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8401 * Automatic Inspection of the Surface Defects of Cast Metals
* Automatic Multithreshold Selection
* Classification by Discrete Optimization
* Curvature and Tangential Deflection of Discrete Arcs: A Theory Based on the Commutator of Scatter Matrix Pairs and Its Application to Vertex Detection in Planar Shape Data
* Diffuse Edge Fitting and Following: A Location-Adaptive Approach
* Digital Step Edges from Zero-Crossings of Second Directional Derivatives
* Edge Extraction Technique for Noisy Images, An
* Experiments in Segmentation Using a Facet Model Region Grower
* Extremes in the Complexity of Computing Metric Distance Between Partitions
* Fast Correlation Method for Scale- and Translation-Invariant Pattern Recognition, A
* Fingerprint sensing device for deriving an electric signal
* Fingerprint sensor
* Game Theoretical Pattern Recognition: Applications to Imprefect Noncooperative Learning and to Multiclass Classification
* K-Means-Type Algorithms: A Generalized Convergence Theorem and Characterization of Local Optimality
* Metal Surface Inspection Using Image Processing Techniques
* Metric Bases in Digital Geometry
* Nonparametric Data Reduction
* Optimal Fourier Coding of Image Boundaries
* Parallel Computer Architectures for Image Processing
* Piecewise Linear Approximation Based on a Statistical Model, A
* Shape from Regular Patterns
* Similarity Measure Between Patterns with Nonindependent Attributes, A
* Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (SART): A Superior Implementation of the Art Algorithm
* Syntactic Approach for Handwritten Mathematical Formula Recognition, A
* Testing for Uniformity in Multidimensional Data
* Uniqueness and Estimation of Three-Dimensional Motion Parameters of Rigid Objects with Curved Surfaces
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