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CBAIVL00 * *Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Bayesian relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval
* Color indexing using wavelet-based salient points
* Content description for efficient video navigation, browsing and personalization
* factor graph framework for semantic indexing and retrieval in video, A
* Image Retrieval: Feature Primitives, Feature Representation, and Relevance Feedback
* Index trees for efficient deformable shape-based retrieval
* Interval hash tree: an efficient index structure for searching object queries in large image databases
* Matching with shape contexts
* Modeling spatial relationships between color sets
* Query expansion for imperfect speech: applications in distributed learning
* Region correspondence for image matching via EMD flow
* Relevance feedback decision trees in content-based image retrieval
* Semantic Access of Frontal Face Images: The Expression-Invariant Problem
* system for effortless content annotation to untold the semantics in videos, A
* Using artificial queries to evaluate image retrieval
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CBAIVL01 * *Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Audio-Visual Event Detection using Duration Dependent Input Output Markov Models
* CBIR for Medical Images: An Evaluation Trial
* Compressed Domain Action Classification Using HMM
* Constrained Utility Maximizations for Generating Visual Skims
* Content-Based Image Orientation Detection with Support Vector Machines
* Detection of Important Segments in Cooking Videos
* Event Detection and Summarization in Sports Video
* Exploitation of Meta Knowledge for Learning Visual Concepts
* Exploring the Nature and Variants of Relevance Feedback
* Fast Image Segmentation Algorithm for Interactive Video Hotspot Retrieval, A
* Hierarchical Approach to Scene Segmentation, A
* Image Browsing with PCA-Assisted User-Interaction
* Interactive Framework for Boundary Delineation for Medical CBIR, An
* Mosaic-Based Clustering of Scene Locations in Videos
* Object-based Queries using Color Points of Interest
* Ontological Query Language for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Real-Time Content-Based Adaptive Streaming of Sports Videos
* Towards Object-Based Retrieval for Image Libraries
* Unsupervised and Model-Free News Video Segmentation
* User-Oriented Affective Video Content Analysis
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CBAIVL97 * *Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Bayesian Video Modeling Framework for Shot Segmentation and Content Characterization, A
* Distinguishing photographs and graphics on the World Wide Web
* Efficient content extraction in compressed images
* Hidden Annotation in Content Based Image Retrieval
* ImageRover: A Content-Based Image Browser for the World Wide Web
* Increasing retrieval efficiency by index tree adaptation
* Locating Deciduous Trees
* Models and algorithms for efficient color image indexing
* Region-Based Image Querying
* Relevance Feedback Architecture for Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems, A
* Retrieving Images by Similarity of Visual Appearance
* Training Templates for Scene Classification using a Few Examples
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CBAIVL98 * *Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Categorization of Image Databases for Efficient Retrieval Using Robust Mixture Decomposition
* CBIR in medicine: still a long way to go
* Challenges and opportunities in search and retrieval for media databases
* Combining textual and visual cues for content-based image retrieval on the World Wide Web
* Decoding image semantics using composite region templates
* Efficient access to and retrieval from a shape image database
* Efficient content representation in MPEG video databases
* Fast Wavelet Histogram Techniques for Image Indexing
* Image database retrieval of rotated objects by user sketch
* Image retrieval evaluation
* Learning feature relevance and similarity metrics in image databases
* Local versus global features for content-based image retrieval
* Modeling and querying video data: a hybrid approach
* Multiple object labeling in video sequences without skill
* On image classification: city vs. landscape
* Parallel content-based image analysis on PIM processors
* Percentile blobs for image similarity
* perspective view on visual information retrieval systems, A
* Semantic agents for content-based discovery in distributed image libraries
* Symmetry-based indexing of image databases
* Textural features for image database retrieval
* Using weighted spatial relationships in retrieval by visual contents
* ViBE: a new paradigm for video database browsing and search
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CBAIVL99 * *Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Compression Framework for Content Analysis, A
* Defining Image Content with Multiple Regions-of-Interest
* Differential Feature Distribution Maps for Image Segmentation and Region Queries in Image Databases
* Efficient Content-Based Retrieval: Experimental Results
* Face Image Retrieval Using HMMs
* Fast Image Retrieval Algorithm with Automatically Extracted Discriminant Features, A
* Fast Shape Retrieval Using Term Frequency Vectors
* Graph-Based Object Description for Information Retrieval in Digital Image and Video Libraries, A
* Hierarchical Content Description and Object Formation by Learning
* Image Background Search: Combining Object Detection Techniques with Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Systems
* Image Database Querying Using a Multi-Scale Localized Color Representation
* Improved Stochastic Modeling of Shapes for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Improving Response Time by Search Pruning in a Content-Based Image Retrieval System, Using Inverted File Techniques
* Inexact Graph Retrieval
* Probabilistic Retrieval: New Insights and Experimental Results
* Retrieval Performance Improvement Through Low Rank Corrections
* SlideFinder: A Tool for Browsing Presentation Graphics Using Content-Based Retrieval
* Testing for Human Perceptual Categories in a Physician-in-the-Loop CBIR System for Medical Imagery
* Text Detection for Video Analysis
* Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval and Browsing, A
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Color Images Based on k-Means Clustering in the Chromaticity Plane
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