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Tsap, L.V.[Leonid V.] Co Author Listing * Data-driven feature modeling, recognition and analysis in a discovery of supersonic cracks in multimillion-atom simulations
* Does colorspace transformation make any difference on skin detection?
* Effect of colorspace transformation,the illuminance component,and color modeling on skin detection
* Efficient Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Nonrigid Objects via Optimization of Mesh Models
* Elastic face, an anatomy-based biometrics beyond visible cue
* Fusion of physically-based registration and deformation modeling for nonrigid motion analysis
* Gesture recognition using Bezier curves for visualization navigation from registered 3-D data
* Gesture-Tracking in Real Time with Dynamic Regional Range Computation
* Model-based force-driven nonrigid motion recovery from sequences of range images without point correspondences
* Model-based Nonrigid Motion Analysis Using Natural Feature Adaptive Mesh
* Model-based nonrigid motion recovery from sequences of range images without point correspondences
* Modeling Approach for Burn Scar Assessment Using Natural Features and Elastic Property, A
* Multiscale Combination of Physically-based Registration and Deformation Modeling
* Nonlinear Finite Element Methods for Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis Based on Dynamic Refinement of Finite Element Models
* Objective evaluation of approaches of skin detection using ROC analysis
* sensitivity analysis method and its application in physics-based nonrigid motion modeling, A
* Task-based evaluation of skin detection for communication and perceptual interfaces
* Towards Recovery of 3D Chromosome Structure
* Tracking objects using recovered physical motion parameters
Includes: Tsap, L.V.[Leonid V.] Tsap, L.V.
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Tsapanos, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * distributed framework for trimmed Kernel k-Means clustering, A
* Kernel matrix trimming for improved Kernel K-means clustering
* Online shape learning using binary search trees
* Towards automated post-production and semantic annotation of films

Tsapatsoulis, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired Region of Interest Selection for Lowbit-Rate Video Coding
* Bottom-up spatiotemporal visual attention model for video analysis
* Efficient Face Detection for Multimedia Applications
* Enhancing the Robustness of Skin-Based Face Detection Schemes Through a Visual Attention Architecture
* Exploring the time course of facial expressions with a fuzzy system
* Face Verification in Practice: The Case of Greek Artist Leonidas Arniotis
* Facial Image Indexing in Multimedia Databases
* FG2015 age progression evaluation
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue: Selected Papers from the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics
* Health Monitoring through an Attention-Based Agent
* Image Analysis System for Automated Detection of Breast Cancer Nuclei, An
* Image annotation: the effects of content, lexicon and annotation method
* Implicit visual concept modeling in image/video annotation
* On the Fly Semantic Annotation and Modelling of Multimedia
* Overview of research on facial ageing using the FG-NET ageing database
* Parameterized Facial Expression Synthesis Based on MPEG-4
* Probabilistic Boundary-based Contour Tracking With Snakes In Natural Cluttered Video Sequences
* Quantitative evaluation of the effects of aging on biometric templates
* snake model for object tracking in natural sequences, A
* Spatial histogram of keypoints (SHIK)
* Spatiotemporal saliency for video classification
* Unsupervised sports video particles annotation based on social latent semantic analysis
* Video abstraction in social media: Augmenting facebook's EdgeRank algorithm in video content presentation
Includes: Tsapatsoulis, N.[Nicolas] Tsapatsoulis, N. Tsapatsoulis, N.[Nikolas]
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Tsaptsinos, D. Co Author Listing * Foreground-background Segmentation by Cellular Neural Networks

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