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Rout, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Smartphone GPS Locations of Students' Movements to and from Campus

Rout, B.K. Co Author Listing * integrative approach for path planning and tracking of a shape-aware mobile robot in structured environment using vision sensor, An
* integrative approach for tracking of mobile robot with vision sensor, An

Rout, L. Co Author Listing * ALERT: Adversarial Learning With Expert Regularization Using Tikhonov Operator for Missing Band Reconstruction
* Learning Rotation Adaptive Correlation Filters in Robust Visual Object Tracking
* Monte-Carlo Siamese Policy on Actor for Satellite Image Super Resolution
* Rotation Adaptive Visual Object Tracking with Motion Consistency
* S2A: Wasserstein GAN with Spatio-Spectral Laplacian Attention for Multi-Spectral Band Synthesis
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* WAEF: Weighted Aggregation with Enhancement Filter for Visual Object Tracking
Includes: Rout, L. Rout, L.[Litu] Rout, l.[litu]
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Rout, N.K.[Nirmal Kumar] Co Author Listing * Improved probabilistic decision-based trimmed median filter for detection and removal of high-density impulsive noise
* Review on Content-Based Image Retrieval System: Present Trends and Future Challenges, A
Includes: Rout, N.K.[Nirmal Kumar] Rout, N.K.[Narendra Kumar]

Rout, P.K.[Pravat Kumar] Co Author Listing * Robust retinal optic disc and optic cup segmentation via stationary wavelet transform and maximum vessel pixel sum

Routa, S.[Saroj] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Image Segmentation Using a Modified Hopfield Neural Network

Route, G.P. Co Author Listing * Effects of Architecture Implementation on DFT Algorithm Performance

Routh, D.[Devin] Co Author Listing * Improving the Reliability of Mixture Tuned Matched Filtering Remote Sensing Classification Results Using Supervised Learning Algorithms and Cross-Validation

Routh, P.S. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled Signals

Routh, R. Co Author Listing * Facilitating the Funding for the Conservation Through Tradeable Development Rights: An Approach Through Mapping and Analyzing the Built Heritage at Ahmedabad, India
* Real Time Inventory Management: Visual Survey of Interior Architecture Elements and Space Making Crafts of Gujarat, India

Routier, A. Co Author Listing * Double Diffeomorphism: Combining Morphometry and Structural Connectivity Analysis
* Spatio-Temporal Shape Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data for Detection of Early Changes in Neurodegenerative Disease
Includes: Routier, A. Routier, A.[Alexandre]

Routier, G. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Processing and Pattern Recognition of Bio-Medical Pictures

Routray, A.[Aurobinda] Co Author Listing * Analysis of training parameters for classifiers based on Haar-like features to detect human faces
* Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Features of Salient Facial Patches
* Band selection of hyperspectral image by sparse manifold clustering
* Cross-Lingual Vocal Emotion Recognition in Five Native Languages of Assam Using Eigenvalue Decomposition
* Detecting Aggression in Voice Using Inverse Filtered Speech Features
* Determining Autocorrelation Matrix Size and Sampling Frequency for MUSIC Algorithm
* Driver Fatigue Detection Through Chaotic Entropy Analysis of Cortical Sources Obtained From Scalp EEG Signals
* Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Functional Connectivity of EEG Channels
* Fast Semi-Supervised Unmixing of Hyperspectral Image by Mutual Coherence Reduction and Recursive PCA
* Fuzzy Histogram of Optical Flow Orientations for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Impact of Satellite Radiance Data on Simulations of Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones Using the WRF-3DVAR Modeling System
* Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition, The
* Local Force Pattern (LFP): Descriptor for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
* Localization of eye Saccadic signatures in Electrooculograms using sparse representations with data driven dictionaries
* Multi-directional local adjacency descriptors (MDLAD) for heterogeneous face recognition
* non-rigid motion estimation algorithm for yawn detection in human drivers, A
* Optimisation of features using evolutionary algorithm for EEG signal classification
* Portable Personality Recognizer Based on Affective State Classification Using Spectral Fusion of Features, A
* QDF: A face database with varying quality
* Robust facial expression classification using shape and appearance features
* score level fusion method for eye movement biometrics, A
* Semisupervised Spatial Spectral Regularized Manifold Local Scaling Cut With HGF for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Simplified Face Quality Assessment (SFQA)
* Smartphone-Based Drowsiness Detection and Warning System for Automotive Drivers, A
* Sparsity measure based library aided unmixing of hyperspectral image
* Vision-Based System for Monitoring the Loss of Attention in Automotive Drivers, A
* Well-Log and Seismic Data Integration for Reservoir Characterization: A Signal Processing and Machine-Learning Perspective
Includes: Routray, A.[Aurobinda] Routray, A.
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Routray, S.[Sidheswar] Co Author Listing * efficient image denoising method based on principal component analysis with learned patch groups, An

Routtenberg, T.[Tirza] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Post-Model-Selection Estimation
* Bobrovsky-Zakai-Type Bound for Periodic Stochastic Filtering
* Cramér-Rao Bound Under Norm Constraint
* Joint Frequency and Phasor Estimation Under the KCL Constraint
* Partially Linear Bayesian Estimation Using Mixed-Resolution Data
Includes: Routtenberg, T.[Tirza] Routtenberg, T.

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