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Chasani, P.[Paraskevi] Co Author Listing * UU-test for statistical modeling of unimodal data, The

Chasanis, V.P.[Vasileios P.] Co Author Listing * Movie segmentation into scenes and chapters using locally weighted bag of visual words

Chasanis, V.T.[Vasileios T.] Co Author Listing * Key-Frame Extraction Using Weighted Multi-view Convex Mixture Models and Spectral Clustering
* Scene Detection in Videos Using Shot Clustering and Sequence Alignment
* Simultaneous detection of abrupt cuts and dissolves in videos using support vector machines
* Weighted multi-view key-frame extraction
Includes: Chasanis, V.T.[Vasileios T.] Chasanis, V.T.

Chase, A.[Alison] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Phytoplankton Pigments from Underway Spectrophotometry in the Fram Strait

Chase, A.F.[Arlen F.] Co Author Listing * Ancient Maya Regional Settlement and Inter-Site Analysis: The 2013 West-Central Belize LiDAR Survey

Chase, D.Z.[Diane Z.] Co Author Listing * Ancient Maya Regional Settlement and Inter-Site Analysis: The 2013 West-Central Belize LiDAR Survey

Chase, J.G.[J. Geoffrey] Co Author Listing * pointwise smooth surface stereo reconstruction algorithm without correspondences, A
* Reconstructing 3-D Skin Surface Motion for the DIET Breast Cancer Screening System
Includes: Chase, J.G.[J. Geoffrey] Chase, J.G.

Chase, J.S.[Jeffrey S.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Flow Computation on Massive Grid Terrain Datasets

Chase, M.N.[Marianne N.] Co Author Listing * relationship of plant distribution to geomorphic processes, The

Chase, R.J.[Randy J.] Co Author Listing * Applications of a CloudSat-TRMM and CloudSat-GPM Satellite Coincidence Dataset

Chase, T.A. Co Author Listing * Pattern analysis for autonomous vehicles with the region- and feature-based neural network: global self-localization and traffic sign recognition

Chaskar, U.[Uttam] Co Author Listing * Robust Control of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in the Absence of Information About Preceding Vehicle Acceleration

Chaskovskyy, O.[Oleh] Co Author Listing * Mapping Land Management Regimes in Western Ukraine Using Optical and SAR Data

Chasmai, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * From Forks to Forceps: A New Framework for Instance Segmentation of Surgical Instruments
* Representation Learning Using Rank Loss for Robust Neurosurgical Skills Evaluation

Chasmer, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Examining the Influence of Changing Laser Pulse Repetition Frequencies on Conifer Forest Canopy Returns
* Filtering Stems and Branches from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using Deep 3-D Fully Convolutional Networks
* Modelling Canopy Gap Fraction from Lidar Intensity
* Quantifying Lidar Elevation Accuracy: Parameterization and Wavelength Selection for Optimal Ground Classifications Based on Time since Fire/Disturbance
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 1: Data Use for Policy and Management
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 2: Methods for Evaluating Boreal Wetland Ecosystem State and Drivers of Change
* SAR and Lidar Temporal Data Fusion Approaches to Boreal Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring
* Slope Estimation from ICESat/GLAS
* Using Airborne Lidar for the Assessment of Canopy Structure Influences on CO2 Fluxes
Includes: Chasmer, L.[Laura] Chasmer, L.
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Chaspari, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Exploring Individual Differences of Public Speaking Anxiety in Real-Life and Virtual Presentations
* Few-Shot Learning in Emotion Recognition of Spontaneous Speech Using a Siamese Neural Network With Adaptive Sample Pair Formation
* Using Multimodal Wearable Technology to Detect Conflict among Couples
Includes: Chaspari, T.[Theodora] Chaspari, T.

Chassaing, F.[Francoise] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and tracking of video objects for a content-based video indexing context
* Segmentation and Tracking of Video Objects: Suited to Content-based Video Indexing, Interactive Television and Production Systems
* stereoscopic television system (3D-TV) and compatible transmission on a MAC channel (3D-MAC), A
* Text localization, enhancement and binarization in multimedia documents
Includes: Chassaing, F.[Francoise] Chassaing, F.[Françoise] Chassaing, F.

Chassaing, G. Co Author Listing * Object detection and identification applied to planes and aircraft for airport surveillance

Chassande Mottin, E. Co Author Listing * On Phase-Magnitude Relationships in the Short-Time Fourier Transform
Includes: Chassande Mottin, E. Chassande-Mottin, E.

Chassat, F. Co Author Listing * Continuous model of irregular sampled data using multilevel B-splines

Chasse, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Driving Behavior Identification and Real-World Fuel Consumption Estimation With Crowdsensing Data

Chasse, M. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Face Recognition: Recent Advances in Infrared-to-Visible Matching

Chassery, J.M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Voronoi diagram: application to segmentation
* 3D Medial Surfaces and 3D Skeletons
* Adaptive Delaunay Triangulation for Attractor Image Coding
* Automatic people segmentation with a template-driven graph cut
* Connectivity and Consecutivity in Digital Pictures
* Curvature Tensor Distance for Mesh Visual Quality Assessment, A
* Cylindrical Surface Localization in Monocular Vision
* Digital geometry fundaments: application to plane recognition
* Discrete convexity: Definition, parametrization, and compatibility with continuous convexity
* Discrete Surfaces Segmentation into Discrete Planes
* Edge-Detection By Estimation and Minimization of Errors
* Edge-region segmentation process based on generalized Voronoi diagram representation
* Exact Histogram Specification
* Fractal Image Compression Based on Delaunay Triangulation and Vector Quantization
* Geometrically invariant watermarking using feature points
* Harmonic IFS, a coding solution for the VOP constraint
* High Capacity Reversible Watermarking
* Image Package Software: IPS -- Design and Abilities, An
* Image watermarking: an evolution to content based approaches
* Image-Restoration in X-Ray Microscopy: PSF Determination and Biological Applications
* Iterative Segmentation Method Based on a Contextual Color and Shape Criterion, An
* mixed triangular and quadrilateral partition for fractal image coding, A
* Mosaicing of flattened images from straight homogeneous generalized cylinders
* Mosaicing of Paintings on Curved Surfaces
* Multi-Agent Approach to Edge Detection as a Distributed Optimization Problem, A
* New CDMA Technique for Digital Image Watermarking, Enhancing Capacity of Insertion and Robustness, A
* New Curved Surface Localization Method Using a Single Perspective View, A
* Optimal Covering of a Straight Line Applied to Discrete Convexity
* Perceptual quality assessment of 3D dynamic meshes: Subjective and objective studies
* Projection distortion analysis for flattened image mosaicing from straight uniform generalized cylinders
* Reversible vectorisation of 3D digital planar curves and applications
* Robust Fast Extraction of Video Objects Combining Frame Differences and Adaptive Reference Image
* Specification of a wavelet for multiscale analysis of discrete boundary
* two pass labeling algorithm for automatic schistosome egg detection and counting, A
* Typology of Spatial Structures of Images Having the Same Color Set
* Using the fractal code to watermark images
* Very Fast Watermarking by Reversible Contrast Mapping
Includes: Chassery, J.M. Chassery, J.M.[Jean-Marc]
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Chassin, T. Co Author Listing * Are City Features Influencing the Behavior of Photographers? An Analysis of Geo-referenced Photos Shooting Orientation
* Impact of Digital and Non-Digital Urban Participatory Approaches on Public Access Conditions: An Evaluation Framework
Includes: Chassin, T. Chassin, T.[Thibaud]

Chastain, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Forest Health Insect and Disease Survey Data and Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Forest Change Detection Methods: Case Studies in the United States, An
* Mapping Vegetation Communities Using Statistical Data Fusion in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri, USA
Includes: Chastain, R.A.[Robert A.] Chastain Jr., R.A.[Robert A.]

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