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Bhasha, A.V.[A. Valli] Co Author Listing * Automated Image Super Resolution with the Aid of Activation Function Optimized Deep CNN and Adaptive Wavelet Lifting Approach

Bhashyam, S.[Srikrishna] Co Author Listing * Sequential Nonparametric Detection of Anomalous Data Streams

Bhasin, D.[Drishti] Co Author Listing * Suspect Identification Framework using Contrastive Relevance Feedback, A

Bhasin, R. Co Author Listing * Deflating Dataset Bias Using Synthetic Data Augmentation
* SIMBAR: Single Image-Based Scene Relighting For Effective Data Augmentation For Automated Driving Vision Tasks
Includes: Bhasin, R. Bhasin, R.[Rohan]

Bhasin, S.[Sundeep] Co Author Listing * Depth from Defocus in Presence of Partial Self Occlusion

Bhaskar Nidumolu, U.[Uday] Co Author Listing * Detection and attribution of cereal yield losses using Sentinel-2 and weather data: A case study in South Australia
Includes: Bhaskar Nidumolu, U.[Uday] Bhaskar-Nidumolu, U.[Uday]

Bhaskar, A. Co Author Listing * Bluetooth Data in an Urban Context: Retrieving Vehicle Trajectories
* Bluetooth Vehicle Trajectory by Fusing Bluetooth and Loops: Motorway Travel Time Statistics
* Exploring credentials of Wi-Fi sensors as a complementary transport data: an Indian experience
* Framework for the Comparative Analysis of Multi-Modal Travel Demand: Case Study on Brisbane Network, A
* Novel Methodology to Assimilate Sub-Path Flows in Bi-Level OD Matrix Estimation Process, A
* Optimal Vehicle Trajectory Planning With Control Constraints and Recursive Implementation for Automated On-Ramp Merging
* Passenger Segmentation Using Smart Card Data
* STATER: Slit-Based Trajectory Reconstruction for Dense Urban Network With Overlapping Bluetooth Scanning Zones
Includes: Bhaskar, A. Bhaskar, A.[Ashish]
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Bhaskar, D.[Debasish] Co Author Listing * Target detection of ISAR data by principal component transform on co-occurrence matrix

Bhaskar, H. Co Author Listing * Balancing Incident and Ambient Light for Illumination Compensation in Video Applications
* Combined Data Association and Evolving Particle Filter for Tracking of Multiple Articulated Objects
* Combining Local and Global Shape Models for Deformable Object Matching
* Graph Regularized and Locality-Constrained Coding for Robust Visual Tracking
* Illumination Invariant Robust Likelihood Estimator for Particle Filtering Based Target Tracking
* Live cell imaging: a computational perspective
* micro-UAV Based Dynamic Target Tracking for Surveillance and Exploration
* Online Learning of Multi-Feature Weights for Robust Object Tracking
* Optimized Selective Encryption for Video Confidentiality, An
* Posed Facial Expression Detection Using Reflection Symmetry and Structural Similarity
* Robust Likelihood Model for Illumination Invariance in Particle Filtering
* Robust Visual Tracking via Online Discriminative and Low-Rank Dictionary Learning
* Video Foreground Detection Based on Symmetric Alpha-Stable Mixture Models
* Visual tracking via structural patch-based dictionary pair learning
Includes: Bhaskar, H. Bhaskar, H.[Harish]
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Bhaskar, P.[Pinaki] Co Author Listing * POP-VQA: Privacy preserving, On-device, Personalized Visual Question Answering

Bhaskar, R.[Ranjit] Co Author Listing * adaptive and progressive approach for efficient Gradient-based multiresolution color image segmentation, An
* Automatic Image Segmentation by Dynamic Region Growth and Multiresolution Merging
Includes: Bhaskar, R.[Ranjit] Bhaskar, R.

Bhaskar, S.K. Co Author Listing * Computation of Geometric Properties from the Medial Axis Transform in O(n log n) Time
* Models for Neighbor Dependency in Planar Point Patterns
* Parallel Computation of Geometric Properties from the Medial Axis Transform
* Parallel Processing of Region Boundaries
* Parallel Processing of Regions Represented by Linear Quadtrees

Bhaskar, V.[Vidhyacharan] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy enhanced image fusion using pixel intensity control

Bhaskara, A. Co Author Listing * Agent Transparency: A Review of Current Theory and Evidence

Bhaskara, D. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Fine-Grained Action Segmentation and Recognition Using Conditional Random Field Models and Discriminative Sparse Coding

Bhaskara, V.S.[Vineeth S.] Co Author Listing * GraN-GAN: Piecewise Gradient Normalization for Generative Adversarial Networks

Bhaskaran, N.[Nisha] Co Author Listing * Lie to Me: Deceit detection via online behavioral learning

Bhaskaran, P.[Parvathy] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for recognition of graphic symbols

Bhaskaran, P.K.[Prasad K.] Co Author Listing * Predicting the Forest Canopy Height from LiDAR and Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning over India

Bhaskaran, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Two-Dimensional Tree Encoding of Images Using Spatial Masking
* Algorithmic and architectural enhancements for real-time MPEG-1 decoding on a general purpose RISC workstation
* DCT Convolution and its Application in Compressed Domain
* DCT domain alpha blending
* Image Sharpening in the JPEG Domain
* LCDet: Low-Complexity Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection in Embedded Systems
* Low-Complexity Block-Based Motion Estimation via One-Bit Transforms
* Multiplier-free implementation of DCT used in image and video processing and compression
* Text and Image Sharpening of Scanned Images in the JPEG Domain
Includes: Bhaskaran, V. Bhaskaran, V.[Vasudev]
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Bhaskaranand, M.[Malavika] Co Author Listing * Motion-based object segmentation using frame alignment and consensus filtering

Bhaskarpandit, S.[Sathvik] Co Author Listing * Similarity Learning based Few Shot Learning for ECG Time Series Classification

Bhaskaruni, D.[Dheeraj] Co Author Listing * Estimating Prediction Qualities without Ground Truth: A Revisit of the Reverse Testing Framework

Bhasker, E.S.[Ezekiel S.] Co Author Listing * Geometric Modeling and Calibration of Planar Multi-Projector Displays Using Rational Bezier Patches

Bhaskhar, N.[Nandita] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised Learning for Sparsely-Labeled Sequential Data: Application to Healthcare Video Processing

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