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Gaidhane, V.H.[Vilas H.] Co Author Listing * Daubechies wavelet-based local feature descriptor for multimodal medical image registration
* efficient approach for face recognition based on common eigenvalues, An
* Image focus measure based on polynomial coefficients and spectral radius
* Medical image rigid registration using a novel binary feature descriptor and modified affine transform

Gaidon, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Activity representation with motion hierarchies
* Actom sequence models for efficient action detection
* Deep Fishing: Gradient Features from Deep Nets
* Mining visual actions from movies
* Online Domain Adaptation for Multi-Object Tracking
* Procedural Generation of Videos to Train Deep Action Recognition Networks
* Reasonable Effectiveness of Synthetic Visual Data, The
* Recognizing activities with cluster-trees of tracklets
* Sympathy for the Details: Dense Trajectories and Hybrid Classification Architectures for Action Recognition
* Temporal Localization of Actions with Actoms
* time series kernel for action recognition, A
* VirtualWorlds as Proxy for Multi-object Tracking Analysis
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Gaidon, T. Co Author Listing * Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis with FDG-PET Brain Images By Using Multi-Level Features
* Motion estimation based on Markov random fields
* Non-additive noise and optimal correlation
* Pyramidal lattice vector quantization for multiscale image coding
* Statistical-based linear vessel structure detection in medical images
Includes: Gaidon, T. Gaidon, T.[Thierry]

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