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Alfa, A.S. Co Author Listing * Video-on-Demand Network Design and Maintenance Using Fuzzy Optimization

Alface, P.R.[Patrice Rondao] Co Author Listing * Blind and Robust Watermarking of 3D Models: How to Withstand the Cropping Attack?
* Blind watermarking of 3D Meshes Using Robust Feature Points Detection
* Impact of Random and Burst Packet Losses on H.264 Scalable Video Coding
* MPEG Immersive Video Standard: Current Status and Future Outlook, The
Includes: Alface, P.R.[Patrice Rondao] Alface, P.R.

Alfadly, M. Co Author Listing * Analytic Expressions for Probabilistic Moments of PL-DNN with Gaussian Input

Alfalou, A.[Ayman] Co Author Listing * Automatic darkest filament detection (ADFD): a new algorithm for crack extraction on two-dimensional pavement images
* Efficient approximate core transform and its reconfigurable architectures for HEVC
* face-tracking system to detect falls in the elderly, A
* Optimized minimal path selection (OMPS) method for automatic and unsupervised crack segmentation within two-dimensional pavement images
* Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform coefficients prediction technique for intra-frame video encoding
Includes: Alfalou, A.[Ayman] Alfalou, A.

Alfama, V.[Vera] Co Author Listing * Satellite and Ground Remote Sensing Techniques to Trace the Hidden Growth of a Lava Flow Field: The 2014-2015 Effusive Eruption at Fogo Volcano (Cape Verde)

Alfani, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Online Deep Clustering with Video Track Consistency

Alfano, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * MRI denoising by nonlocal means on multi-GPU

Alfano, G. Co Author Listing * Forcing Scale Invariance in Multipolarization SAR Change Detection

Alfano, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * To Honor our Heroes: Analysis of the Obituaries of Australians Killed in Action in WWI and WWII

Alfano, P.D.[Paolo Didier] Co Author Listing * Efficient Unsupervised Learning for Plankton Images

Alfano, R.R. Co Author Listing * Image-Quality Enhancement of Objects in Turbid Media by Use of a Combined Computational-Photonics Approach
* Optical Polarization Imaging

Alfaqheri, T.[Taha] Co Author Listing * Investigating 3D holoscopic visual content upsampling using super-resolution for cultural heritage digitization

Alfarano, N. Co Author Listing * Reach Project Contribution to Protecting, Preserving and Valuing Tangible and Intangible Heritage Through Participation, The

ALfarasani, D.A.[Dalia A.] Co Author Listing * Learning to Predict 3D Mesh Saliency

Alfarhan, M. Co Author Listing * Multiple Events Detection In Seismic Structures Using A Novel U-Net Variant

Alfarizi, I.A.G.[Imam Abdul Gani] Co Author Listing * Application of Improved MODIS-Based Potential Evapotranspiration Estimates in a Humid Tropic Brantas Watershed: Implications for Agricultural Water Management, An

Alfaro Almagro, F.[Fidel] Co Author Listing * ICAM-Reg: Interpretable Classification and Regression With Feature Attribution for Mapping Neurological Phenotypes in Individual Scans
Includes: Alfaro Almagro, F.[Fidel] Alfaro-Almagro, F.[Fidel]

Alfaro Cid, E. Co Author Listing * Genetic Programming for the Automatic Design of Controllers for a Surface Ship
Includes: Alfaro Cid, E. Alfaro-Cid, E.

Alfaro Contreras, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Approaching End-to-End Optical Music Recognition for Homophonic Scores
* Decoupling music notation to improve end-to-end Optical Music Recognition
* Evaluating Domain Generalization in Kitchen Utensils Classification
* Few-shot symbol classification via self-supervised learning and nearest neighbor
* Lifelong Learning for Document Image Binarization: An Experimental Study
Includes: Alfaro Contreras, M.[Maria] Alfaro-Contreras, M.[María]

Alfaro, A.[Anali] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition in Video Using Sparse Coding and Relative Features
* Human Action Recognition from Inter-temporal Dictionaries of Key-Sequences
Includes: Alfaro, A.[Anali] Alfaro, A.[Analí]

Alfaro, C. Co Author Listing * Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy-Move Forgery Detection

Alfaro, I.[Iciar] Co Author Listing * MORPH-DSLAM: Model Order Reduction for Physics-Based Deformable SLAM
* Real-time simulation techniques for augmented learning in science and engineering
Includes: Alfaro, I.[Iciar] Alfaro, I.

Alfaro, J.C.[Juan C.] Co Author Listing * Pairwise learning for the partial label ranking problem

Alfaro, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Diversity ranking for video retrieval from a broadcaster archive
* Multiresolution Hierarchy Co-Clustering for Semantic Segmentation in Sequences with Small Variations
Includes: Alfaro, M.[Monica] Alfaro, M.

Alfaro, S.C.[Stephane C.] Co Author Listing * Validation of the Surface Downwelling Solar Irradiance Estimates of the HelioClim-3 Database in Egypt

Alfarra, M.[Motasem] Co Author Listing * 3DeformRS: Certifying Spatial Deformations on Point Clouds
* Enhancing Adversarial Robustness via Test-Time Transformation Ensembling
* Gabor Layers Enhance Network Robustness
* On the Decision Boundaries of Neural Networks: A Tropical Geometry Perspective
* On the Robustness of Quality Measures for GANs

Alfarraj, M.[Motaz] Co Author Listing * Efficient Self-Calibrated Convolution for Real-Time Image Super-Resolution
* Subsurface Structure Analysis Using Computational Interpretation and Learning: A Visual Signal Processing Perspective
Includes: Alfarraj, M.[Motaz] Alfarraj, M.

Alfarrarjeh, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * 3d Spatial Coverage Measurement of Aerial Images
* Interactive Video Search Tool: A Case Study Using the V3C1 Dataset, An
* Recognizing Material of a Covered Object: A Case Study With Graffiti
* Web-based Visualization Tool for 3d Spatial Coverage Measurement of Aerial Images, A
Includes: Alfarrarjeh, A.[Abdullah] Alfarrarjeh, A.

Alfasly, S.[Saghir] Co Author Listing * Learnable Irrelevant Modality Dropout for Multimodal Action Recognition on Modality-Specific Annotated Videos

Alfasly, S.A.S. Co Author Listing * Variational Representation Learning for Vehicle Re-Identificati

Alfassy, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Detector-Free Weakly Supervised Grounding by Separation
* LaSO: Label-Set Operations Networks for Multi-Label Few-Shot Learning
* Unsupervised Domain Generalization by Learning a Bridge Across Domains

Alfayate, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Predicting Very Early Stage Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on a Voxel-wise Arterial Spin Labeling Analysis

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