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VLSIVideo( Vol No. ) * *Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems for Signal Image and Video Technology

VLSIVideo(12) * Cordic Based Parallel/Pipelined Architecture for the Hough Transform

VLSIVideo(14) * Architectures for Wavelet Transforms: A Survey

VLSIVideo(15) * Efficient VLSI Architecture for Full-Search Block Matching Algorithms, An

VLSIVideo(17) * Cost Effective VLSI Architectures for Full Search Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm
* Hybrid Object Oriented Very Low Bit Rate Video Codec, A
* Joint Scene and Signal Modeling for Wavelet Based Video Coding with Cellular Neural Network Architecture
* Jointly Optimal Region Classified Adaptive Vector Quantization for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Linear Systolic Array for Real Time Morphological Image Processing, A
* Motion Estimation for Video Coding Standards
* MPEG2 Video Encoding in Consumer Electronics
* Performance of the H.263 Video Compression Standard
* Principal Component Clustering Approach to Object Oriented Motion Segmentation and Estimation, A
* Quadtree Optimization for Image and Video Coding
* Special Issue on Recent Development in Video: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications: Introduction
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VLSIVideo(18) * 3-D Heart Modeling and Motion Estimation Based on Continuous Distance Transform Neural Networks and Affine Transform
* Adaptive Neural Network for Nuclear Medicine Image Restoration
* Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Medical Image Pattern-Recognition: Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms and Lung-Cancer on Chest Radiographs
* Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms Using Surrounding Region Dependence Method and Artificial Neural Network
* Image Compression Using KLT, Wavelets and an Adaptive Mixture of Principal Components Model
* Nonparametric Regression Modeling with Equiprobable Topographic Maps and Projection Pursuit Learning with Application to PET Image-Processing
* Quantitative-Analysis of MR Brain Image Sequences by Adaptive Self-Organizing Finite Mixtures
* Shift-Invariant Neural Network for the Lung Field Segmentation in Chest Radiography, A
* Special Issue on Applications of Neural Networks in Biomedical Image Processing: Guest Editors Introduction
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VLSIVideo(19) * Flexible 200 GOPs HDTV Motion Estimation Chip, A
* Parallel ASIC Architecture for Efficient Fractal Image-Coding, A

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