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Koshan, Y.[Yerassyl] Co Author Listing * Image-Aided LiDAR Mapping Platform and Data Processing Strategy for Stockpile Volume Estimation
* Salt Stockpile Inventory Management Using LiDAR Volumetric Measurements

Koshelev, I.[Iaroslav] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results

Kosheleva, O.M. Co Author Listing * Application of task-specific metrics in JPEG2000 ROI compression
* On the optimal choice of quality metric in image compression
* Rate Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation Methods for Volumetric Data Using JPEG 2000

Koshev, N. Co Author Listing * Backprojection Slice Theorem for Tomographic Reconstruction, A
* Conservative Finite Element Modeling of EEG and MEG on Unstructured Grids
* Numerical Method to Solve a Phaseless Coefficient Inverse Problem from a Single Measurement of Experimental Data, A

Koshiba, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Trends, and Future Roadmap

Koshikawa, K. Co Author Listing * Human motion analysis based on a robot arm model
* Polarimetric Approach to Shape Understanding of Glossy Objects, A

Koshimizu, H. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling system of human face and full 3D facial caricaturing
* 3D Precise Inspection of Terminal Lead for Electronic Devices by Single Camera Stereo Vision
* Age and gender estimation based on wrinkle texture and color of facial images
* algorithm to extract convex hull on thetas Hough transform space, An
* Application of Co-Occurrence Frequency Image
* Defect detection of terminal lead by single stereo vision
* Detection of 3D-Flow by Characteristic of Convex-concave and Color
* Dynamic Facial Caricaturing System Based on the Gaze Direction of Gallery
* Estimation of human motion from multiple cameras for gesture recognition
* Fast and robust visual inspection system for tire surface thin defect
* fast hough transform based on C3TR using shift operation, A
* Firefly capturing method: Motion capturing by monocular camera with large spherical aberration of lens and Hough-transform-based image processing
* From Coarse to Fine Correspondence of 3D Facial Images
* Ghost removal method for image morphing using co-occurrence frequency image
* Hierarchical face tracking by using PTZ camera
* Interactive Facial Caricaturing System Based on the Gaze Direction of Gallery, An
* Iris Tracking and Regeneration for Improving Nonverbal Interface
* KIZUKI Processing for Visual Inspection: A Smart Pattern Pop-Out Algorithm Based on Human Visual Architecture
* Multiple straight line detection based on labeling of pixels by Genetic Algorithm
* OK-Quantization Theory and Its Relationship to Sampling Theorem
* OK-Quantization Theory: A Mathematical Theory of Quantization
* On a High-speed Hough Transform Algorithm MRHT
* On the Extensive Reconstruction of Hough Transforms
* Proposal of Exaggeration Method Based on Shape and Positional Relations of Automotive Parts
* Proposal of recordable pointer: Pointed position measurement by projecting interference concentric circle pattern with a pointing device
* proposal of The Rareness Measure of pixel blocks and its application to region extraction, A
* Realization of an Efficient Line Detection by Askant Glance Camera Vision System Using Extended Hough Transform
* Sharpening of CT images by cubic interpolation using B-spline
* Super-resolution in gray value based on OK quantization theory
* Theoretical and Experimental Consideration on Interference in Resolutions between Sampling Theorem and OK-Quantization Theory, A
* Worker Behavior and Intension Modeling in Production Process
Includes: Koshimizu, H. Koshimizu, H.[Hiroyasu]
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Koshimizu, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Privacy protecting visual processing for secure video surveillance

Koshimura, S.[Shunichi] Co Author Listing * 3D gray level co-occurrence matrix and its application to identifying collapsed buildings
* Detecting Urban Floods with Small and Large Scale Analysis of ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Data
* Disaster debris estimation using high-resolution polarimetric stereo-SAR
* Disaster Intensity-Based Selection of Training Samples for Remote Sensing Building Damage Classification
* Drawback in the Change Detection Approach: False Detection during the 2018 Western Japan Floods
* Enhancement of Detecting Permanent Water and Temporary Water in Flood Disasters by Fusing Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery Using Deep Learning Algorithms: Demonstration of Sen1Floods11 Benchmark Datasets
* Learning from multimodal and multitemporal earth observation data for building damage mapping
* Learning from the 2018 Western Japan Heavy Rains to Detect Floods during the 2019 Hagibis Typhoon
* Multi-Source Data Fusion Based on Ensemble Learning for Rapid Building Damage Mapping during the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu, Indonesia
* New Insights into Multiclass Damage Classification of Tsunami-Induced Building Damage from SAR Images
* Novel Unsupervised Classification of Collapsed Buildings Using Satellite Imagery, Hazard Scenarios and Fragility Functions
* Potential Role of News Media to Construct a Machine Learning Based Damage Mapping Framework, The
* Pyramid Pooling Module-Based Semi-Siamese Network: A Benchmark Model for Assessing Building Damage from xBD Satellite Imagery Datasets
* Semiautomatic Pixel-Object Method for Detecting Landslides Using Multitemporal ALOS-2 Intensity Images, A
* Study on the Intensity and Coherence Information of High-Resolution ALOS-2 SAR Images for Rapid Massive Landslide Mapping at a Pixel Level
* Technical Solution Discussion for Key Challenges of Operational Convolutional Neural Network-Based Building-Damage Assessment from Satellite Imagery: Perspective from Benchmark xBD Dataset
* Towards Operational Satellite-Based Damage-Mapping Using U-Net Convolutional Network: A Case Study of 2011 Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami
* Wetland Surface Water Detection from Multipath SAR Images Using Gaussian Process-Based Temporal Interpolation
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Koshinaka, T. Co Author Listing * stochastic model for handwritten word recognition using context dependency between character patterns, A
* Xi-Vector Embedding for Speaker Recognition
Includes: Koshinaka, T. Koshinaka, T.[Takafumi]

Koshirnizu, H. Co Author Listing * On the detection of feature points of 3D facial image and its application to 3D facial caricature

Koshita, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * High-Accuracy and Area-Efficient Stochastic FIR Digital Filters Based on Hybrid Computation
* State-Space Formulation of Frequency Transformation for 2-D Digital Filters
Includes: Koshita, S.[Shunsuke] Koshita, S.

Koshizen, T.[Takamasa] Co Author Listing * Adaptive habituation detection to build human computer interactive systems using a real-time cross-modal computation
* Components for face recognition
Includes: Koshizen, T.[Takamasa] Koshizen, T.

Koshkarev, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * UAV-Derived Data Application for Environmental Monitoring of the Coastal Area of Lake Sevan, Armenia with a Changing Water Level

Koshki, A.S.[Asma Shamsi] Co Author Listing * level-set method for inhomogeneous image segmentation with application to breast thermography images, A

Koshkina, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Learning for Sports Video: Unsupervised Player Classification

Koshkina, V.[Vasilisa] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Models for Approximating Downward Short-Wave Radiation Flux over the Ocean from All-Sky Optical Imagery Based on DASIO Dataset

Koshy, M. Co Author Listing * On the Application of Discrete Tomography to CT-Assisted Engineering and Design

Koshy, S.M.[Sumod Mathew] Co Author Listing * Circular mesh-based shape and margin descriptor for object detection

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