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SP(7) * Influence of Motion on the Masking of Quantization Errors in Three-Dimensional DPCM Coding, The

SP(70) * Color Image Fidelity Metrics Evaluated Using Image Distortion Maps
* Combining An Adapted Wavelet Analysis with 4th-Order Statistics for Transient Detection
* Correction of Motion Artifacts in MRI Caused by Rotations at Constant Angular Velocity
* Fast Algorithms for DFT of Composite Sequence Lengths
* Grey-Scale, the Crispening Effect, and Perceptual Linearization
* Image Dissimilarity
* Image Metamorphosis Transformation of Facial Images Based on Elastic Body Splines
* Objective Measurement Tool for MPEG Video Quality, An
* Perceptual Quality Metrics Applied To Still Image Compression
* Quality Measurement and Use of Preprocessing in Image Compression
* Special Issue on Image and Video Quality Metrics
* Survey of Hybrid MC/DPCM/DCT Video Coding Distortions, A
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SP(71) * 2D vector-cycle deformable templates
* Deformable template models: A review
* Generalized gradient vector flow external forces for active contours
* Globally constrained deformable models for 3D object reconstruction
* Learning probabilistic deformation models from image sequences
* Signature identification through the use of deformable structures
* Unsupervised cell nucleus segmentation with active contours
* Using active contours and mathematical morphology tools for quantification of immunohistochemical images
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SP(73) * fast matching criterion for VLSI implementation of block-based motion estimation, A
* Pattern recognition by means of the Radon transform and the continuous wavelet transform
* Weighted boundary matching algorithm for error concealment in the MPEG-2 video bit stream

SP(74) * complexity of vision, The

SP(75) * fast vector quantization encoding algorithm using multiple projection axes, A
* Low level image partitioning guided by the gradient watershed hierarchy

SP(76) * MRF model-based identification of shift-variant point spread function for a class of imaging systems
* Reliable block motion estimation through the confidence measure of error surface
* Spatiotemporal MRF approach to video segmentation: Application to motion detection and lip segmentation

SP(77) * Accurate and simple geometric calibration of multi-camera systems
* Discrete Gabor transforms with complexity O(NlogN)
* Lipreading using signal analysis over time
* Multi-polyhedron reconstruction in a three-view system using relaxation
* nonlinear transform for subband image coding, A
* Robust shape classification

SP(78) * Color quantization by preserving color distribution features
* fast method for estimation of object rotation function in MRI using a similarity criterion among k-space overlap data, A
* Issues in vision modeling for perceptual video quality assessment
* Lossless region of interest coding
* On the accuracy of line-, strip- and fan-based algebraic reconstruction from few projections
* Target tracking with Bearings-Only Measurements

SP(79) * Active Contour Algorithm: An Attractive Tool for Snow Avalanche Analysis
* fast generalized discrete Fourier transforms: A unified approach to the discrete sinusoidal transforms computation, The
* Performance analysis of a modified spatial smoothing technique for direction estimation
* Real-time implementation of the moving FFT algorithm
* Reduction of blocking effect in DCT-coded images using zero-masking techniques

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