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9103 * 3-D Object Recognition Using Bipartite Matching Embedded in Discrete Relaxation
* Apparatus and method for skew control of document images
* Automatic adaptive anisotropic digital filtering and biasing of digitized images
* Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Manipulation Using Multisensor Feedback
* Computing Oriented Texture Fields
* Constraint Relaxation May Be Perfect
* Determining Linear Shape Change: Towards Automatic Generation of Object Recognition Programs
* Differential Manipulation
* Efficiently Computable Metric for Comparing Polygonal Shapes, An
* Eye Monitor: Microcomputer-Based Instrument Uses an Internal Model to Track the Eye
* Fast B-Spline Transforms for Continuous Image Representation and Interpolation
* Fast Shape from Shading
* Image binarization apparatus
* Image processing device
* Image processing system
* Image processor with improved discrimination between character image and tonal image
* Interlocked zooming apparatus for use in stereoscopic cameras
* Matching General Polygonal Arcs
* Method for Ray Tracing a Wide Class of Generalized Cylinders with Straight Line Trajectories, A
* Monitoring system using infrared image processing
* Multidimensional range mapping with pattern projection and cross correlation
* On Active Contour Models and Balloons
* On the Computation of a Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* On the justification of Dempster's rule of combination
* Out-of-Roundness Problem Revisited
* Phase-Based Disparity Measurement
* Reconstructing a 3-D Depth Map from One or More Images
* Recursive Regularization Filters: Design, Properties, and Applications
* Segmentation and Surface-Based Modeling of Objects in Three-Dimensional Biomedical Images
* Small Sample Error Rate Estimation for K-NN Classifiers
* Small Sample Size Effects in Statistical Pattern Recognition: Recommendations for Practitioners
* Synthesis of Statistical Knowledge from Time-Dependent Data
* Theory of Optical Flow, A
* Three dimensional motion compensated video coding
* Transform coding using coefficient prediction techniques
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