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Aouache, M.[Mustapha] Co Author Listing * Low-Light Face Image Enhancement Based on Dynamic Face Part Selection

Aouad, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * Binary Morphological Neural Network
* Incrementally Semi-Supervised Classification of Arthritis Inflammation on a Clinical Dataset

Aouada, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Sparse Deformation Signature for Dynamic Face Recognition
* 3DBodyTex: Textured 3D Body Dataset
* Bilateral filter evaluation based on exponential kernels
* BODYFITR: Robust Automatic 3D Human Body Fitting
* CubeSat-CDT: A Cross-Domain Dataset for 6-DoF Trajectory Estimation of a Symmetric Spacecraft
* DeepVI: A Novel Framework for Learning Deep View-Invariant Human Action Representations using a Single RGB Camera
* Deformation Based Curved Shape Representation
* Deformation transfer of 3D human shapes and poses on manifolds
* DELO: Deep Evidential LiDAR Odometry using Partial Optimal Transport
* Depth Enhancement by Fusion for Passive and Active Sensing
* Depth Super-Resolution by Enhanced Shift and Add
* Discriminator-free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Multi-label Image Classification
* Dynamic super resolution of depth sequences with non-rigid motions
* Enhanced trajectory-based action recognition using human pose
* Enhancement of dynamic depth scenes by upsampling for precise super-resolution (UP-SR)
* Facial Expression Recognition via Joint Deep Learning of RGB-Depth Map Latent Representations
* Fast Adaptive Reparametrization (FAR) With Application to Human Action Recognition
* Geometric modeling of rigid and non-rigid 3D shapes using the global geodesic function
* Going Deeper With Neural Networks Without Skip Connections
* Hardware Aware Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search using Representation Similarity Metric
* Highway Network Block with Gates Constraints for Training Very Deep Networks
* Leveraging Equivariant Features for Absolute Pose Regression
* Leveraging Temporal Information for 3D Trajectory Estimation of Space Objects
* LSPnet: A 2D Localization-oriented Spacecraft Pose Estimation Neural Network
* Mahalanobis-based Adaptive Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
* Meaningful 3D shape partitioning using Morse functions
* Multi Label Image Classification using Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks (ML-AGCN)
* new multi-lateral filter for real-time depth enhancement, A
* Pose Encoding for Robust Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Pvdeconv: Point-Voxel Deconvolution for Autoencoding CAD Construction in 3D
* Real-time depth enhancement by fusion for RGB-D cameras
* Real-Time Enhancement of Dynamic Depth Videos with Non-Rigid Deformations
* Real-time hybrid ToF multi-camera rig fusion system for depth map enhancement
* Real-time non-rigid multi-frame depth video super-resolution
* revisit to human action recognition from depth sequences: Guided SVM-sampling for joint selection, A
* Revisiting the Training of Very Deep Neural Networks without Skip Connections
* RGB-D Multi-view System Calibration for Full 3D Scene Reconstruction
* Self-Supervised Learning for Place Representation Generalization across Appearance Changes
* SepicNet: Sharp Edges Recovery by Parametric Inference of Curves in 3D Shapes
* SHARP Challenge 2023: Solving CAD History and pArameters Recovery from Point clouds and 3D scans. Overview, Datasets, Metrics, and Baselines
* Similarity Metric for Curved Shapes in Euclidean Space
* Space-time Triplet Loss Network for Dynamic 3d Face Verification
* Spatio-temporal ToF data enhancement by fusion
* SPN2: Single-sided privacy preserving nearest neighbor and its application to face recognition
* Squigraphs for Fine and Compact Modeling of 3-D Shapes
* Structured Compression of Deep Neural Networks with Debiased Elastic Group LASSO
* Surface UP-SR for an improved face recognition using low resolution depth cameras
* Template-based statistical shape modelling on deformation space
* Towards Generalization of 3d Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Tscom-net: Coarse-to-fine 3d Textured Shape Completion Network
* Two-Stage RGB-Based Action Detection Using Augmented 3D Poses
* Unified multi-lateral filter for real-time depth map enhancement
* Unsupervised Vanishing Point Detection and Camera Calibration from a Single Manhattan Image with Radial Distortion
* Vertex Feature Encoding and Hierarchical Temporal Modeling in a Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Action Recognition
* View-Independent Enhanced 3D Reconstruction of Non-rigidly Deforming Objects
* Visual and Human-Interpretable Feedback for Assisting Physical Activity
Includes: Aouada, D. Aouada, D.[Djamila]
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Aouade, G.[Ghizlane] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Backscattering Models and Support Vector Machine for the Retrieval of Bare Soil Moisture from Sentinel-1 Data

Aouadi, N.[Nabil] Co Author Listing * recognition based approach for segmenting touching components in Arabic manuscripts, A

Aouadi, S.[Souha] Co Author Listing * Accurate and precise 2D-3D registration based on X-ray intensity
* Accurate Mutual Information-based Registration of Digitized, An

Aouaidjia, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Body Motion Quantification and Similarity Evaluation Using 3-D Joints Skeleton Coordinates

Aouat, S.[Saliha] Co Author Listing * Efficient approach for iris recognition
* Matching Descriptors Of Noisy Outline Shapes
* Matching Noisy Outline Contours Using a Descriptor Reduction Approach
* Shape matching using coarse descriptors

Aouayeb, M.[Mouath] Co Author Listing * Micro-expression recognition from local facial regions

Aouayeb, S.[Souhaieb] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Video Surveillance for Animal Behavior Monitoring

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