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Unbehauen, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Recursive 2-D Filter for Removal of Gaussian Noise in Images, An
* Edge Preserving Filtering by Combining Nonlinear Mean and Median Filters
* Estimation of image noise variance
* Iterative Method of Blur Identification and Image Restoration, An
* Methods for Reconstruction of 2-D Sequences from Fourier-Transform Magnitude
* On the computational model of a kind of deconvolution problem
* Robot visual servoing with iterative learning control
* Two-Dimensional Differential Cepstrum, The
* Wavelet based nonlinear image enhancement for Gaussian and uniform noise
Includes: Unbehauen, R. Unbehauen, R.[Rolf]
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Unberath, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Context-Enhanced Stereo Transformer
* CoronARe: A Coronary Artery Reconstruction Challenge
* Deep Learning Computed Tomography: Learning Projection-Domain Weights From Image Domain in Limited Angle Problems
* Dense Depth Estimation in Monocular Endoscopy With Self-Supervised Learning Methods
* Development and Pre-Clinical Analysis of Spatiotemporal-Aware Augmented Reality in Orthopedic Interventions
* Extremely Dense Point Correspondences Using a Learned Feature Descriptor
* Fully Differentiable Framework for 2D/3D Registration and the Projective Spatial Transformers, A
* Mapping DNN Embedding Manifolds for Network Generalization Prediction
* Neighborhood Normalization for Robust Geometric Feature Learning
* Neuralangelo: High-Fidelity Neural Surface Reconstruction
* Pose-Dependent Weights and Domain Randomization for Fully Automatic X-Ray to CT Registration
* Prior-Free Respiratory Motion Estimation in Rotational Angiography
* Reconstruction of Orthographic Mosaics From Perspective X-Ray Images
* Revisiting Stereo Depth Estimation From a Sequence-to-Sequence Perspective with Transformers
* RobustCLEVR: A Benchmark and Framework for Evaluating Robustness in Object-centric Learning
* Temporally Consistent Online Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
Includes: Unberath, M.[Mathias] Unberath, M.
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