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Tabia, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Improved Bilinear Pooling for Real-time Pose Event Camera Relocalisation

Tabia, H.[Hedi] Co Author Listing * 2D Cross-View Object Segmentation and Perceptual Grouping in Computer-Aided Design Drawings
* 2D/3D Pose Estimation and Action Recognition Using Multitask Deep Learning
* 3D face recognition using covariance based descriptors
* 3D models over the centuries: From old floor plans to 3D representation
* 3D Shape Classification Using Information Fusion
* 3D shape similarity using vectors of locally aggregated tensors
* 3D-Shape Retrieval Using Curves and HMM
* Belief-Function-Based Framework for Deformable 3D-Shape Retrieval
* comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Consensus-Based Optimization for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Camera Coordinates
* Covariance Descriptors for 3D Shape Matching and Retrieval
* Covariance-Based Descriptors for Efficient 3D Shape Matching, Retrieval, and Classification
* D-DARTS: Distributed Differentiable Architecture Search
* Deepzzle: Solving Visual Jigsaw Puzzles With Deep Learning and Shortest Path Optimization
* Dual Independent Classification For Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
* Dynamic 3D Facial Expression Recognition Using Robust Shape Features
* Fast Approximation of Distance Between Elastic Curves using Kernels
* Feature covariance for human action recognition
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Face Generation: A Survey
* Hierarchical covariance description for 3D face matching and recognition under expression variation
* Image Reassembly Combining Deep Learning and Shortest Path Problem
* Jigsaw Puzzle Solving Using Local Feature Co-Occurrences in Deep Neural Networks
* Kernel-based convolution expansion for facial expression recognition
* Kernelized Dense Layers For Facial Expression Recognition
* Learnable pooling weights for facial expression recognition
* Learning features combination for human action recognition from skeleton sequences
* Local visual patch for 3d shape retrieval
* Motion histogram quantification for human action recognition
* Multi-Task Deep Learning for Real-Time 3D Human Pose Estimation and Action Recognition
* Multiple vocabulary coding for 3D shape retrieval using Bag of Covariances
* New 3D-Matching Method of Nonrigid and Partially Similar Models Using Curve Analysis, A
* Progressive Learning With Anchoring Regularization for Vehicle Re-Identification
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* SSP-Net: Scalable sequential pyramid networks for real-Time 3D human pose regression
* Taylor Series Kernelized Layer for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Using the conflict in Dempster-Shafer evidence theory as a rejection criterion in classifier output combination for 3D human action recognition
Includes: Tabia, H.[Hedi] Tabia, H.
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Tabia, K.[Kaouther] Co Author Listing * Multiphase Level Set Method on Graphs for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation, A

Tabib Mahmoudi, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Vehicle Recognition for Urban Traffic Management
* Built Up Change Detection Based On Structural Classification of Digital Elevation Models
* Road Recognition Based On Decision Level Fusion of SAR and Optic Data

Tabib, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Word Embeddings in Kinematic Space

Tabib, R.A.[Ramesh Ashok] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* ABD-Net: Attention Based Decomposition Network for 3D Point Cloud Decomposition
* AquaGAN: Restoration of Underwater Images
* ASUR3D: Arbitrary Scale Upsampling and Refinement of 3D Point Clouds using Local Occupancy Fields
* DA-AE: Disparity-Alleviation Auto-Encoder Towards Categorization of Heritage Images for Aggrandized 3D Reconstruction
* Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule
* DeepDNet: Deep Dense Network for Depth Completion Task
* DeFi: Detection and Filling of Holes in Point Clouds Towards Restoration of Digitized Cultural Heritage Models
* DepthCue: Restoration of Underwater Images Using Monocular Depth as a Clue
* Evidence Based Feature Selection and Collaborative Representation Towards Learning Based PSF Estimation for Motion Deblurring
* IPD-Net: SO(3) Invariant Primitive Decompositional Network for 3D Point Clouds
* LightNet: Generative Model for Enhancement of Low-Light Images
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* PointDCCNet: 3D Object Categorization Network using Point Cloud Decomposition
* RUIG: Realistic Underwater Image Generation Towards Restoration
* TP-NoDe: Topology-aware Progressive Noising and Denoising of Point Clouds towards Upsampling
* VG-VAE: A Venatus Geometry Point-Cloud Variational Auto-Encoder
Includes: Tabib, R.A.[Ramesh Ashok] Tabib, R.A.
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Tabib, W.[Wennie] Co Author Listing * Orbital SLAM

Tabibi, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic lane detection in image sequences for vision based navigation purposes

Tabibi, O.D.[Omid David] Co Author Listing * Verified Null-move Pruning

Tabibi, O.H.[Or Haim] Co Author Listing * Automatic Gender Classification from Handwritten Images: A Case Study

Tabibi, S.[Sajad] Co Author Listing * Can GNSS-R Detect Abrupt Water Level Changes?
* Spaceborne GNSS Reflectometry
* Statistical Comparison and Combination of GPS, GLONASS, and Multi-GNSS Multipath Reflectometry Applied to Snow Depth Retrieval
Includes: Tabibi, S.[Sajad] Tabibi, S.

Tabibiazar, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Organ Recognition Using Gabor Filters

Tabien, R.[Rodante] Co Author Listing * Quantification of Soil Organic Carbon in Biochar-Amended Soil Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Tabik, S.[Siham] Co Author Listing * Deep-learning Versus OBIA for Scattered Shrub Detection with Google Earth Imagery: Ziziphus lotus as Case Study
* Detection of Fir Trees (Abies sibirica) Damaged by the Bark Beetle in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images with Deep Learning
* Tree Cover Estimation in Global Drylands from Space Using Deep Learning

Tabit, M. Co Author Listing * Data Compression of Integral Images for 3D TV

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