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Mita, K.[Kazuhiro] Co Author Listing * Robust and real-time stroke order evaluation using incremental stroke context for learners to write Kanji characters correctly

Mita, S.[Seiichi] Co Author Listing * Bvtnet: Multi-label Multi-class Fusion of Visible and Thermal Camera for Free Space and Pedestrian Segmentation
* Deep Learning-Based Fast Hand Gesture Recognition Using Representative Frames
* Dynamic and Safe Path Planning Based on Support Vector Machine among Multi Moving Obstacles for Autonomous Vehicles
* Enhancing Depth Quality of Stereo Vision using Deep Learning-based Prior Information of the Driving Environment
* Fast Blind Spatially-Varying Motion Deblurring Algorithm with Camera Poses Estimation, A
* Fast road scene segmentation using deep learning and scene-based models
* Free Space, Visible and Missing Lane Marker Estimation using the PsiNet and Extra Trees Regression
* Fusion of thermal and visible cameras for the application of pedestrian detection
* Image fusion based on a sparse linear system
* On-Road Multivehicle Tracking Using Deformable Object Model and Particle Filter With Improved Likelihood Estimation
* Ontology-Based Driving Decision Making: A Feasibility Study at Uncontrolled Intersections
* Pedestrian detection in thermal images using adaptive fuzzy C-means clustering and convolutional neural networks
* Probabilistic Inference for Occluded and Multiview On-road Vehicle Detection
* Real-time Dense Disparity Estimation based on Multi-Path Viterbi for Intelligent Vehicle Applications
* Real-Time Lane Estimation Using Deep Features and Extra Trees Regression
* Real-time road surface and semantic lane estimation using deep features
* Robust Road Detection and Tracking in Challenging Scenarios Based on Markov Random Fields With Unsupervised Learning
* SO-NET: Joint Semantic Segmentation and Obstacle Detection Using Deep Fusion of Monocular Camera and Radar
* Stereo Matching Algorithm Using a Simplified Trellis Diagram Iteratively and Bi-Directionally
* Stereo vision-based vehicle localization in point cloud maps using multiswarm particle swarm optimization
* Visible and Thermal Camera-based Jaywalking Estimation Using a Hierarchical Deep Learning Framework
Includes: Mita, S.[Seiichi] Mita, S.
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Mita, S.I.[Sei Ichi] Co Author Listing * Semantic Graph of Traffic Scenes for Intelligent Vehicle Systems, A
* Use of Sparse Representation for Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Images
Includes: Mita, S.I.[Sei Ichi] Mita, S.I.[Sei-Ichi]

Mita, T. Co Author Listing * Component-based robust face detection using AdaBoost and decision tree
* Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection
* Improvement of video text recognition by character selection
* Joint Haar-like Features for Face Detection
* Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
* Probabilistic Approach to Fast and Robust Template Matching and its Application to Object Categorization, A
* Training Assist System of a Lower Limb Prosthetic Visualizing Floor-Reaction Forces Using a Color-Depth Sensing Camera
Includes: Mita, T. Mita, T.[Takeshi] Mita, T.[Tomoki]
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Mitakos, T. Co Author Listing * Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Modular Logic Approach for P2P Networks: A Deductive Object Oriented Framework for P2P Networks, A
* Preliminary Attempt to Create a Unified Model for Obtaining and Processing Geodata: Geodata Information Sharing, A
* Representing Geographic Information in Multidimensional XML: Appling Dimensions in Spatial Databases

Mital, D.P. Co Author Listing * Autoregressive Approach to Texture Analysis, An
* Differential-Processing Extraction Approach to Text and Image Segmentation, A
* Hybrid Method for Range Image Segmentation, A
* Hybrid Method Towards the Segmentation of Range Images for 3-D Object Recognition, A
* Optimal Encoding of Graph Homomorphism Energy Using Fuzzy Information Aggregation Operators
* Optimal Mapping of Graph Homomorphism onto Self-Organizing Hopfield Network
* Pattern-Recognition by Graph Matching Using the Potts MFT Neural Networks
* Pattern-Recognition by Homomorphic Graph Matching Using Hopfield Neural Networks
* Self-Organizing Hopfield Network for Attributed Relational Graph Matching
* Transputer-Based Automated Visual Inspection System for Electronic Devices and PCBs, A
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Mital, N.[Nitish] Co Author Listing * Neural Distributed Image Compression with Cross-Attention Feature Alignment

Mital, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Inverse problem in optical diffusion tomography: III. Inversion formulas and singular-value decomposition

Mitamura, T.[Teruko] Co Author Listing * Multimodal knowledge-based analysis in multimedia event detection
* Text-to-video: a semantic search engine for internet videos

Mitamura, Y.[Yasumasa] Co Author Listing * On-Line Recognition of Hand-Written Characters Utilizing Positional and Stroke Vector Sequences

Mitani, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * interactive design system for pop-up cards with a physical simulation, An

Mitani, K. Co Author Listing * 8K Extremely-High-Resolution Camera Systems
* Real-Time Integral Imaging Based on Extremely High Resolution Video System

Mitani, M.[Masakatsu] Co Author Listing * Environment Recognition Based on Analysis of Human Actions for Mobile Robot

Mitani, S.[Shigetomo] Co Author Listing * Object Detection with Gabor Filters and Cumulative Histograms
* Segmentation and object detection with Gabor filters and cumulative histograms

Mitani, T.[Tomonori] Co Author Listing * Estimating Driver Awareness of Crossing Pedestrians While Turning Left Based on Vehicle Behavior Using Bayesian Approach

Mitani, Y. Co Author Listing * Artificial images for classifying diffuse lung opacities in thin section computed tomography images
* Classifier Design Based on the Use of Nearest Neighbor Samples
* Combining the gabor and histogram features for classifying diffuse lung opacities in thin-section computed tomography
* Evaluation of an Anti-Regularization Technique in Neural Networks
* Gabor Filter Based Method for Recognizing Handwritten Numerals, A
* local mean-based nonparametric classifier, A
* Use of Bootstrap Samples in Quadratic Classifier Design
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Mitankin, P. Co Author Listing * Fast Selection of Small and Precise Candidate Sets from Dictionaries for Text Correction Tasks

Mitarai, Y.[Yusuke] Co Author Listing * Visual Code-Sentences: A New Video Representation Based on Image Descriptor Sequences

Mitas, A.W.[Andrzej W.] Co Author Listing * Multimodal biometric system combining ECG and sound signals

Mitashe, M.R. Co Author Listing * adaptive digital image watermarking scheme with PSO, DWT and XFCM, An

Mitasova, H.[Helena] Co Author Listing * Barrier Island Dynamics Using Mass Center Analysis: A New Way to Detect and Track Large-Scale Change
* High Resolution Viewscape Modeling Evaluated Through Immersive Virtual Environments
* Integrating Free and Open Source Solutions into Geospatial Science Education
* Open Geospatial Software and Data: A Review of the Current State and A Perspective into the Future
* Open Source Approach To Urban Growth Simulation
* Processing UAV and Lidar Point Clouds In Grass GIS
* Rapid-DEM: Rapid Topographic Updates through Satellite Change Detection and UAS Data Fusion
* Tangible Landscape: Cognitively Grasping The Flow Of Water
* Visualization of Pedestrian Density Dynamics Using Data Extracted from Public Webcams
Includes: Mitasova, H.[Helena] Mitasova, H.
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