Image Retrieval, Libraries, Databases, Multimedia

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Visual-Textual Image Understanding and Retrieval - Joint Workshop on Content-Based Image Retrieval, Video and Image Question Answering, Texture Analysis, Classification and Retrieval,

Sketching for Human Expressivity,
Visual Analysis of Sketches,
Large Scale Visual Commerce,
Web-Scale Vision and Social Media,
International Conference Multimedia Retrieval,
or ICMR,
Started 2011 from CIVR. International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval,
or CIVR,
In 2011 merged to ICMR. Diagram Image Retrieval and Analysis: Representation, Learning, and Similarity Metrics,
Video Retrieval Methods and Their Limits,
Crossmodal Social Animation,
Workshop on Web-Scale Vision and Social Media,
Artificial Social Intelligence Workshop and Challenge,
Large-Scale Video Search and Mining,
Multimodal Video Analysis and Moments in Time,
3D Information Extraction for Video Analysis and Mining,
Image and Video Forensics,
International Workshop on Computational Forensics,
MultiMedia FORensics in the WILD 2020,
Media Forensics,
Multimodal Content Moderation,
Multimedia Content Analysis and Mining,
Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security,
IEEE Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries,
IEEE Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Databases,
Semantic Learning Applications in Multimedia,
Workshop on Metrification and Optimization of Input Image Quality in Deep Networks,
Workshop on Image and Video Processing for Quality of Multimedia Experience,
Workshop on Image Mining Theory and Applications,
Large-Scale Fine-Grained Food AnalysIs,
Open-Domain Retrieval Under Multi-Modal Settings,
Big Data Computer Vision,

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