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Gopakumar, G. Co Author Listing * Cytopathological image analysis using deep-learning networks in microfluidic microscopy

Gopakumar, K. Co Author Listing * Fusing pyramid histogram of gradients and optical flow for hand gesture recognition

Gopal, A Co Author Listing * Classification of selected medicinal plants leaf using image processing

Gopal, A. Co Author Listing * Classification of color objects like fruits using probability density function (PDF)
* Volume estimation of apple fruits using image processing

Gopal, G.Y. Co Author Listing * Reliable Temporally Consistent Feature Adaptation for Visual Object Tracking

Gopal, K.R.[Kotalo Rama] Co Author Listing * Remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols in South Africa

Gopal, M Co Author Listing * hybrid framework for event detection using multi-modal features, A

Gopal, M. Co Author Listing * Annotating Dance Posture Images Using Multi Kernel Feature Combination
* Application of smoothing technique on twin support vector machines
* comparison study on multiple binary-class SVM methods for unilabel text categorization, A
* Constrained Control of Weakly Coupled Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Network
* CRF Based Scheme for Overlapping Multi-colored Text Graphics Separation, A
* Document Image Indexing Using Edit Distance Based Hashing
* Document Image Retrieval Using Feature Combination in Kernel Space
* Feature combination for binary pattern classification
* Feature Combination in Kernel Space for Distance Based Image Hashing
* hybrid SVM based decision tree, A
* Identity Determination with Offline Handwritten Input Using Multi Kernel Feature Combination
* Multi-modal Information Integration for Document Retrieval
* Multiple kernel learning for image indexing
* Off-line hand written input based identity determination using multi kernel feature combination
* On fuzzy-rough sets approach to feature selection
* On the compact computational domain of fuzzy-rough sets
* On the extension of functional dependency degree from crisp to fuzzy partitions
* Searching OCR'ed Text: An LDA Based Approach
* Shape Descriptor Based Document Image Indexing and Symbol Recognition
* Word shape descriptor-based document image indexing: A new DBH-based approach
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Gopal, P.[Preeti] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Some Methods for Direct 2D Reconstruction from Discrete Projected Views, A
* Nonlinear Interpolation in the Fourier Domain Guided by Morphologic Filters
* Spatial domain morphological filtering for interpolation of the Fourier domain
* Tomographic Reconstruction Using Global Statistical Priors
Includes: Gopal, P.[Preeti] Gopal, P.

Gopal, S. Co Author Listing * ART Neural Networks for Remote Sensing: Vegetation Classification from Landsat TM and Terrain Data
* Change detection using adaptive fuzzy neural networks: Environmental damage assessment after the Gulf war
* Gaussian mixture discriminant analysis and sub-pixel land cover characterization in remote sensing
Includes: Gopal, S. Gopal, S.[Sucharita]

Gopala Krishna, B. Co Author Listing * new approach for terrain analysis of lunar surface by Chandrayaan-1 data using open source libraries, A

Gopalakrishna, M.T.[Madigondanahalli Thimmaiah] Co Author Listing * Approach for shadow detection and removal using machine learning techniques

Gopalakrishnan, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Neural Temporal Model for Human Motion Prediction, A

Gopalakrishnan, B. Co Author Listing * Feasible Point Pursuit and Successive Approximation of Non-Convex QCQPs

Gopalakrishnan, D. Co Author Listing * Improved 4-DVar Simulation of Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Using a Regional Model
* On the Improved Predictive Skill of WRF Model With Regional 4DVar Initialization: A Study With North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones

Gopalakrishnan, G. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Guided Registration for Multimodal Images
* fast piecewise deformable method for multi-modality image registration, A
* Impacts of the Kuroshio Intrusion through the Luzon Strait on the Local Precipitation Anomaly
Includes: Gopalakrishnan, G. Gopalakrishnan, G.[Ganesh]

Gopalakrishnan, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Efficiency and Fairness in Unmanned Air Traffic Flow Management
* Lizard: A Large-Scale Dataset for Colonic Nuclear Instance Segmentation and Classification
Includes: Gopalakrishnan, K.[Karthik] Gopalakrishnan, K.[Kishore]

Gopalakrishnan, L.[Lavaniadevi] Co Author Listing * Using Historical Archives and Landsat Imagery to Explore Changes in the Mangrove Cover of Peninsular Malaysia between 1853 and 2018

Gopalakrishnan, P.S. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms for Machine Intelligence and Vision

Gopalakrishnan, R.[Ranjith] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Canopy Heights over a Large Region Using Heterogeneous Lidar Datasets: Efficacy and Challenges
* Using ALS Data to Improve Co-Registration of Photogrammetry-Based Point Cloud Data in Urban Areas

Gopalakrishnan, S.[Sathyanarayanan] Co Author Listing * Central hubs prediction for bio networks by directed hypergraph: GA with validation to COVID-19 PPI
* Hybrid Deep Reinforced Regression Framework for Cardio-Thoracic Ratio Measurement
* Hybridisation of single-image super-resolution with edge-aware multi-focus image fusion for edge enrichment
* Improving 3D Brain Tumor Segmentation With Predict-Refine Mechanism Using Saliency And Feature Maps
* Knowledge Capture and Replay for Continual Learning
* Task-Agnostic Continual Learning Using Base-Child Classifiers
Includes: Gopalakrishnan, S.[Sathyanarayanan] Gopalakrishnan, S. Gopalakrishnan, S.[Sreeja] Gopalakrishnan, S.[Saisubramaniam]

Gopalakrishnan, V.[Viswanath] Co Author Listing * Interactive object segmentation using single touch
* Investigation of Thundercloud Features in Different Regions
* Linear Dynamical System Framework for Salient Motion Detection, A
* Neutral Face Classification Using Personalized Appearance Models for Fast and Robust Emotion Detection
* Optimizing Cloud Resources for Delivering IPTV Services Through Virtualization
* Random Walks on Graphs for Salient Object Detection in Images
* Random walks on graphs to model saliency in images
* Real-time video summarization on mobile
* Salient Region Detection by Modeling Distributions of Color and Orientation
* Segmentation of fMRI Data by Maximization of Region Contrast
* Similarity and rigidity preserving image retargeting
* Sustained Observability for Salient Motion Detection
* Unsupervised Feature Selection for Salient Object Detection
Includes: Gopalakrishnan, V.[Viswanath] Gopalakrishnan, V.[Venkatachalam] Gopalakrishnan, V. Gopalakrishnan, V.[Vanathi]
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Gopalam, U. Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Automation of 3D Hydro Break Line Generation from Lidar Data Using MATLAB, A

Gopalan, A. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Deep Convective Clouds as an Invariant Calibration Target and as a Visible Calibration Technique, The
* Consideration of Radiometric Quantization Error in Satellite Sensor Cross-Calibration
* Desert-Based Absolute Calibration of Successive Geostationary Visible Sensors Using a Daily Exoatmospheric Radiance Model
* Development of Seasonal BRDF Models to Extend the Use of Deep Convective Clouds as Invariant Targets for Satellite SWIR-Band Calibration
* Evaluating the Magnitude of VIIRS Out-of-Band Response for Varying Earth Spectra
* Geostationary Visible Imager Calibration for the CERES SYN1deg Edition 4 Product
* Initial Stability Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Band Calibration Using Invariant Desert and Deep Convective Cloud Targets
* Inter-Calibration of the DSCOVR EPIC Imager with Aqua-MODIS and NPP-VIIRS, The
* Inter-Calibration of the OSIRIS-REx NavCams with Earth-Viewing Imagers
* Intercalibration of Geostationary Visible Imagers Using Operational Hyperspectral SCIAMACHY Radiances, The
* MTSAT-1R Visible Imager Point Spread Correction Function, Part I: The Need for, Validation of, and Calibration With
* Quantifying the Impact of Solar Spectra on the Inter-Calibration of Satellite Instruments
* Radiometric Stability and Scaling of Collection 6 Terra- and Aqua-MODIS VIS, NIR, and SWIR Spectral Bands, The
* Response Versus Scan-Angle Assessment of MODIS Reflective Solar Bands in Collection 6.1 Calibration
* Study of Data-Merging and Interpolation Methods for Use in an Interactive Online Analysis System: MODIS Terra and Aqua Daily Aerosol Case
* Web-Based Tool for Calculating Spectral Band Difference Adjustment Factors Derived From SCIAMACHY Hyperspectral Data, A
Includes: Gopalan, A. Gopalan, A.[Arun]
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Gopalan, B. Co Author Listing * Performance Improvement of Average Based Spatial Filters through Multilevel Preprocessing using Wavelets

Gopalan, C.[Chitrakala] Co Author Listing * Statistical modeling for the detection, localization and extraction of text from heterogeneous textual images using combined feature scheme

Gopalan, K. Co Author Listing * Intercalibration of Microwave Radiometer Brightness Temperatures for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
* Time-Varying Radiometric Bias Correction for the TRMM Microwave Imager, A

Gopalan, R.[Raghuraman] Co Author Listing * Articulation-Invariant Representation of Non-planar Shapes
* Blur-Robust Descriptor with Applications to Face Recognition, A
* Comparing and combining lighting insensitive approaches for face recognition
* Domain adaptation for object recognition: An unsupervised approach
* Domain Adaptation for Visual Recognition
* Hierarchical sparse coding with geometric prior for visual geo-location
* Joint Sparsity-Based Representation and Analysis of Unconstrained Activities
* Learning Approach Towards Detection and Tracking of Lane Markings, A
* Learning Cross-Domain Information Transfer for Location Recognition and Clustering
* Max-margin clustering: Detecting margins from projections of points on lines
* Model-Driven Domain Adaptation on Product Manifolds for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* Robust Human Detection under Occlusion by Integrating Face and Person Detectors
* Unsupervised Adaptation Across Domain Shifts by Generating Intermediate Data Representations
* Visual Domain Adaptation: A survey of recent advances
Includes: Gopalan, R.[Raghuraman] Gopalan, R.
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Gopalan, R.P. Co Author Listing * Retrieval characteristics of an untrained holographic index for image databases

Gopalan, S.K.[Sreeni Kamalalayam] Co Author Listing * Combined Hapto-visual and Auditory Rendering of Cultural Heritage Objects

Gopalani, D.[Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Concept-Based Approach for Research Paper Recommendation

Gopalani, P.[Pulkit] Co Author Listing * On Adversarial Robustness: A Neural Architecture Search perspective

Gopalkrishnan, V.[Vivekanand] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Edit Distance on Real Sequences Filters using Histogram Distance on Fixed Reference Ordering

Gopalsami, N. Co Author Listing * Compressive passive millimeter-wave imaging

Gopan, G.[Gopika] Co Author Listing * UAV-Supported Forest Regeneration: Current Trends, Challenges and Implications

Gopan, K.G.[K. Gopika] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based EEG Analysis Using Video Analytics

Gopan, V.[Vipin] Co Author Listing * Condition monitoring of grinding process through machine vision system

Gopaul, N. Co Author Listing * Centimeter-level, Robust GNSS-aided Inertial Post-processing For Mobile Mapping Without Local Reference Stations
* Tight Integration of GNSS Post-processed Virtual Reference Station with Inertial Data for Increased Accuracy and Productivity of Airborne Mapping

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