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Triebel, R.[Rudolph] Co Author Listing * 3d Scene Reconstruction from a Single Viewport
* Active Online Learning for Interactive Segmentation Using Sparse Gaussian Processes
* Augmented Autoencoders: Implicit 3D Orientation Learning for 6D Object Detection
* Exploiting Repetitive Object Patterns for Model Compression and Completion
* From Evaluation to Verification: Towards Task-oriented Relevance Metrics for Pedestrian Detection in Safety-critical Domains
* Implicit 3D Orientation Learning for 6D Object Detection from RGB Images
* Information-Driven Direct RGB-D Odometry
* Instance Segmentation in CARLA: Methodology and Analysis for Pedestrian-oriented Synthetic Data Generation in Crowded Scenes
* Iterative Corresponding Geometry: Fusing Region and Depth for Highly Efficient 3D Tracking of Textureless Objects
* Medial Features for Superpixel Segmentation
* Multi level surface maps for outdoor terrain mapping and loop closing
* Multi-Path Learning for Object Pose Estimation Across Domains
* Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval via Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Embedding
* Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Analysis
* Sparse Gaussian Approach to Region-based 6dof Object Tracking, A
* SRT3D: A Sparse Region-Based 3D Object Tracking Approach for the Real World
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
Includes: Triebel, R.[Rudolph] Triebel, R.
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Triebfurst, B. Co Author Listing * Compression of NOAA/AVHRR data with a wavelet transform

Triedman, J.K.[John K.] Co Author Listing * Open-Source Environment for Interactive Finite Element Modeling of Optimal ICD Electrode Placement

Triefenbach, F. Co Author Listing * Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition With Reservoir-Based Acoustic Models

Triendl, E. Co Author Listing * mobile robot: Sensing, planning and locomotion, A
* Model for Texture Edges, A
* Stereo Vision and Navigation in Buildings for Mobile Robots
* Vision and Visual Exploration for the Stanford Mobile Robot

Triendl, E.E. Co Author Listing * ASTERIX System: A Feature Based Approach to the Correspondence Problem, The
* Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System for Time Variant Images Using TV Cameras and a Matrix Computer, An
* Skeletonization of Noisy Hand-Drawn Symbols Using Parallel Operations
Includes: Triendl, E.E. Triendl, E.E.[Ernst E.]

Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due] Co Author Listing * email: Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due]: oivind due trier AT nr no
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Document Images
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Utility Map Images
* Feature-Extraction Methods for Character-Recognition: A Survey
* Goal-Directed Evaluation of Binarization Methods
* Gray Scale Processing of Hydrographic Maps
* Improvement of Integrated Function Algorithm for Binarization of Document Images
* Large-Scale Mapping of Small Roads in Lidar Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Recognition of Digits in Hydrographic Maps: Binary Versus Topographic Analysis
Includes: Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due] Trier, O.D. Trier, .D.[ivind Due]
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Trierscheid, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Multi-stage Approach for 3D Teeth Segmentation from Dentition Surfaces, A
* Teeth segmentation in 3D dentition models for the virtual articulator

Triesch, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Classification of hand postures against complex backgrounds using elastic graph matching
* Gesture Interface for Human-Robot-Interaction, A
* Hierarchical sensor data fusion by probabilistic cue integration for robust 3D object tracking
* Implementations and Implications of Foveated Vision
* Method for recognizing objects in digitized images
* Predictive Coding Light: learning compact visual codes by combining excitatory and inhibitory spike timing-dependent plasticity*
* Robust classification of hand postures against complex backgrounds
* Self-Organized Integration of Adaptive Visual Cues for Face Tracking
* Semi-autonomous Learning of Objects
* Shared Features for Scalable Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* Spike timing-based unsupervised learning of orientation, disparity, and motion representations in a spiking neural network*
* System for Person-Independent Hand Posture Recognition against Complex Backgrounds, A
* Toward a Unified Probabilistic Framework for Object Recognition and Segmentation
* Towards Imitation Learning of Grasping Movements by an Autonomous Robot
Includes: Triesch, J.[Jochen] Triesch, J.
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Trieschnigg, D.[Dolf] Co Author Listing * Average Precision: Good Guide or False Friend to Multimedia Search Effectiveness?

Triesman, A. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Grouping and Attention in Visual Search for Features and Objects

Triess, L.T.[Larissa T.] Co Author Listing * Realism Metric for Generated LiDAR Point Clouds, A

Trieu, D.B.K.[Dang Ba Khac] Co Author Listing * Real-time color image segmentation based on mean shift algorithm using an FPGA
* Real-time image segmentation based on a parallel and pipelined watershed algorithm

Trieu, T.T.N.[Tran Thi Ngoc] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Bias Correction Methods for GOSAT SWIR XH2O Using TCCON data

Trieu, T.V.[Trang Vinh] Co Author Listing * Video Search Based on Semantic Extraction and Locally Regional Object Proposal
Includes: Trieu, T.V.[Trang Vinh] Trieu, T.V.[Trang-Vinh]

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