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Wollack, E.J. Co Author Listing * Reduced Image Aliasing With Microwave Radiometers and Weather Radar Through Windowed Spatial Averaging

Wollaeger, J. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Velocity Profile Optimization for Everyday Driving: A Dynamic-Programming-Based Solution

Wollauer, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Deriving Stand Structural Complexity from Airborne Laser Scanning Data: What Does It Tell Us about a Forest?
* Potential of Airborne LiDAR Derived Vegetation Structure for the Prediction of Animal Species Richness at Mount Kilimanjaro
Includes: Wollauer, S.[Stephan] Wöllauer, S.[Stephan] (Maybe also Woellauer, S.)

Wollborn, M. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Analysis for Emerging Interactive Multimedia Services: The European COST 211 Framework
* Noise Robust Method for 2D Shape Estimation of Moving Objects in Video Sequences Considering a Moving Camera, A
* Prototype prediction for colour update in object-based analysis-synthesis coding
* Video Object Generation Tool Allowing Friendly User Interaction, A

Wolle, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Reporting Leaders and Followers among Trajectories of Moving Point Objects

Wollenberg, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Pain from Facial Expressions: A Survey

Wollenstein Betech, S.[Salomon] Co Author Listing * Routing and Rebalancing Intermodal Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems in Mixed Traffic
Includes: Wollenstein Betech, S.[Salomon] Wollenstein-Betech, S.[Salomón]

Woller, K.L.[Kevin L.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Urban Population Growth from Remotely Sensed Imagery and TIGER GIS Road Data

Wollhaf, M. Co Author Listing * Learning to Reconstruct Symmetric Shapes using Planar Parameterization of 3D Surface
Includes: Wollhaf, M. Wöllhaf, M. (Maybe also Woellhaf, M.)

Wollherr, D. Co Author Listing * Combined Model- and Learning-Based Framework for Interaction-Aware Maneuver Prediction, A
* Efficient Evaluation of Collisions and Costs on Grid Maps for Autonomous Vehicle Motion Planning
* Evidential Grid-Based Tracking and Mapping
* Grid-Based Object Tracking With Nonlinear Dynamic State and Shape Estimation
* optimization approach for 3D environment mapping using normal vector uncertainty, An
* PIRF 3D: Online spatial and appearance based loop closure
Includes: Wollherr, D. Wollherr, D.[Dirk]

Wollmann, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * MEAL: Manifold Embedding-based Active Learning

Wollmer, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Being bored? Recognising natural interest by extensive audiovisual integration for real-life application
* Building Autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listeners
* Come and have an emotional workout with sensitive artificial listeners!
* Context-Sensitive Learning for Enhanced Audiovisual Emotion Classification
* Cross-Corpus Acoustic Emotion Recognition: Variances and Strategies
* LSTM-Modeling of continuous emotions in an audiovisual affect recognition framework
* Online Driver Distraction Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory
* String-based audiovisual fusion of behavioural events for the assessment of dimensional affect
* Switching Linear Dynamic Models for Noise Robust In-Car Speech Recognition
* YouTube Movie Reviews: Sentiment Analysis in an Audio-Visual Context
Includes: Wollmer, M.[Martin] Wollmer, M. Wöllmer, M.[Martin] (Maybe also Woellmer, M.)
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Wollmer, P.[Per] Co Author Listing * Automated Interpretation of Ventilation-Perfusion Lung Scintigrams for the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism Using Support Vector Machines

Wollner, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Freehand 3D scanning in a mobile environment using video

Wollny, G. Co Author Listing * Computational cost of nonrigid registration algorithms based on fluid dynamics
* Exploiting Quasiperiodicity in Motion Correction of Free-Breathing Myocardial Perfusion MRI
* Object-Based Approach for Detecting Small Brain Lesions: Application to Virchow-Robin Spaces, An

Wollocko, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Prototypes for Enhanced Mission Command/Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) Execution

Wollrab, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Performance of the Landsat 8 Provisional Aquatic Reflectance Product for Inland Waters
* Use of Sentinel-2 for Chlorophyll-a Spatial Dynamics Assessment: A Comparative Study on Different Lakes in Northern Germany, The

Wollschlager, U.[Ute] Co Author Listing * Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
Includes: Wollschlager, U.[Ute] Wollschläger, U.[Ute] (Maybe also Wollschlaeger, U.)

Wollstadt, S. Co Author Listing * 2-Look TOPS Mode: Design and Demonstration With TerraSAR-X, The
* Bidirectional SAR Imaging Mode
* Design Principles and Considerations for Spaceborne ATI SAR-Based Observations of Ocean Surface Velocity Vectors
* Numerical Calculation of Doppler Steering Laws in Bi- and Multistatic SAR
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data
* Radar Backscatter Mapping Using TerraSAR-X
* TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight Mode Concept, The
* TerraSAR-X System Performance Characterization and Verification
* TOPS Interferometry With TerraSAR-X
Includes: Wollstadt, S. Wollstadt, S.[Steffen]
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Wollstein, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Facial Landmarking Algorithm Using 2D Gabor Wavelets, An

Wollstein, G. Co Author Listing * Aligning Scan Acquisition Circles in Optical Coherence Tomography Images of The Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer
* Alignment of 3-D Optical Coherence Tomography Scans to Correct Eye Movement Using a Particle Filtering
* Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

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