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RWSurvil22 * *Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges
* Class-aware Object Counting
* Cloth-Changing Person Re-identification with Self-Attention
* DIOR: DIstill Observations to Representations for Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation
* Event-driven Re-Id: A New Benchmark and Method Towards Privacy-Preserving Person Re-Identification
* Fast and Lightweight Online Person Search for Large-Scale Surveillance Systems
* Fight Detection from Still Images in the Wild
* Improving Person Re-Identification with Temporal Constraints
* Learning from Synthetic Vehicles
* Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking of Vehicles by Graph Auto-Encoder and Self-Supervised Camera Link Model
* Multiple Object Tracking and Forecasting: Jointly Predicting Current and Future Object Locations
* On the Importance of Appearance and Interaction Feature Representations for Person Re-identification
* Real-time Bangla License Plate Recognition System for Low Resource Video-based Applications
* Semantic Segmentation Guided Real-World Super-Resolution
* Semantic-Guided Zero-Shot Learning for Low-Light Image/Video Enhancement
* Small or Far Away? Exploiting Deep Super-Resolution and Altitude Data for Aerial Animal Surveillance
* Video representation learning through prediction for online object detection
* Where are we with Human Pose Estimation in Real-World Surveillance?
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RWSurvil24 * *Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges
* Accenture-MM1: A Multimodal Person Recognition Dataset
* Aerial View 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Double Vector Quantized-Variational AutoEncoders
* C2T-Net: Channel-Aware Cross-Fused Transformer-Style Networks for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition
* EarlyBird: Early-Fusion for Multi-View Tracking in the Bird's Eye View
* Enhancing Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation via Piece-Wise Pose Estimation and Geometric Constraints
* Enhancing Skeleton-Based Action Recognition in Real-World Scenarios Through Realistic Data Augmentation
* Evaluating Supervision Levels Trade-Offs for Infrared-Based People Counting
* FedFSLAR: A Federated Learning Framework for Few-shot Action Recognition
* Filter-Pruning of Lightweight Face Detectors Using a Geometric Median Criterion
* GEFF: Improving Any Clothes-Changing Person ReID Model Using Gallery Enrichment with Face Features
* HOD: New Harmful Object Detection Benchmarks for Robust Surveillance
* Identifying Loitering Behavior with Trajectory Analysis
* Investigation of UAV Detection in Images with Complex Backgrounds and Rainy Artifacts
* Iterative Scale-Up ExpansionIoU and Deep Features Association for Multi-Object Tracking in Sports
* Knowledge-Distillation-Based Label Smoothing for Fine-Grained Open-Set Vehicle Recognition
* LiDAR-Assisted 3D Human Detection for Video Surveillance
* Multi-Head Approach with Shuffled Segments for Weakly-Supervised Video Anomaly Detection, A
* Overlooked Video Classification in Weakly Supervised Video Anomaly Detection
* Person Fall Detection Using Weakly Supervised Methods
* Security Fence Inspection at Airports Using Object Detection
* Spatio-Temporal Activity Detection via Joint Optimization of Spatial and Temporal Localization
* Swin on Axes: Extending Swin Transformers to Quadtree Image Representations
* Temporal 3D Shape Modeling for Video-based Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification
* TextAug: Test Time Text Augmentation for Multimodal Person Re-Identification
* Unsupervised 3D Skeleton-Based Action Recognition using Cross-Attention with Conditioned Generation Capabilities
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification in Aerial Imagery
* UPAR Challenge 2024: Pedestrian Attribute Recognition and Attribute-Based Person Retrieval - Dataset, Design, and Results
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