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Sain, A.[Aneeshan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Background Subtraction Based on Integration of Alternative Cues in Freely Moving Camera
* CLIP for All Things Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval, Fine-Grained or Not
* Democratising 2D Sketch to 3D Shape Retrieval Through Pivoting
* Doodle It Yourself: Class Incremental Learning by Drawing a Few Sketches
* Exploiting Unlabelled Photos for Stronger Fine-Grained SBIR
* FS-COCO: Towards Understanding of Freehand Sketches of Common Objects in Context
* Improving Document Binarization Via Adversarial Noise-Texture Augmentation
* Joint Visual Semantic Reasoning: Multi-Stage Decoder for Text Recognition
* MetaHTR: Towards Writer-Adaptive Handwritten Text Recognition
* Mind the Gap: Open Set Domain Adaptation via Mutual-to-Separate Framework
* More Photos are All You Need: Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch Based Image Retrieval
* Partially Does It: Towards Scene-Level FG-SBIR with Partial Input
* Picture that Sketch: Photorealistic Image Generation from Abstract Sketches
* PQA: Perceptual Question Answering
* SceneTrilogy: On Human Scene-Sketch and its Complementarity with Photo and Text
* Sketch-Segformer: Transformer-Based Segmentation for Figurative and Creative Sketches
* Sketch2Saliency: Learning to Detect Salient Objects from Human Drawings
* Sketch3T: Test-Time Training for Zero-Shot SBIR
* Sketching without Worrying: Noise-Tolerant Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* StyleMeUp: Towards Style-Agnostic Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Text is Text, No Matter What: Unifying Text Recognition using Knowledge Distillation
* Towards the Unseen: Iterative Text Recognition by Distilling from Errors
* What Can Human Sketches Do for Object Detection?
Includes: Sain, A.[Aneeshan] Sain, A.
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Sain, J.P.[Joy Prakash] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Severity of Health States based on Social Media Posts

Sain, K.[Kunal] Co Author Listing * EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems

Sainani, N.I.[Nisha I.] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Detection of Small Bowel Strictures for Emergency Radiology in CT Enterography

Sainarayanan, G. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Rule-Based Object Identification Methodology for NAVI System
* Palmprint identification using Sobel operator

Sainath, S. Co Author Listing * approximate algorithm for structural matching of images, An

Saini, A.[Atul] Co Author Listing * Application of Observation Minus Reanalysis Method towards LULC Change Impact over Southern India
* Deep Learning Frame-Work for Recognizing Developmental Disorders, A
* Evaluation of three local descriptors on low resolution images for robot navigation
* robust convergence index filter for breast cancer cell segmentation, A
* Suspect Identification Framework using Contrastive Relevance Feedback, A
Includes: Saini, A.[Atul] Saini, A. Saini, A.[Amritpal] Saini, A.[Aditya]

Saini, B.S. Co Author Listing * Computer Aided Diagnosis of Abdomen Diseases Using Curvelet Transform
* Image Denoising using Alexander Fractional Hybrid Filter
* Quantitative metric for MR brain tumour grade classification using sample space density measure of analytic intrinsic mode function representation
Includes: Saini, B.S. Saini, B.S.[Barjinder Singh]

Saini, D.[Deepika] Co Author Listing * Application of a novel image moment computation in X-ray and MRI image watermarking
* Automated knee osteoarthritis severity classification using three-stage preprocessing method and VGG16 architecture
* Stereo Vision-Based Conic Reconstruction Using a Ray-Quadric Intersection
Includes: Saini, D.[Deepika] Saini, D.[Deepak]

Saini, H.S. Co Author Listing * Improved Accuracy in Shape Based Image Retrieval with Complex Zernike Moments Using Wavelets

Saini, K. Co Author Listing * Application of Fingerprint Recognition in Process Control
* CVAD-GAN: Constrained video anomaly detection via generative adversarial network
Includes: Saini, K. Saini, K.[Krishanu]

Saini, M.[Mukesh] Co Author Listing * Concept drift challenge in multimedia anomaly detection: A case study with facial datasets
* Data Augmentation of Minority Class with Transfer Learning for Classification of Imbalanced Breast Cancer Dataset Using Inception-V3
* Enhancing information retrieval efficiency using semantic-based-combined-similarity-measure
* Proxemic Multimedia Interaction over the Internet of Things, A
* Survey on Seismic Sensor Based Target Detection, Localization, Identification, and Activity Recognition, A
* Tuning topical queries for effective information retrieval
* Wavelet Based Waveform Distortion Measures for Assessment of Denoised EEG Quality With Reference to Noise-Free EEG Signal
Includes: Saini, M.[Mukesh] Saini, M.[Manisha] Saini, M.[Mayank] Saini, M.
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Saini, M.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Workload Equalization in Multi-Camera Surveillance Systems
* Context-Based Multimedia Sensor Selection Method
* Flexible Surveillance System Architecture, A
* Functionality Delegation in Distributed Surveillance Systems
* How Smart Are Smart Classrooms? A Review of Smart Classroom Technologies
* Multiwavelet transform based license plate detection
Includes: Saini, M.K. Saini, M.K.[Mukesh K.] Saini, M.K.[Mukesh Kumar] Saini, M.K.[Manish Kumar]

Saini, N.[Nirat] Co Author Listing * Chop & Learn: Recognizing and Generating Object-State Compositions
* Disentangling Visual Embeddings for Attributes and Objects
* Explicit Bias Discovery in Visual Question Answering Models
* Learning Graphs for Knowledge Transfer with Limited Labels
* Markerless Outdoor Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles
* Scientific Document Summarization using Citation Context and Multi-objective Optimization
* SOLARNet: A single stage regression based framework for efficient and robust object recognition in aerial images
Includes: Saini, N.[Nirat] Saini, N. Saini, N.[Naveen] Saini, N.[Nandini]
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Saini, P.[Poonam] Co Author Listing * Aggregated residual transformation network for multistage classification in diabetic retinopathy

Saini, R.[Rajkumar] Co Author Listing * Can Self-Supervised Representation Learning Methods Withstand Distribution Shifts and Corruptions?
* Depth Contrast: Self-supervised Pretraining on 3dpm Images for Mining Material Classification
* Functional Knowledge Transfer with Self-supervised Representation Learning
* lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combination, A
* Magnification Prior: A Self-Supervised Method for Learning Representations on Breast Cancer Histopathological Images
* Modeling local and global behavior for trajectory classification using graph based algorithm
* novel point-line duality feature for trajectory classification, A
* Real-time recognition of sign language gestures and air-writing using leap motion
* Results of a Space-Surface Bistatic SAR Image Formation Algorithm
* Robust Scene Text Detection for Partially Annotated Training Data
* ULSAM: Ultra-Lightweight Subspace Attention Module for Compact Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Saini, R.[Rajkumar] Saini, R.
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Saini, S.[Saurabh] Co Author Listing * From Traditional to Modern: Domain Adaptation for Action Classification in Short Social Video Clips
* HIDRO-VQA: High Dynamic Range Oracle for Video Quality Assessment
* Human Shape Capture and Tracking at Home
* Interactive Segmentation of Radiance Fields
* Learning to Stylize Novel Views
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Biological Growth Variables
* Multiwavelet transform based license plate detection
* Pattern-Theoretic Characterization of Biological Growth, A
* PixISegNet: pixel-level iris segmentation network using convolutional encoder-decoder with stacked hourglass bottleneck
* SICKLE: A Multi-Sensor Satellite Imagery Dataset Annotated with Multiple Key Cropping Parameters
* Skilled Forgery Detection in On-Line Signatures: A Multimodal Approach
Includes: Saini, S.[Saurabh] Saini, S.[Shreshth] Saini, S. Saini, S.[Sanjay] Saini, S.[Sumit] Saini, S.[Sourabh] Saini, S.[Shailesh]
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Saini, S.K.[Sumindar Kaur] Co Author Listing * ColpoNet for automated cervical cancer screening using colposcopy images
* Denoising of computed tomography using bilateral median based autoencoder network
* OCLU-NET for occlusal classification of 3D dental models
* PC-SNet for automated detection of prostate cancer in multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging

Sainio, J.[Jani] Co Author Listing * Generating Heat Maps of Popular Routes Online from Massive Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data in Milliseconds While Respecting Privacy

Sainos Vizuett, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Satellite Imagery Classification Using Shallow and Deep Learning Approaches
Includes: Sainos Vizuett, M.[Michelle] Sainos-Vizuett, M.[Michelle]

Sainov, S. Co Author Listing * Optical and Holographic Properties of Nano-Sized Amorphous Semiconductor Films as a Part of Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator

Sainov, V. Co Author Listing * 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey
* 3D Scene Capture by Multi-Wavelength Pattern Projection at Divergent Illumination of A Sinusoidal Phase Grating
* Basic Holographic Characteristics of Panchromatic Light Sensitive Material for Reflective Auto Stereoscopic 3D Display
* Optical and Holographic Properties of Nano-Sized Amorphous Semiconductor Films as a Part of Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator
* Pattern Projection with a Sinusoidal Phase Grating
* Survey of 3DTV Displays: Techniques and Technologies, A
Includes: Sainov, V. Sainov, V.[Ventseslav]

Saint Andre, M.D.[Matthieu De_La_Roche] Co Author Listing * Tunnel Effect in CNNs: Image Reconstruction From Max Switch Locations

Saint Cyr, P. Co Author Listing * Near-Optimal Selection of Views and Surface Regions for ICP Pose Estimation
Includes: Saint Cyr, P. Saint-Cyr, P.

Saint Dizier, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Unified View on Patch Aggregation, A
Includes: Saint Dizier, A.[Alexandre] Saint-Dizier, A.[Alexandre]

Saint Fort, H.[Huguens] Co Author Listing * Keystroke Biometric Recognition Studies on Long-Text Input under Ideal and Application-Oriented Conditions

Saint Georges, C. Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Non-Verbal Vocalizations and Hormones during Father-Infant Interaction
* Interpersonal Synchrony: A Survey of Evaluation Methods across Disciplines
Includes: Saint Georges, C. Saint-Georges, C. Saint-Georges, C.[Catherine]

Saint Girons, R. Co Author Listing * MPEG++: A robust compression and transport system for digital HDTV

Saint Guillain, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Simulationoptimisation framework for City Logistics: An application on multimodal last-mile delivery
Includes: Saint Guillain, M.[Michael] Saint-Guillain, M.[Michael]

Saint Jalmes, H. Co Author Listing * In Silico Modeling of Magnetic Resonance Flow Imaging in Complex Vascular Networks
Includes: Saint Jalmes, H. Saint-Jalmes, H.

Saint Jean, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Color Fourier-Mellin descriptors for image recognition
* Expectation-Maximization algorithm for the Wishart mixture model: Application to movement clustering, An
* Metric Approach to nD Images Edge Detection with Clifford Algebras, A
* New geometric fourier descriptors for color image recognition
* robust semi-supervised EM-based clustering algorithm with a reject option, A
Includes: Saint Jean, C.[Christophe] Saint-Jean, C.[Christophe] Saint-Jean, C.

Saint Marc, P. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Models: Overview, Implementation and Applications
* Adaptive Smoothing for Feature Extraction
* Adaptive Smoothing: A General Tool for Early Vision
* B-Snakes: Implementation and Application to Stereo
* B-Spline Contour Representation and Symmetry Detection
* B-Spline Contour Representations and Symmetry Detection
* Building an Accurate Range Finder with off the Shelf Components
* Pattern Recognition by Traversal of Connected Components of a Line Segments Field
* Robustness of Model-Based Recognition in Cluttered Images
* Versatile PC-Based Range Finding System, A
Includes: Saint Marc, P. Saint-Marc, P.
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Saint Michel, T. Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Segmentation of Vessels By Mathematical Morphology: Application in MRI

Saint Onge, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Topographic Effects on the Texture of High-Resolution Forest-Stand Images Measured by the Semivariogram
Includes: Saint Onge, B.[Benoit] Saint Onge, B.[Benoît]

Saint Peter, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Mapping Forest Characteristics at Fine Resolution across Large Landscapes of the Southeastern United States Using NAIP Imagery and FIA Field Plot Data

Saint Pierre, C.A.[Charles Auguste] Co Author Listing * Detection and correction of specular reflections for automatic surgical tool segmentation in thoracoscopic images
Includes: Saint Pierre, C.A.[Charles Auguste] Saint-Pierre, C.A.[Charles-Auguste]

Saint Pierre, D.[Dorian] Co Author Listing * Reflectance Computation for a Specular Only V-Cavity
Includes: Saint Pierre, D.[Dorian] Saint-Pierre, D.[Dorian]

Saint Pierre, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison between the unscented Kalman filter and the extended Kalman filter for the position estimation module of an integrated navigation information system
Includes: Saint Pierre, M. Saint-Pierre, M.

Saint, A. Co Author Listing * 3DBodyTex: Textured 3D Body Dataset
* BODYFITR: Robust Automatic 3D Human Body Fitting
* Deformation transfer of 3D human shapes and poses on manifolds
* Towards Generalization of 3d Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
Includes: Saint, A. Saint, A.[Alexandre]

Saint, A.F. Co Author Listing * Multi-Threshold LIP Contour Detection

Saint, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing Reliability of Myocardial Blood Flow After Motion Correction With Dynamic PET Using a Bayesian Framework

Sainte Fare Garnot, V.[Vivien] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal temporal attention models for crop mapping from satellite time series
* Panoptic Segmentation of Satellite Image Time Series with Convolutional Temporal Attention Networks
* Satellite Image Time Series Classification With Pixel-Set Encoders and Temporal Self-Attention

Saintenoy, A.[Albane] Co Author Listing * Comparing Thermal Regime Stages along a Small Yakutian Fluvial Valley with Point Scale Measurements, Thermal Modeling, and Near Surface Geophysics

Saintilan, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * Mapping Multi-Decadal Mangrove Extent in the Northern Coast of Vietnam Using Landsat Time-Series Data on Google Earth Engine Platform
* Monitoring Coastal Water Body Health with Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery

Sainudiin, R.[Raazesh] Co Author Listing * Swapping trajectories with a sufficient sanitizer

Sainui, J.[Janya] Co Author Listing * Fast and efficient video signature generation and matching for online video sharing

Sainz Maza, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Insights into the Magmatic Feeding System of the 2021 Eruption at Cumbre Vieja (La Palma, Canary Islands) Inferred from Gravity Data Modeling
Includes: Sainz Maza, S.[Sergio] Sainz-Maza, S.[Sergio]

Sainz, G. Co Author Listing * New Neuro-Fuzzy System for Logical Labeling of Documents, A

Sainz, G.I.[Gregorio I.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Incoherences in a Document Corpus Based on the Application of a Neuro-Fuzzy System
Includes: Sainz, G.I.[Gregorio I.] Sáinz, G.I.[Gregorio I.]

Sainz, M. Co Author Listing * Camera calibration of long image sequences with the presence of occlusions
* Dmesh: Fast Depth-image Meshing And Warping
* Learning Bidimensional Context Dependent Models Using a Context Sensitive Language
Includes: Sainz, M. Sainz, M.[Miguel]

Sainz, N. Co Author Listing * Telematics system for the intelligent transport and distribution of medicines

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