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Mile, M.[Mate] Co Author Listing * Observing System Experiments with an Arctic Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction Model
Includes: Mile, M.[Mate] Mile, M.[Máté]

Milecki, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Framework for Spatiotemporal Ultrasound Localization Microscopy, A
Includes: Milecki, L.[Leo] Milecki, L.[Léo]

Miled, B.H. Co Author Listing * On the extension of level-set curve evolution methods for low-sensitivity imaging problems

Miled, H. Co Author Listing * Coupling Observation/Letter for a Markovian Modelisation Applied to the Recognition of Arabic Handwriting
* Planar Markov modeling for Arabic writing recognition: advancement state
* Segmentation and coding of Arabic handwritten words

Miled, W. Co Author Listing * Convex Optimization Approach for Depth Estimation Under Illumination Variation, A
* Dense disparity map representations for stereo image coding
* Disparity Map Estimation Using A Total Variation Bound
* Image interpolation with edge-preserving differential motion refinement
* Joint depth-motion dense estimation for multiview video coding
Includes: Miled, W. Miled, W.[Wided]

Milella, A.[Annalisa] Co Author Listing * 3d Vision-based Shelf Monitoring System for Intelligent Retail
* Disparity Image Analysis for 3D Characterization of Surface Anomalies
* distributed heterogeneous sensor network for tracking and monitoring, A
* multisensor platform for comprehensive detection of crop status: Results from two case studies, A
* Network of Stationary Sensors and Mobile Robots for Distributed Ambient Intelligence, A
* Review on research studies and monitoring system applied to cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian sea, Central-Eastern Mediterranean Sea)
* Stereo-Based Ego-Motion Estimation Using Pixel Tracking and Iterative Closest Point
* vision-based system for robotic inspection of marine vessels, A
Includes: Milella, A.[Annalisa] Milella, A.
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Milella, M.[Maurilio] Co Author Listing * Relative Sea-Level Rise Scenario for 2100 along the Coast of South Eastern Sicily (Italy) by InSAR Data, Satellite Images and High-Resolution Topography

Milelli, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Complete Meteo/Hydro/Hydraulic Chain Application to Support Early Warning and Monitoring Systems: The Apollo Medicane Use Case, A
* Is an NWP-Based Nowcasting System Suitable for Aviation Operations?

Milenkovic, J. Co Author Listing * pre-processing scheme for real-time registration of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images, A

Milenkovic, M.[Milutin] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Ku-Band Profiling Radar Observations of Boreal Forest, An
* Applying Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Soil Surface Roughness Assessment
* openEO API-Harmonising the Use of Earth Observation Cloud Services Using Virtual Data Cube Functionalities, The
* Refinement of Individual Tree Detection Results Obtained from Airborne Laser Scanning Data for a Mixed Natural Forest
* Total canopy transmittance estimated from small-footprint, full-waveform airborne LiDAR

Milenkovic, V.J.[Victor J.] Co Author Listing * Trinocular Vision Using Photometric and Edge Orientation Constraints

Miler, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Impact of Various Atmospheric Corrections on Sentinel-2 Land Cover Classification Accuracy Using Machine Learning Classifiers
* Retrieval of Vertical Mass Concentration Distributions: Vipava Valley Case Study
Includes: Miler, M.[Mario] Miler, M.[Miloš]

Miles, B. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Tree Statistics for Extracting Anatomical Trees from 3D Medical Images

Miles, C. Co Author Listing * Satellite communications as a viable method for biometric record transfer in field biometric devices

Miles, E.[Evan] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Dynamics of a Temperate Tibetan Glacier Revealed by High-Resolution UAV Photogrammetry and In Situ Measurements

Miles, E.S.[Evan S.] Co Author Listing * Anisotropy Parameterization Development and Evaluation for Glacier Surface Albedo Retrieval from Satellite Observations
* Multi-Source Hydrological Data Products to Monitor High Asian River Basins and Regional Water Security

Miles, H.C.[Helen C.] Co Author Listing * Wide Area Multiview Static Crowd Estimation System Using UAV and 3D Training Simulator, A

Miles, J.[Judith] Co Author Listing * Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping

Miles, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis for Identifying Heterogeneity in Medical Images

Miles, L. Co Author Listing * Radio-Frequency Interference Mitigation for the Soil Moisture Active Passive Microwave Radiometer

Miles, M.D. Co Author Listing * Mavis: A Special-Purpose Neural Computational System for ATR

Miles, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Segmenting Un-occluded Items by Actively Casting Shadows
* Image Segmentation of Overlapping Particles in Automatic Size Analysis Using Multi-Flash Imaging

Miles, N.J. Co Author Listing * Classification of Coal Images by a Multi-Scale Segmentation Techniques

Miles, R. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Mapping of Brain Elasticity in Small Animals Using Shear Wave Imaging

Miles, R.B. Co Author Listing * Bringing bombs to light

Miles, R.D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Interpretation of Terrain Features

Miles, R.E. Co Author Listing * survey of geometrical probability in the plane, with emphasis on stochastic image modeling, A

Miles, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Seasonal and Spatial Characteristics of Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) in Northern West Siberian Cities

Milesi, C. Co Author Listing * Exploring Simple Algorithms for Estimating Gross Primary Production in Forested Areas from Satellite Data
* Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing
* Measuring and Monitoring Urban Impacts on Climate Change from Space
* Multi-sensor multi-resolution image fusion for improved vegetation and urban area classification
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Sparse unmixing via variable splitting and augmented Lagrangian for vegetation and urban area classification using Landsat data
* Structural Uncertainty in Model-Simulated Trends of Global Gross Primary Production
Includes: Milesi, C. Milesi, C.[Cristina]
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Milesibellier, C. Co Author Listing * Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing

Mileski, D.[Dimitar] Co Author Listing * Serverless Electrocardiogram Stream Processing in Federated Clouds With Lambda Architecture

Miletic, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Croatian Open Data Portal Using User-Oriented Metrics

Miletic, M.[Mladen] Co Author Listing * review of reinforcement learning applications in adaptive traffic signal control, A

Mileto, C. Co Author Listing * Survey and Restoration

Miletzki, U. Co Author Listing * Character Recognition in Practice Today and Tomorrow
* Schurmann-polynomials: Roots and offsprings their impact on today's pattern recognition

Mileu, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Integrating Risk Assessment into Spatial Planning: RiskOTe Decision Support System

Milev, I. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applied for Reverse Engineering and Monitoring of Historical Buildings

Mileva, Y.[Yana] Co Author Listing * Illumination-Robust Variational Optical Flow with Photometric Invariants

Milewski, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Comparison of TMPA Satellite Precipitation Products in Varying Climatic and Topographic Regimes in Morocco

Milewski, A.M.[Adam M.] Co Author Listing * Downscaling GRACE TWSA Data into High-Resolution Groundwater Level Anomaly Using Machine Learning-Based Models in a Glacial Aquifer System
* Satellite-Based Approach for Quantifying Terrestrial Water Cycle Intensity, A
* Spatial Downscaling of GRACE TWSA Data to Identify Spatiotemporal Groundwater Level Trends in the Upper Floridan Aquifer, Georgia, USA

Milewski, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Analyses of Namibian Seasonal Salt Pan Crust Dynamics and Climatic Drivers Using Landsat 8 Time-Series and Ground Data
* Analyses of Recent Sediment Surface Dynamic of a Namibian Kalahari Salt Pan Based on Multitemporal Landsat and Hyperspectral Hyperion Data
* Analyses of the Impact of Soil Conditions and Soil Degradation on Vegetation Vitality and Crop Productivity Based on Airborne Hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR-TIR Data in a Semi-Arid Rainfed Agricultural Area (Camarena, Central Spain)
* Evaluation of Airborne HySpex and Spaceborne PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Soil Organic Matter and Carbonates Estimation

Milewski, R.J.[Robert Jay] Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of handwritten medical forms for search engines
* Binarization and cleanup of handwritten text from carbon copy medical form images
* Extraction of Handwritten Text from Carbon Copy Medical Form Images
* lexicon reduction strategy in the context of handwritten medical forms, A
* Medical word recognition using a computational semantic lexicon
Includes: Milewski, R.J.[Robert Jay] Milewski, R.J.[Robert J.] Milewski, R.J.

Milewski, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Integration of Sentinel-3 and MODIS Vegetation Indices with ERA-5 Agro-Meteorological Indicators for Operational Crop Yield Forecasting

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