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Jha, A.[Ankit] Co Author Listing * ADA-AT/DT: An Adversarial Approach for Cross-Domain and Cross-Task Knowledge Transfer
* AdaMT-Net: An Adaptive Weight Learning Based Multi-Task Learning Model For Scene Understanding
* Barlow constrained optimization for Visual Question Answering
* Cross-Modal Style Transfer
* Cross-specificity: modelling data semantics for cross-modal matching and retrieval
* CS-VQA: Visual Question Answering with Compressively Sensed Images
* GAF-Net: Improving the Performance of Remote Sensing Image Fusion using Novel Global Self and Cross Attention Learning
* Glimpse-Attend-and-Explore: Self-Attention for Active Visual Exploration
* Handloom Design Generation Using Generative Networks
* Map3D: Registration-Based Multi-Object Tracking on 3D Serial Whole Slide Images
* MT-UNET: A Novel U-Net Based Multi-Task Architecture For Visual Scene Understanding
* Multiple Sequence Alignment Based Upon Statistical Approach of Curve Fitting
* SimGlim: Simplifying glimpse based active visual reconstruction
* Spotting words in silent speech videos: a retrieval-based approach
* Word Spotting in Silent Lip Videos
Includes: Jha, A.[Ankit] Jha, A. Jha, A.[Abhishek] Jha, A.[Amrit] Jha, A.[Aadarsh] Jha, A.[Ashwani]
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Jha, A.H.[Ananya Harsh] Co Author Listing * Disentangling Factors of Variation with Cycle-Consistent Variational Auto-encoders

Jha, A.K.[Abhinav K.] Co Author Listing * ADC estimation of lesions in diffusion-weighted MR images: A Maximum-Likelihood Approach
* clustering algorithm for liver lesion segmentation of diffusion-weighted MR images, A
* Evaluating Satellite Products for Precipitation Estimation in Mountain Regions: A Case Study for Nepal
* maximum-likelihood approach for ADC estimation of lesions in visceral organs, A
* UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing for Automated Building Inspection
* Use of Sub-Ensembles and Multi-Template Observers to Evaluate Detection Task Performance for Data That are Not Multivariate Normal
Includes: Jha, A.K.[Abhinav K.] Jha, A.K.[Ajay K.] Jha, A.K.[Aditya Kumar] Jha, A.K.

Jha, B.K.[Bibhash Kumar] Co Author Listing * Quantitative clinical marker extraction from colour fundus images for non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy grading

Jha, C.S.[Chandra Shekhar] Co Author Listing * Aboveground-Biomass Estimation of a Complex Tropical Forest in India Using Lidar
* Inverting Aboveground Biomass-Canopy Texture Relationships in a Landscape of Forest Mosaic in the Western Ghats of India Using Very High Resolution Cartosat Imagery

Jha, D.[Devendra] Co Author Listing * Color Image Enhancement by Fuzzy Intensification
* Ddanet: Dual Decoder Attention Network for Automatic Polyp Segmentation
* DilatedSegNet: A Deep Dilated Segmentation Network for Polyp Segmentation
* Endotect 2020 Challenge: Evaluation and Comparison of Classification, Segmentation and Inference Time for Endoscopy, The
* GMSRF-Net: An Improved generalizability with Global Multi-Scale Residual Fusion Network for Polyp Segmentation
* Htad: A Home-tasks Activities Dataset with Wrist-accelerometer and Audio Features
* Kvasir-instrument: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool Segmentation Dataset in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Kvasir-seg: A Segmented Polyp Dataset
* Optimal Fuzzy System for Color Image Enhancement, An
* Transformer Based Generative Adversarial Network for Liver Segmentation
Includes: Jha, D.[Devendra] Jha, D.[Debesh]
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Jha, D.K. Co Author Listing * Information Fusion of Passive Sensors for Detection of Moving Targets in Dynamic Environments
* Information-Theoretic Performance Analysis of Sensor Networks via Markov Modeling of Time Series Data
* l2-norm-based prior for haze-removal from single image
* self-adaptive matched filter for retinal blood vessel detection, A
Includes: Jha, D.K. Jha, D.K.[Dhiraj K.]

Jha, M.K.[Mithilesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * DEMD-based video coding for textured videos in an H.264/MPEG framework
* UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing for Automated Building Inspection
* Video Compression Scheme Using DEMD Based Texture Synthesis
Includes: Jha, M.K.[Mithilesh Kumar] Jha, M.K.[Mohhit Kumar] Jha, M.K.

Jha, N.[Naresh] Co Author Listing * Detection of melanocytes in skin histopathological images using radial line scanning

Jha, N.K.[Niraj K.] Co Author Listing * ChamNet: Towards Efficient Network Design Through Platform-Aware Model Adaptation
* Dreaming to Distill: Data-Free Knowledge Transfer via DeepInversion
* ULSAM: Ultra-Lightweight Subspace Attention Module for Compact Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Jha, N.K.[Niraj K.] Jha, N.K.

Jha, P.[Piyushee] Co Author Listing * Wang Notation Tool: Layout independent representation of tables

Jha, R.[Rashmi] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning for Detection and Risk Assessment of Lifting Action

Jha, R.K. Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement of dark images using stochastic resonance
* Digital image stabilization using similarity transformation over constrained Differential-Radon warping vectors
* Digital watermark extraction using support vector machine with principal component analysis based feature reduction
* Enhancement of dark and low-contrast images using dynamic stochastic resonance
* Enhancement of low-contrast images by internal noise-induced Fourier coefficient rooting
* FD-based detector for medical image watermarking
* Gabor phase response based scheme for accurate pectoral muscle boundary detection
* Image encryption based on fractional discrete cosine transform and DWT with interplane arrangements in dost domain
* improved Gamma correction model for image dehazing in a multi-exposure fusion framework, An
* Improved watermarking technique based on significant difference of lifting wavelet coefficients
* Internal noise-induced contrast enhancement of dark images
* Logo Extraction Using Combined Discrete Wavelet Transform and Dynamic Stochastic Resonance
* Logo Extraction Using Dynamic Stochastic Resonance
* multi-exposure fusion framework for contrast enhancement of hazy images employing dynamic stochastic resonance, A
* new composite multi-constrained differential-radon warping approach for digital video affine motion stabilization, A
* Noise-induced contrast enhancement using stochastic resonance on singular values
* novel approach for combined rotational and translational motion estimation using Frame Projection Warping, A
* optimized derivative projection warping approach for moving platform video stabilization, An
* Robust motion estimation for night-shooting videos using dual-accumulated constraint warping
* robust video stabilization technique using integral frame projection warping, A
* Robust Watermark Extraction Using SVD-Based Dynamic Stochastic Resonance
* Unsteady camera zoom stabilization using slope estimation over interest warping vectors
Includes: Jha, R.K. Jha, R.K.[Rajib Kumar]
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Jha, R.R. Co Author Listing * AUTODEPTH: Single Image Depth Map Estimation via Residual CNN Encoder-Decoder and Stacked Hourglass
* FS2Net: Fiber Structural Similarity Network (FS2Net) for Rotation Invariant Brain Tractography Segmentation Using Stacked LSTM Based Siamese Network
* PixISegNet: pixel-level iris segmentation network using convolutional encoder-decoder with stacked hourglass bottleneck
Includes: Jha, R.R. Jha, R.R.[Ranjeet Ranjan]

Jha, S.[Sanjay] Co Author Listing * Autolv: Automatic Lecture Video Generator
* Dual-Key Multimodal Backdoors for Visual Question Answering
* Multimodal Driver Monitoring Database: A Naturalistic Corpus to Study Driver Attention, The
* Predicting Heart Rate Variations of Deepfake Videos using Neural ODE
* Temporal Head Pose Estimation From Point Cloud in Naturalistic Driving Conditions
* Towards Exemplar-Free Continual Learning in Vision Transformers: an Account of Attention, Functional and Weight Regularization
Includes: Jha, S.[Sanjay] Jha, S.[Susmit] Jha, S.[Sumit] Jha, S. Jha, S.[Saurav]

Jha, S.I.K.[Sun Il Kr.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Aligned Double JPEG Compressed Color Image With Same Quantization Matrix Based on the Stability of Image
* Non-aligned double JPEG compression detection based on refined Markov features in QDCT domain
* Parallax engine for 2D animation in cinematography
* SmsNet: A New Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Adversarial Example Detection
Includes: Jha, S.I.K.[Sun Il Kr.] Jha, S.I.K.[Sun-Il Kr.] Jha, S.I.K.[Sun-Il K.]

Jha, S.K.[Sumit K.] Co Author Listing * Attacking NIST biometric image software using nonlinear optimization
* Attribution-based Confidence Metric for Detection of Adversarial Attacks on Breast Histopathological Images
* Detecting Deepfake Videos using Attribution-Based Confidence Metric
* Detecting Double JPEG Compressed Color Images With the Same Quantization Matrix in Spherical Coordinates
* Human tracking from a mobile agent: Optical flow and Kalman filter arbitration
* Identifying Computer Generated Images Based on Quaternion Central Moments in Color Quaternion Wavelet Domain
Includes: Jha, S.K.[Sumit K.] Jha, S.K.[S. Kumar] Jha, S.K. Jha, S.K.[Sumit Kumar]

Jha, S.S.[Sudhanshu Shekhar] Co Author Listing * Gudalur Spectral Target Detection (GST-D): A New Benchmark Dataset and Engineered Material Target Detection in Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Data
* Influence of atmospheric modeling on spectral target detection through forward modeling approach in multi-platform remote sensing data

Jha, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * Multiple Sequence Alignment Based Upon Statistical Approach of Curve Fitting

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