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Capua, R.O.[Renatha Oliva] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Detection of Coding Regions in DNA/RNA Sequences Through Event Factoring

Capuano, E.[Ermanno] Co Author Listing * Robust Shape Regression for Supervised Vessel Segmentation and its Application to Coronary Segmentation in CTA

Capuni, I.[Ilir] Co Author Listing * Police-less multi-party traffic violation detection and reporting system with privacy preservation
Includes: Capuni, I.[Ilir] Çapuni, I.[Ilir]

Capurro, C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Vergence Using Log-Polar Images
* Vergence and Tracking Fusing Log-Polar Images

Capus, C. Co Author Listing * Fractional Fourier transform of the Gaussian and fractional domain signal support
* Fusion of Large Scale Classified Side-Scan Sonar Image Mosaics, The

Caputo, A.[Ariel] Co Author Listing * Scene-pathy: Capturing the Visual Selective Attention of People Towards Scene Elements
* VideoCLIP: An Interactive CLIP-based Video Retrieval System at VBS2023
* Videofall: A Hierarchical Search Engine for VBS2022
* VR Interface for Browsing Visual Spaces at VBS2021, A
Includes: Caputo, A.[Ariel] Caputo, A.[Annalina]

Caputo, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Caputo, B.[Barbara]:
* AdaGraph: Unifying Predictive and Continuous Domain Adaptation Through Graphs
* Adaptive-Attentive Geolocalization from Few Queries: A Hybrid Approach
* Adding New Tasks to a Single Network with Weight Transformations Using Binary Masks
* Adversarial Branch Architecture Search for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Are Local Features All You Need for Cross-Domain Visual Place Recognition?
* Augmentation Invariance and Adaptive Sampling in Semantic Segmentation of Agricultural Aerial Images
* AutoDIAL: Automatic Domain Alignment Layers
* Automatic Creation of Large Scale Object Databases from Web Resources: A Case Study in Robot Vision
* Best Sources Forward: Domain Generalization through Source-Specific Nets
* Beyond Dataset Bias: Multi-task Unaligned Shared Knowledge Transfer
* Boosting binary masks for multi-domain learning through affine transformations
* Boosting Domain Adaptation by Discovering Latent Domains
* Bridging Between Computer and Robot Vision Through Data Augmentation: A Case Study on Object Recognition
* Class Specific Object Recognition using Kernel Gibbs Distributions
* Class-Specific Material Categorisation
* Classifying materials in the real world
* Closer Look at Self-training for Zero-Label Semantic Segmentation, A
* Cluster-driven Graph Federated Learning over Multiple Domains
* Contrastive Distillation Approach for Incremental Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images, A
* Cross-Domain Transfer Learning with CoRTe: Consistent and Reliable Transfer from Black-Box to Lightweight Segmentation Model
* Cue integration through discriminative accumulation
* Deep Depth Domain Adaptation: A Case Study
* Deep Visual Geo-localization Benchmark
* Deeper Look at Dataset Bias, A
* Detecting Anomalies in Semantic Segmentation with Prototypes
* Digital Mammography: Gabor Filter for Detection of Microcalcifications
* Discovering Latent Domains for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Through Consistency
* Discriminative cue integration for medical image annotation
* Distance-based Hyperspherical Classification for Multi-source Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Divide&Classify: Fine-Grained Classification for City-Wide Visual Place Recognition
* Domain Generalization by Solving Jigsaw Puzzles
* Domain Generalization through Audio-Visual Relative Norm Alignment in First Person Action Recognition
* Domain Generalization with Domain-Specific Aggregation Modules
* E2(GO)MOTION: Motion Augmented Event Stream for Egocentric Action Recognition
* EigenPlaces: Training Viewpoint Robust Models for Visual Place Recognition
* Entropic Score metric: Decoupling Topology and Size in Training-free NAS
* FreeREA: Training-Free Evolution-based Architecture Search
* From Markov Random Fields to Associative Memories and Back: Spin Glass Markov Random Fields
* From N to N+1: Multiclass Transfer Incremental Learning
* From Source to Target and Back: Symmetric Bi-Directional Adaptive GAN
* Frustratingly Easy NBNN Domain Adaptation
* Hallucinating Agnostic Images to Generalize Across Domains
* ImageCLEF: Experimental Evaluation in Visual Information Retrieval
* Improving Generalization in Federated Learning by Seeking Flat Minima
* In Defense of Exact Matching for Object Recognition
* Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation from Image Labels
* Indoor Place Recognition using Online Independent Support Vector Machines
* Indoor Scene Recognition using Task and Saliency-driven Feature Pooling
* Inferring Latent Domains for Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation
* Integrating Representative and Discriminative Models for Object Category Detection
* Just DIAL: DomaIn Alignment Layers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Large-Scale Database of Images and Captions for Automatic Face Naming, A
* LCMV: Lightweight Classification Module for Video Domain Adaptation
* Learning Across Domains and Devices: Style-Driven Source-Free Domain Adaptation in Clustered Federated Learning
* Learning Categories From Few Examples With Multi Model Knowledge Transfer
* Learning methods for melanoma recognition
* Learning Semantics for Visual Place Recognition Through Multi-scale Attention
* Learning the Roots of Visual Domain Shift
* Learning to Learn, from Transfer Learning to Domain Adaptation: A Unifying Perspective
* Leveraging over prior knowledge for online learning of visual categories
* Local velocity-adapted motion events for spatio-temporal recognition
* Looking beyond appearances: Synthetic training data for deep CNNs in re-identification
* Melanoma Recognition Using Representative and Discriminative Kernel Classifiers
* Modeling Missing Annotations for Incremental Learning in Object Detection
* Modeling the Background for Incremental and Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Modeling the Background for Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
* more you know, the less you learn: from knowledge transfer to one-shot learning of object categories, The
* more you learn, the less you store: Memory-controlled incremental SVM for visual place recognition, The
* Multi-source Adaptive Learning for Fast Control of Prosthetics Hand
* Multiclass transfer learning from unconstrained priors
* MultiDIAL: Domain Alignment Layers for (Multisource) Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* N-ROD: a Neuromorphic Dataset for Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation
* Novel Probabilistic Model for 3-D Object Recognition: Spin-Glass Markov Random Fields, A
* Object categorization via local kernels
* Object Category Detection Using Audio-Visual Cues
* OM-2: An online multi-class Multi-Kernel Learning algorithm
* On the Importance of Domain Adaptation in Texture Classification
* On the Significance of Real-World Conditions for Material Classification
* On-line independent support vector machines
* One-shot Unsupervised Cross-Domain Detection
* Online Framework for Learning Novel Concepts over Multiple Cues, An
* Online-batch strongly convex Multi Kernel Learning
* Overview of the ImageCLEF@ICPR 2010 Robot Vision Track
* Pixel-by-Pixel Cross-Domain Alignment for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Recognition with local features: the kernel recipe
* Recognizing human actions: a local SVM approach
* Relaxing the Forget Constraints in Open World Recognition
* Rethinking Visual Geo-localization for Large-Scale Applications
* Robust appearance-based object recognition using a fully connected Markov random field
* Safety in numbers: Learning categories from few examples with multi model knowledge transfer
* Scalable greedy algorithms for transfer learning
* Scene Recognition with Naive Bayes Non-linear Learning
* Self-Supervised Joint Encoding of Motion and Appearance for First Person Action Recognition
* Self-Supervised Learning Across Domains
* Self-supervision and meta-learning for one-shot unsupervised cross-domain detection
* Semi-automatic Training of an Object Recognition System in Scene Camera Data Using Gaze Tracking and Accelerometers
* Shape Consistent 2D Keypoint Estimation under Domain Shift
* Speeding up Heterogeneous Federated Learning with Sequentially Trained Superclients
* spin glass model of a Markov random field, A
* Structured Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation
* Test-Time Adaptation for Egocentric Action Recognition
* To each according to its need: kernel class specific classifiers
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* Towards Learning Free Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor-Based Domain Adaptation
* Towards Multi-source Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Towards Recognizing Unseen Categories in Unseen Domains
* Transfer Learning Through Greedy Subset Selection
* Transferring activities: Updating human behavior analysis
* Unmasking Anomalies in Road-Scene Segmentation
* Viewpoint Invariant Dense Matching for Visual Geolocalization
* What can a cook in Italy teach a mechanic in India? Action Recognition Generalisation Over Scenarios and Locations
* When Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbors Meet Convolutional Neural Networks
* Window-based Model Averaging Improves Generalization in Heterogeneous Federated Learning
Includes: Caputo, B.[Barbara] Caputo, B.
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Caputo, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * From Integrated Survey to the Parametric Modeling of Degradations. A Feasible Workflow

Caputo, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * 2021 Greece Central Crete ML 5.8 Earthquake: An Example of Coalescent Fault Segments Reconstructed from InSAR and GNSS Data, The
* Contemporaneous Thick- and Thin-Skinned Seismotectonics in the External Zagros: The Case of the 2021 Fin Doublet, Iran

Caputo, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Based on VLC: Outdoor Tests and Performance Analysis
* KeyEncoder: A secure and usable EEG-based cryptographic key generation mechanism

Caputo, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Changes in the Eruptive Style of Stromboli Volcano before the 2019 Paroxysmal Phase Discovered through SOM Clustering of Seismo-Acoustic Features Compared with Camera Images and GBInSAR Data
* Clusterisation and Temporal Trends of Heat Flux by UAS Thermal Camera
* Integration of Ground-Based Remote-Sensing and In Situ Multidisciplinary Monitoring Data to Analyze the Eruptive Activity of Stromboli Volcano in 2017-2018
* Monitoring of Surface Temperature on Parco delle Biancane (Italian Geothermal Area) Using Optical Satellite Data, UAV and Field Campaigns
* Remote Sensing and Mineralogical Analyses: A First Application to the Highly Active Hydrothermal Discharge Area of Pisciarelli in the Campi Flegrei Volcanic Field (Italy)
* Surface Temperature Multiscale Monitoring by Thermal Infrared Satellite and Ground Images at Campi Flegrei Volcanic Area (Italy)

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