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Dudek, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Dudek, G.[Gregory]: dudek AT cim mcgill ca
* Appearance-based models of locations for mobile robots
* AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* Asymmetric Rendezvous Search at Sea
* Auto-correlation wavelet support vector machine
* Auto-Correlation Wavelet Support Vector Machine and Its Applications to Regression
* Bimodal information analysis for emotion recognition
* Collaborative Sampling Using Heterogeneous Marine Robots Driven by Visual Cues
* Color Correction of Underwater Images for Aquatic Robot Inspection
* Combining Multi-robot Exploration and Rendezvous
* Conformative Filter: A Probabilistic Framework for Localization in Reduced Space
* Depth Prediction for Monocular Direct Visual Odometry
* Efficient Terrain Driven Coral Coverage Using Gaussian Processes for Mosaic Synthesis
* Enhanced 3D Representation Using a Hybrid Model
* Exploring Underwater Environments with Curiosity
* Feature Tracking Evaluation for Pose Estimation in Underwater Environments
* Fourier Tag: A Smoothly Degradable Fiducial Marker System with Configurable Payload Capacity
* Fourier tags: Smoothly degradable fiducial markers for use in human-robot interaction
* Gaze Selection for Enhanced Visual Odometry During Navigation
* horoptor and active cyclotorsion, The
* Hybrid Approach to 3D Representation, A
* Image stitching with dynamic elements
* Inter-Image Statistics for 3D Environment Modeling
* Inter-image statistics for scene reconstruction
* Investigating Trust Factors in Human-Robot Shared Control: Implicit Gender Bias Around Robot Voice
* Kinematic Variables Estimation using Eye-in-Hand Robot Camera System
* Learning and Evaluating Visual Features for Pose Estimation
* Learning environmental features for pose estimation
* Learning Generative Models of Scene Features
* Learning Visual Landmarks for Pose Estimation
* Local Appearance for Robust Object Recognition
* Lossy dictionary-based image compression method
* Mobile Agent Perception
* Mobile Robot That Learns Its Place, A
* Multi-Robot Exploration of an Unknown Environment, Efficiently Reducing the Odometry Error
* On 3-D Surface Reconstruction Using Shape from Shadows
* Online Visual Vocabularies
* Optimal Online Data Sampling or How to Hire the Best Secretaries
* Pre-trained CNNs as Visual Feature Extractors: A Broad Evaluation
* Range synthesis for 3D environment modeling
* Recognizing planar curves using curvature-tuned smoothing
* Robust Mosaicing Using Zernike Moments
* Rotation and Zooming in Image Mosaicing
* Scene Reconstruction with Sparse Range Information
* Seeing Through your Skin: Recognizing Objects with a Novel Visuotactile Sensor
* Self-calibration of a vision-based sensor network
* Semantic Scene Models for Visual Localization under Large Viewpoint Changes
* Shape Description and Classification Using the Interrelationship of Structures at Multiple Scales
* Shape Metrics from Curvature-Scale Space and Curvature-Tuned Smoothing
* Shape Representation and Recognition from Curvature
* Shape Representation and Recognition from Multiscale Curvature
* Shape Representation from Curvature
* Socially-Driven Collective Path Planning for Robot Missions
* Subsea Fauna Enumeration Using Vision-Based Marine Robots
* Telepresence across the Ocean
* Texture-Aware SLAM Using Stereo Imagery and Inertial Information
* Topology Inference for a Vision-Based Sensor Network
* Towards Navigation Summaries: Automated Production of a Synopsis of a Robot Trajectories
* Uncertainty Reduction via Heuristic Search Planning on Hybrid Metric/Topological Map
* Unsupervised Learning of Terrain Appearance for Automated Coral Reef Exploration
* Urban Position Estimation from One Dimensional Visual Cues
* Using Gait Change for Terrain Sensing by Robots
* Vision-Based Control and Interaction Framework for a Legged Underwater Robot, A
* Wide-Speed Autopilot System for a Swimming Hexapod Robot
Includes: Dudek, G.[Gregory] Dudek, G. Dudek, G.[Gabriela]
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Dudek, G.L. Co Author Listing * Environment Representation Using Multiple Abstraction Levels

Dudek, I.[Iwona] Co Author Listing * Anchoring Unsorted E-Sources About Heritage Artefacts in Space and Time

Dudek, J.[Justyna] Co Author Listing * Fifty Years of Tidewater Glacier Surface Elevation and Retreat Dynamics along the South-East Coast of Spitsbergen (Svalbard Archipelago)

Dudek, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Agile reactive navigation for a non-holonomic mobile robot using a pixel processor array
* AMBER: Adapting multi-resolution background extractor
* Camera That CNNs: Towards Embedded Neural Networks on Pixel Processor Arrays, A
* Fast Self-Tuning Background Subtraction Algorithm, A
* Fully Embedding Fast Convolutional Networks on Pixel Processor Arrays
* Neural Sensors: Learning Pixel Exposures for HDR Imaging and Video Compressive Sensing With Programmable Sensors
* Visual Odometry for Pixel Processor Arrays
Includes: Dudek, P.[Piotr] Dudek, P.
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Dudek, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Automatic Optical Flow Based Method for the Detection and Restoration of Non-repetitive Damaged Zones in Image Sequences, An
* Deep Color Mismatch Correction In Stereoscopic 3d Images
* Robust global and local color matching in stereoscopic omnidirectional content

Dudeni Tlhone, N. Co Author Listing * Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data
Includes: Dudeni Tlhone, N. Dudeni-Tlhone, N.

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