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Blake, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Blake, A.[Andrew]: ablake AT microsoft com
* Accurate, Real-Time, Unadorned Lip Tracking
* Active Contours: The Application of Techniques from Graphics, Vision, Control Theory and Statistics to Visual Tracking of Shapes in Motion
* Active Vision
* Affine-Invariant Contour Tracking with Automatic Control of Spatiotemporal Scale
* Articulated Body Motion Capture by Annealed Particle Filtering
* Bayesian color constancy revisited
* Bayesian Object Localisation in Images
* Bi-Layer Segmentation of Binocular Stereo Video
* Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video
* Boundary Conditions for Lightness Computation in Mondrian World
* Branch-and-Mincut: Global Optimization for Image Segmentation with High-Level Priors
* C-Conditional Density Propagation for Visual Tracking
* Classification of Human Body Motion
* Comparison of the Efficiency of Deterministic and Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Reconstruction
* Computational Modelling of Hand-Eye Coordination
* Computationally Efficient Face Detection
* Computer Tracking of Tagged H MR Images for Motion Analysis
* Computing Lightness
* Contour Tracking by Stochastic Propagation of Conditional Density
* Contour-Based Learning for Object Detection
* Cosegmentation of Image Pairs by Histogram Matching: Incorporating a Global Constraint into MRFs
* Dense Stereo Matching over the Panum Band
* Design for a Visual-Motion Transducer, A
* Detecting Specular Reflection Using Lambertian Constraints
* Digital Tapestry
* Dynamic Analysis of Apparent Contours, The
* Efficient Dense Stereo with Occlusions for New View-Synthesis by Four-State Dynamic Programming
* Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Efficiently Combining Contour and Texture Cues for Object Recognition
* Eliciting qualitative structure from image curve deformations
* Epipolar geometry for trinocular active range-sensors
* Error-Tolerant Visual Planning of Planar Grasp
* Exploiting shadows in a visual, hand-driven user interface
* Framework for Spatiotemporal Control in the Tracking of Visual Contours, A
* Fusion Moves for Markov Random Field Optimization
* Gaze manipulation for one-to-one teleconferencing
* Geodesic star convexity for interactive image segmentation
* Geometry from Specularities
* GeoS: Geodesic Image Segmentation
* Grasping the Apparent Contour
* Grasping Visual Symmetry
* Guest Editorial: Computer Vision Research at Microsoft Corporation
* HMM-Based Segmentation Method for Traffic Monitoring Movies, An
* ICONDENSATION: Unifying Low-Level and High-Level Tracking in a Stochastic Framework
* Image Divergence and Deformation from Closed Curves
* Image Segmentation by Branch-and-Mincut
* Integrated tracking with vision and sound
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using an Adaptive GMMRF Model
* Introduction to Active Contours and Visual Dynamics
* Invariant Surface Reconstruction Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* Isoperimetric Normalization of Planar Curves
* JetStream: Probabilistic Contour Extraction with Particles
* Knowledge Source for Describing Stereoscopically Viewed Textured Surfaces
* Learning and Classification of Complex Dynamics
* Learning Dynamics of Complex Motions from Image Sequences
* Learning priors for calibrating families of stereo cameras
* Learning to Track the Visual-Motion of Contours
* Least Disturbance Principle amd Weak Constraints, The
* Localizing Discontinuities Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* LogCut: Efficient Graph Cut Optimization for Markov Random Fields
* Mixed-State Condensation Tracker with Automatic Model-Switching, A
* Motion Deblurring and Super-Resolution from an Image Sequence
* Multiscale Categorical Object Recognition Using Contour Fragments
* Novel Approach to Motion Segmentation, A
* Object Localization by Bayesian Correlation
* On compositional Image Alignment, with an application to Active Appearance Models
* Panum Proxy Algorithm for Dense Stereo Matching over a Volume of Interest, The
* Parallel Implementation of Lagrangian Dynamics for Real-time Snakes
* Planar Region Detection and Motion Recovery
* Poisson Image Editing
* Poisson image editing
* Practical Method for Estimation of Point Light-Sources, A
* Probabilistic Background Model for Tracking, A
* Probabilistic Contour Discriminant for Object Localisation, A
* Probabilistic Exclusion Principle for Tracking Multiple Objects, A
* Probabilistic exemplar-based pattern tracking
* Probabilistic Fusion of Stereo with Color and Contrast for Bi-Layer Segmentation
* Probabilistic Tracking in a Metric Space
* Probabilistic Tracking with Exemplars in a Metric Space
* Quantitative Planar Region Detection
* Rapid Summarisation and Browsing of Video Sequences
* Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
* Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications
* Real-time tracking of surfaces with structured light
* Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
* Real-Time Visual Tracking for Surveillance and Path Planning
* Reconstructing a Visible Surface
* Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
* Relaxation Labeling: The Principle of Least Disturbance
* Robust Contour Tracking in Echocardiographic Sequences
* Robust ego-motion estimation
* Robust Estimation of Egomotion from Normal Flow
* Robust Estimation of Surface Curvature from Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Robust Real Time Tracking and Classification of Facial Expressions
* Separability of Pose and Expression in Facial Tracing and Animation
* Sequential Monte Carlo Fusion of Sound and Vision for Speaker Tracking
* Shape from Texture: Estimation, Isotropy and Moments
* Shape from Texture: The Homogeneity Hypothesis
* Smoothing Filter for CONDENSATION, A
* Sparse and Semi-supervised Visual Mapping with the S^3GP
* Sparse Bayesian Learning for Efficient Visual Tracking
* Sparse Finite Element Level-Sets for Anisotropic Boundary Detection in 3D Images
* Sparse Finite Elements for Geodesic Contours with Level-Sets
* sparse probabilistic learning algorithm for real-time tracking, A
* Spatial dependence in the observation of visual contours
* Specular Stereo
* SPS algorithm: patching figural continuity and transparency by split-patch search, The
* Statistical Background Modelling for Tracking with a Virtual Camera
* Statistical Feature Modelling for Active Contours
* Statistical Foreground Modelling for Object Localisation
* Statistical Learning of Multi-view Face Detection
* Statistical Models of Visual Shape and Motion
* Statistical Mosaics for Tracking
* Stereo vision and segmentation
* Surface Descriptions from Stereo and Shading
* Surface Orientation and Time to Contact from Image Divergence and Deformation
* Surface Shape from the Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Towards a Complete Dense Geometric and Photometric Reconstruction under Varying Pose and Illumination
* Towards Improved Observation Models for Visual Tracking: Selective Adaptation
* Towards qualitative vision: motion parallax
* Towards the automatic analysis of complex human body motions
* Tracking through Singularities and Discontinuities by Random Sampling
* Trinocular Active Range-Sensing
* Using Expectation-Maximisation to Learn a Dynamical Model for a Tracker from Measurement Sequences
* Using Expectation-Maximisation to Learn Dynamical Models from Visual Data
* Virtual image artifact detection
* Virtual image generation
* Visual Reconstruction
Includes: Blake, A.[Andrew] Blake, A.
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Blake, B. Co Author Listing * What Is The Future Of Metric Heritage Documentation And Its Skills?

Blake, E.[Edwin] Co Author Listing * Using Visualizations to Support Design and Debugging in Virtual Reality

Blake, E.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive spline-wavelet image encoding and real-time synthesis

Blake, I.F. Co Author Listing * On the Performance of Fractal Compression with Clustering

Blake, M.[Madison] Co Author Listing * User-Independent and Sensor-Tolerant Wearable Activity Classifier, A

Blake, M.B. Co Author Listing * IGSTK: an open source software toolkit for image-guided surgery

Blake, P.L. Co Author Listing * Quantitative fusion of performance results from actual and simulated image data

Blake, R. Co Author Listing * Anisotropies in Visual Motion Perception: A Fresh Look
* Diurnal Cycle of Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures over Land at a Global Scale
Includes: Blake, R. Blake, R.[Reginald]

Blake, R.A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Langley and NASA-GISS Calibration Techniques for MFRSR Aerosol Retrieval

Blake, R.E.[Richard E.] Co Author Listing * Convergent matching for model-based computer vision
* Experiments in dynamic programming inference of Markov networks with strings representing speech data
* Partitioning Graph Matching with Constraints
* Software support for the construction of syntactic pattern recognisers by a research engineer
Includes: Blake, R.E.[Richard E.] Blake, R.E.

Blake, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * 6DOF calibration of a camera with respect to the wrist of a 5-axis machine tool
* New Microslice Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging
* Spaceborne EO and a Combination of Inverse and Forward Modelling for Monitoring Lava Flow Advance
Includes: Blake, S.[Stephen] Blake, S.

Blake, S.L. Co Author Listing * Efficient techniques for two-layer coding of video sequences

Blakea, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Information Available to a Moving Observer from Specularities, The

Blakeley, N.D. Co Author Listing * Image Recovery from Irregularly Located Spectral Samples
* Recovery of limited-extent images aliased because of spectral undersampling
Includes: Blakeley, N.D. Blakeley, N.D.[Nicholas D.]

Blakeley, S.L.[S. Lucille] Co Author Listing * Farmer Perception, Recollection, and Remote Sensing in Weather Index Insurance: An Ethiopia Case Study
* Identifying Precipitation and Reference Evapotranspiration Trends in West Africa to Support Drought Insurance

Blakely, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Interface for Virtual Information Environments, A

Blakely, V.R.[Victoria R.] Co Author Listing * Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions

Blakemore, A. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphic Modeling of American Sign Language

Blakeney, C. Co Author Listing * Is Pruning Compression?: Investigating Pruning Via Network Layer Similarity

Blakeslee, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * Random Forest Method to Forecast Downbursts Based on Dual-Polarization Radar Signatures, A

Blakey, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Exploring rooftop photovoltaic cell feasibility through web-GIS

Blakey, T.[Tara] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification of Benthic Reflectance in Shallow Subtropical Waters Using a Generalized Pixel-Based Classifier across a Time Series

Blakley, D.R.[Daniel R.] Co Author Listing * Using the vectorcardiogram to remove ECG noise

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