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* Action recognition based on human movement characteristics
* Activity recognition by integrating the physics of motion with a Neuromorphic model of perception
* Automatic tracking of swimming microorganisms in 4D digital in-line holography data
* color neuromorphic approach for motion estimation, A
* Fast superpixels for video analysis
* Functional scene element recognition for video scene analysis
* GPU-accelerated hierarchical dense correspondence for real-time aerial video processing
* Graphical framework for action recognition using temporally dense STIPs
* Improvements in Video-based Automated System for Iris Recognition (VASIR)
* Learning attention based saliency in videos from human eye movements
* Monocular Human Pose Tracking Using Multi Frame Part Dynamics
* Motion segmentation using the Hadamard product and spectral clustering
* Non-linear parametric Bayesian regression for robust background subtraction
* Query-based retrieval of complex activities using strings of motion-words
* Recognizing human action from a far field of view
* Simultaneous in-plane motion estimation and point matching using geometric cues only
* Simultaneous in-plane motion estimation and point matching using geometric cues only
* Tracking-reconstruction or reconstruction-tracking? Comparison of two multiple hypothesis tracking approaches to interpret 3D object motion from several camera views
* View independent recognition of human-vehicle interactions using 3-D models
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* Closed-form solutions to multiple-view homography estimation
* Co-training framework of generative and discriminative trackers with partial occlusion handling
* Experts-Shift: Learning active spatial classification experts for keyframe-based video segmentation
* Fast and scalable keypoint recognition and image retrieval using binary codes
* Line based motion estimation and reconstruction of piece-wise planar scenes
* One video is sufficient? Human activity recognition using active video composition
* Personal driving diary: Constructing a video archive of everyday driving events
* Real-time illumination-invariant motion detection in spatio-temporal image volumes
* Robust modified L2 local optical flow estimation and feature tracking
* Simultaneous motion segmentation and Structure from Motion
* SLAM combining ToF and high-resolution cameras
* Temporally consistent multi-class video-object segmentation with the Video Graph-Shifts algorithm
* Tracking planes with Time of Flight cameras and J-linkage
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