Author Listing * Development of a scene recognition system with imprecise descriptions

Le Moine, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Assessment of a Newly-Defined Multispectral Hue Space for Retrieving River Depth with Optical Imagery and In Situ Calibration Data, A

Le Moing, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Semantic Palette: Guiding Scene Generation with Class Proportions

Le Montagner, Y.[Yoann] Co Author Listing * Numerical evaluation of sampling bounds for near-optimal reconstruction in compressed sensing
* Unbiased Risk Estimator for Image Denoising in the Presence of Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise, An
* Video reconstruction using compressed sensing measurements and 3d total variation regularization for bio-imaging applications
Includes: Le Montagner, Y.[Yoann] Le Montagner, Y.

Le Morvan Quemener, A. Co Author Listing * Numerical Backscattering Analysis for Rough Surfaces Including a Cloddy Structure
Includes: Le Morvan Quemener, A. Le Morvan-Quemener, A.

Le Mouel, F. Co Author Listing * Survey of Smart Parking Solutions, A
Includes: Le Mouel, F. Le Mouël, F.

Le Mouelic, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Investigating Lunar Boulders at the Apollo 17 Landing Site Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality
* Least Squares Adjustment of Multi-temporal InSAR Data: Application to the Ground Deformation of Paris, A
* Long-Distance 3D Reconstructions Using Photogrammetry with Curiosity's ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager in Gale Crater (Mars)
* Monitoring of slow ground deformation by ERS radar interferometry on the Vauvert salt mine (France): Comparison with ground-based measurement
Includes: Le Mouelic, S.[Stephane] Le Mouélic, S.[Stéphane] Le Mouelic, S.[Stéphane]

Le Moullec, Y.[Yannick] Co Author Listing * Detection of pulmonary micronodules in computed tomography images and false positive reduction using 3D convolutional neural networks

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