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Ioana, C. Co Author Listing * Scattering Centers Detection and Tracking in Refocused Spaceborne SAR Images for Infrastructure Monitoring
* Short-Range Wideband FMCW Radar for Millimetric Displacement Measurements

Ioannakis, G. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence As a Low-cost Solution for Museum Visit Digital Content Enrichment: The Case of The Folklore Museum of Xanthi
* Orion Pottery Repository: A Publicly Available 3D Objects' Benchmark Database with Texture Information, The
* RETRIEVAL: An Online Performance Evaluation Tool for Information Retrieval Methods
Includes: Ioannakis, G. Ioannakis, G.[George]

Ioannakis, G.A.[George Alexios] Co Author Listing * Estia: Disaster Management Platform for Cultural Heritage Sites

Ioannatou, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Image Based Geometric Documentation of A Medieval Fortress

Ioannides, M.[Marinos] Co Author Listing * 4D Modelling in Cultural Heritage
* Content-Based Filtering for Fast 3D Reconstruction from Unstructured Web-Based Image Data
* Distribution of Cultural Content through Exploitation of Cryptographic Algorithms and Hardware Identification
* Educational Creative Use and Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage Data for Cypriot UNESCO Monuments
* First Attend for a Holistic HBIM Documentation of UNESCO WHL Monument: The Case Study of Asinou Church in Cyprus, The
* Holistic Heritage Building Information Modelling (HHBIM): From Nodes To Hub Networking, Vocabularies and Repositories
* Immersive Digital Heritage Experience with the Use of Interactive Technology
* Interdisciplinarity of Cultural Heritage Conservation Making and Makers: Through Diversity Towards Compatibility of Approaches
* Parian Marble: A Virtual Multimodal Museum Project
* Supporting the Automatic Extraction of HBIM Elements from Point Clouds
* Towards Monuments' Holistic Digital Documentation: the Saint Neophytos Enkleistriotis Case Study
Includes: Ioannides, M.[Marinos] Ioannides, M.
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Ioannides, R.T. Co Author Listing * Known Vulnerabilities of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Status, and Potential Mitigation Techniques

Ioannidis , Y.[Yannis] Co Author Listing * Dance Interactive Learning Systems: A Study on Interaction Workflow and Teaching Approaches

Ioannidis, A. Co Author Listing * Geometrical Shape-Recognition Using a Cellular Automaton Architecture and Its VLSI Implementation

Ioannidis, A.I.[Antonis I.] Co Author Listing * Key-Frame Extraction Using Weighted Multi-view Convex Mixture Models and Spectral Clustering
* Weighted multi-view key-frame extraction

Ioannidis, C. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Textured Models of Vessels for the Improvement of the Educational Tools of a Museum
* Automated Building Detection In Dense Point Cloud and Update of Open Source Data Bases
* Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Buildings Roof Tops In Densely Urbanized Areas
* Comparative Analysis of Different Software Packages for 3d Modelling of Complex Geometries, A
* Design of A Crowdsourced 3d Cadastral Technical Solution
* detailed geometric documentation of the Athens Academy Public Meeting Hall, A
* Interactive Online Visualization of Complex 3D Geometries
* Laser and Multi-image Reverse Engineering Systems for Accurate 3d Modelling of Complex Cultural Artefacts
* Multi-purpose Cultural Heritage Data Platform for 4d Visualization And Interactive Information Services, A
* Orthorectification of WorldView-2 stereopair images using a new rigorous orientation model
Includes: Ioannidis, C. Ioannidis, C.[Charalabos]
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Ioannidis, C.C.[Charalabos C.] Co Author Listing * 3D Visualization via Augmented Reality: The Case of the Middle Stoa in the Ancient Agora of Athens
* Assessing the Performance of a Structured Light Scanner
* automatic technique for accurate non-contact structural deformation measurements, An
* Enhanced first approximation for ICP-based global matching of free-form curves in side-looking radar geometry
* Evaluation of SAR Data as Source of Ground Control Information: First Results
* Experimental Assessment of 3d Narrow Space Mapping Technologies
* Exterior Orientation Estimation Of Oblique Aerial Imagery Using Vanishing Points
* Georeference of TerraSAR-X Images using Networks of Ground Control Linear Features
* Hybrid Mobile Augmented Reality: Web-like Concepts Applied to High Resolution 3d Overlays
* Integrated Approach to 3D Web Visualization of Cultural Heritage Heterogeneous Datasets, An
* Low Cost Technique for Accurate Geometric Documentation of Complex Monuments by Non-experts
* Multi-scale 3D Modelling of Damaged Cultural Sites: Use Cases and Image-Based Workflows
* Multithreaded Rendering for Cross-platform 3d Visualization Based On Vulkan API
* Orthoimage of Asclepieion at the Ancient Messene from UAV Images Applying Dense Image Matching
* Rapid Geometric Correction of SSC TERRASAR-X Images with Direct Georeferencing, Global DEM and Global Geoid Models
* Registration of Unrectified Optical and SAR imagery over Mountainous Areas through Automatic Free-form Features Global Matching
* Reliable 2D Crowdsourced Cadastral Surveys: Case Studies from Greece and Romania
* Technical Aspects For The Creation Of A Multi-dimensional Land Information System
* Towards Monuments' Holistic Digital Documentation: the Saint Neophytos Enkleistriotis Case Study
* Understanding Historical Cityscapes from Aerial Imagery Through Machine Learning
Includes: Ioannidis, C.C.[Charalabos C.] Ioannidis, C.C. Ioannidis, C.C.[Charalambos C.]
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Ioannidis, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Thermal Model for Real-Time Condition Monitoring of Electrochemical Processes, A
* Activity related authentication using prehension biometrics
* Activity related biometric authentication using Spherical Harmonics
* Demand Flexibility Estimation Based on Habitual Behaviour and Motif Detection
* Gait authentication using distributed source coding
* Gait Identification using the 3D Protrusion Transform
* Human tracking & visual spatio-temporal statistical analysis
* Quaternion Harris For Multispectral Keypoint Detection
* Salient Object Detection with Pretrained Deeplab and k-means: Application to Uav-captured Building Imagery
* Spatiotemporal analysis of human activities for biometric authentication
* Unobtrusive multi-modal biometric recognition using activity-related signatures
Includes: Ioannidis, D. Ioannidis, D.[Dimosthenis]
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Ioannidis, E.[Efstathios] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of global image thresholding for change detection

Ioannidis, G. Co Author Listing * Extracting textual inserts from digital videos
* flexible environment for multimedia management and publishing, A
* MAXICULTURE: Assessing the Impact of EU Projects in the Digital Cultural Heritage Domain
Includes: Ioannidis, G. Ioannidis, G.[George]

Ioannidis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Over Time RF Fitting for Jitter Free 3D Vertebra Reconstruction from Video Fluoroscopy

Ioannidis, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Artistic neural style transfer using CycleGAN and FABEMD by adaptive information selection
* Autonomous Swarm of Heterogeneous Robots for Surveillance Operations
* Comparison of Deep Learning Techniques for Video-based Automatic Recognition of Greek Folk Dances
* Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks and Fast Adaptive Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition for Style Transfer
* Deep Neural Network for Oil Spill Semantic Segmentation in Sar Images, A
* Early Identification of Oil Spills in Satellite Images Using Deep CNNs
* Fusion of Multimodal Sensor Data for Effective Human Action Recognition in the Service of Medical Platforms
* Graph-based Data Association in Multiple Object Tracking: A Survey
* Low-light Image Enhancement Based on U-net and Haar Wavelet Pooling
* modified Single-Shot multibox Detector for beyond Real-Time Object Detection, A
* Oil Spill Identification from Satellite Images Using Deep Neural Networks
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Ioannidis, N. Co Author Listing * 3D interactive, on-site visualization of ancient Olympia
* intGuide: A platform for context-aware services featuring augmented-reality, based on the outcome of European Research Projects
Includes: Ioannidis, N. Ioannidis, N.[Nicolaos]

Ioannidis, S.[Stratis] Co Author Listing * Multi-Modality Sensing and Data Fusion for Multi-Vehicle Detection
* Sample complexity of rank regression using pairwise comparisons

Ioannidis, V.N.[Vassilis N.] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Stable Graph Scattering Transforms via Pruning

Ioannidis, Y.[Yannis] Co Author Listing * Labanotation Based Ontology for Representing Dance Movement, A
* Using ICT in Cultural Heritage, Bless or Mess? Stakeholders' and Practitioners' View through the eCultValue Project

Ioannidou, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * 3D ResNets for 3D Object Classification
* Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data: A Survey
* VERGE in VBS 2017
* VERGE: A Multimodal Interactive Search Engine for Video Browsing and Retrieval

Ioannidou, D.[Despoina] Co Author Listing * Analysis, Documentation and Proposal for Restoration and Reuse of the Chrysalis Silk Factory in Goumenissa, Kilkis, Northern Greece

Ioannidou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Added Value of Sentinel-1 PolSAR Data for Crop Classification

Ioannidou, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Helmert Transformation Problem. From Euler Angles Method to Quaternion Algebra

Ioannis, K.[Koskinas] Co Author Listing * TRICKVOS: A Bag of Tricks for Video Object Segmentation

Ioannou, A.[Artemis] Co Author Listing * Ocean Satellite Data Fusion for High-Resolution Surface Current Maps
* Personal Tour of Cultural Heritage for Deaf Museum Visitors, A
Includes: Ioannou, A.[Artemis] Ioannou, A.[Andri]

Ioannou, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Circle recognition through a 2D Hough Transform and radius histogramming
* Note on A Fresh Look at the Hough Transform, A
* On The Uniqueness of the Representation of a Convex Polygon by Its Hough Transform
* Parallelogram Detection in a Digital Image with the Use of the Hough Transform
* Polygonal Object Recognition with the Use of the Hough Transform
Includes: Ioannou, D.[Dimitrios] Ioannou, D.

Ioannou, E.[Eleftherios] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Cultural Route at the Xeros River Valley, Larnaca, Cyprus

Ioannou, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Visual interpretability analysis of Deep CNNs using an Adaptive Threshold method on Diabetic Retinopathy images

Ioannou, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Satellite Retrievals of Karenia brevis Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf Using Neural Networks and Comparisons with Other Techniques
* Transfer Learning of a Temporal Bone Performance Model via Anatomical Feature Registration
Includes: Ioannou, I.[Ioannis] Ioannou, I.[Ioanna]

Ioannou, N.[Nikoletta] Co Author Listing * Preparing Student Mobility Through a VR Application for Cultural Education
* Using Wiimote for 2D and 3D Pointing Tasks: Gesture Performance Evaluation
Includes: Ioannou, N.[Nikoletta] Ioannou, N.[Nikolaos]

Ioannou, P. Co Author Listing * 2014-2017 George N. Saridis Best Transactions Paper Award, The
* Connectivity, Automation and Safety in Transportation of the Future
* Coordinated Freight Routing With Individual Incentives for Participation
* Mixed Freight Dynamic Routing Using a Co-Simulation Optimization Approach
* Modeling of traffic flow of automated vehicles
* Multimodal Dynamic Freight Load Balancing
* On-Street and Off-Street Parking Availability Prediction Using Multivariate Spatiotemporal Models
* Personalized Driver Assistance for Signalized Intersections Using V2I Communication
* Personalized Freight Route Recommendations With System Optimality Considerations: A Utility Learning Approach
* Positive Train Control With Dynamic Headway Based on an Active Communication System
Includes: Ioannou, P. Ioannou, P.[Petros]
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Ioannou, P.A. Co Author Listing * Combined Variable Speed Limit and Lane Change Control for Highway Traffic
* Driver/Vehicle Response Diagnostic System for the Vehicle-Following Case
* Dynamic Multimodal Freight Routing Using a Co-Simulation Optimization Approach
* Editorial Mechatronics as an Enabler for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Evaluation of ACC Vehicles in Mixed Traffic: Lane Change Effects and Sensitivity Analysis
* Longitudinal control of heavy trucks in mixed traffic: Environmental and fuel economy considerations
* Mechanisms for Cooperative Freight Routing: Incentivizing Individual Participation
* Operating Electric Vehicle Fleet for Ride-Hailing Services With Reinforcement Learning
* Optimization of Crowd Evacuation With Leaders in Urban Rail Transit Stations
* Per-Lane Variable Speed Limit and Lane Change Control for Congestion Management at Bottlenecks
* Real-Time Estimation of Travel Times Along the Arcs and Arrival Times at the Nodes of Dynamic Stochastic Networks
* Selection of the Speed Command Distance for Improved Performance of a Rule-Based VSL and Lane Change Control
* Traffic Flow Prediction for Road Transportation Networks With Limited Traffic Data
* Transportation 5.0: The DAO to Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Truck route planning in nonstationary stochastic networks with time windows at customer locations
Includes: Ioannou, P.A. Ioannou, P.A.[Petros A.]
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Ioannou, S.[Spiros] Co Author Listing * Robust Feature Detection for Facial Expression Recognition

Ioannou, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Creating a Story Map Using Geographic Information Systems to Explore Geomorphology and History of Methana Peninsula

Ioannou, Y. Co Author Listing * Deep Roots: Improving CNN Efficiency with Hierarchical Filter Groups
* Difference of Normals as a Multi-scale Operator in Unorganized Point Clouds
* Local Potential Well Space Embedding
* Refining Architectures of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ioannou, Y. Ioannou, Y.[Yani]

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