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8808 * Active Perception
* Algorithm to Expand Regions Represented by Linear Quadtrees
* Analysis of Bilevel Quantizers Used in Binary Image Correlators
* Automatic Generation of Object Recognition Programs
* Bright-Spot Detection in Pyramids
* Comments on Mohr and Henderson's Path Consistency Algorithm
* Comparison of Two Dilation Algorithms for a Linear Quadtree
* Consistency Maintenance in the Revgraph Environment
* Constraints on Deformable Models: Recovering 3D Shape and Nonrigid Motion
* Digital Geometry May Not Be Discrete
* Dual Plane Variation of the Hough Transform for Detecting Non-concentric Circles of Different Radii, A
* Extracting Depth by Binocular Stereo in a Robot Vision System
* Geometric Modeling and Computer Vision
* Ill-Posed Problems in Early Vision
* Image processing method including image segmentation
* Image transmission system with line averaging preview mode using two-pass block-edge interpolation
* Image Understanding Environments
* Implementation and Performance of a Complex Vision System on a Systolic Array Machine
* Investigation of Multigrid Algorithms for the Estimation of Optical Flow Fields in Image Sequences
* Level Crossing Curvature and the Laplacian
* Mapping Vision Algorithms to Parallel Architectures
* Methods of compressing and reproducing color image data
* Multiprocessor Computing for Images
* New Algorithm for Extracting the Interior of Bounded Regions Based on Chain Coding, A
* On statistical identification of a class of linear space-invariant image blurs using non-minimum phase ARMA models
* Parallel Architectures for Vision
* Parallel Computation of Image Curve Velocity Fields
* Performance of the Hough Transform and Its Relationship to Statistical Signal Detection Theory
* Progressive Refinement Approach to Fast Radiosity Image Generation, A
* Smart Sensing with a Pyramid Vision Machine
* Some Computational Aspects of Low-Level Computer Vision
* Structural Analysis of Visual Form on Packaging Graphics and Its Use in an Automated Design System, A
* Texture Isolation by Adaptive Digital Filtering
* VIPS: A Digital Image Processing Algorithm Development Environment
* VLSI Architecture for Computing Scale Space, A
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