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Ourselin, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Pose Estimation of Articulated Instruments in Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery
* 3D Statistical Shape Models to Embed Spatial Relationship Information
* Accurate Localization of Optic Radiation During Neurosurgery in an Interventional MRI Suite
* Articulated Multi-Instrument 2-D Pose Estimation Using Fully Convolutional Networks
* Attenuation Correction Synthesis for Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application to Brain Studies
* Automatic Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis of the Articular Cartilages From Magnetic Resonance Images of the Knee
* Automatic Segmentation of Different Pathologies from Cardiac Cine MRI Using Registration and Multiple Component EM Estimation
* Automatic Segmentation of the Knee Bones using 3D Active Shape Models
* Bayesian Model Selection for Pathological Neuroimaging Data Applied to White Matter Lesion Segmentation
* Benchmark for Algorithms Segmenting the Left Atrium From 3D CT and MRI Datasets
* CA-Net: Comprehensive Attention Convolutional Neural Networks for Explainable Medical Image Segmentation
* Combined EM and Visual Tracking Probabilistic Model for Robust Mosaicking: Application to Fetoscopy, A
* Comprehensive Cardiac Motion Estimation Framework Using Both Untagged and 3-D Tagged MR Images Based on Nonrigid Registration, A
* Computation of the mid-sagittal plane in 3-D brain images
* Computation of the Mid-Sagittal Plane in 3D Images of the Brain
* Corner-Based Geometric Calibration of Multi-focus Plenoptic Cameras
* DeepIGeoS: A Deep Interactive Geodesic Framework for Medical Image Segmentation
* Dempster-Shafer Approach to Trustworthy AI With Application to Fetal Brain MRI Segmentation, A
* Denoising diffusion models for out-of-distribution detection
* Developing A Next Generation Colonoscopy Simulator
* Direct Parametric Reconstruction With Joint Motion Estimation/Correction for Dynamic Brain PET Data
* Efficient Determination of the Uncertainty for the Optimization of SPECT System Design: A Subsampled Fisher Information Matrix
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Framework Combining Multi-sequence MRI for Fully Automated Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Global And Regional Functions, A
* Fuzzy classification of brain MRI using a priori knowledge: Weighted fuzzy C-means
* Geodesic Information Flows: Spatially-Variant Graphs and Their Application to Segmentation and Fusion
* High-Speed Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for Surgical Simulation Using Graphics Processing Units
* Image Compositing for Segmentation of Surgical Tools Without Manual Annotations
* Inference of Cerebrovascular Topology With Geodesic Minimum Spanning Trees
* Interactive Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning With Image-Specific Fine Tuning
* Inverse-Consistent Symmetric Free Form Deformation
* k-Space Model of Movement Artefacts: Application to Segmentation Augmentation and Artefact Removal, A
* Linear Approach to Absolute Pose Estimation for Light Fields, A
* Maximum-Likelihood Joint Image Reconstruction/Motion Estimation in Attenuation-Corrected Respiratory Gated PET/CT Using a Single Attenuation Map
* Model-Based Learning for Accelerated, Limited-View 3-D Photoacoustic Tomography
* Motion modelling and motion compensated reconstruction of tumours in cone-beam computed tomography
* Multi-STEPS: Multi-label similarity and truth estimation for propagated segmentations
* Nonlinear Biomechanical Model Based Registration Method for Aligning Prone and Supine MR Breast Images, A
* Nonlinear Elastic Spline Registration: Evaluation with Longitudinal Huntington's Disease Data
* Nonrigid image registration with two-sided space-fractional partial differential equations
* Nonrigid Registration Framework Using Spatially Encoded Mutual Information and Free-Form Deformations, A
* Parametric non-rigid registration using a stationary velocity field
* PET Reconstruction With an Anatomical MRI Prior Using Parallel Level Sets
* Point-Spread-Function-Aware Slice-to-Volume Registration: Application to Upper Abdominal MRI Super-Resolution
* Probabilistic Graphical Model of SPECT/MRI
* Real-Time Segmentation of Non-rigid Surgical Tools Based on Deep Learning and Tracking
* Real-Time Topology Modification for Finite Element Models with Haptic Feedback
* Reconstructing a 3D structure from serial histological sections
* Reduced Order Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Algorithm for Surgical Simulation, A
* Refractive Structure-from-Motion Through a Flat Refractive Interface
* Refractive Two-View Reconstruction for Underwater 3D Vision
* Registration-Based Propagation Framework for Automatic Whole Heart Segmentation of Cardiac MRI, A
* Robust Registration of Multi-Modal Medical Images: Towards Real-Time Clinical Applications
* Self-Supervised Anomaly Detection from Anomalous Training Data via Iterative Latent Token Masking
* Similarity Registration Problems for 2D/3D Ultrasound Calibration
* SKiT: a Fast Key Information Video Transformer for Online Surgical Phase Recognition
* Spatial Information Encoded Mutual Information for Nonrigid Registration
* Spatio-Temporal Shape Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data for Detection of Early Changes in Neurodegenerative Disease
* Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge
* Stochastic Filter Groups for Multi-Task CNNs: Learning Specialist and Generalist Convolution Kernels
* Strengths and Pitfalls of Whole-Heart Atlas-Based Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease Patients
* Towards Automated Spine Mobility Quantification: A Locally Rigid CT to X-Ray Registration Framework
* UPL-SFDA: Uncertainty-Aware Pseudo Label Guided Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Ourselin, S. Ourselin, S.[Sébastien] Ourselin, S.[Sebastien] Ourselin, S.[Sibastien] Ourselin, S.[S©bastien] Ourselin, S.[SÉbastien]
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Oursland, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Recovering Real-World Reflectance Properties and Shading From HDR Imagery

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