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Meck, M.[Marvin] Co Author Listing * Holistic Concept to Design Optimal Water Supply Infrastructures for Informal Settlements Using Remote Sensing Data, A

Mecke, J. Co Author Listing * On the relationship between the 0-cell and the typical cell of a stationary random tessellation

Mecke, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D motion and shape from multiple image sequences
* Adaptive Filtering of Distorted Displacement Vector Fields Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Hierarchical Method for Stereophotogrammetric Multi-object-position Measurement
* Photogrammetric measurement of patients in radiotherapy
* Robust Method for Block-Based Motion Estimation in RGB-Image Sequences, A
Includes: Mecke, R. Mecke, R.[Rudiger]

Mecklenbrauker, C.F. Co Author Listing * Increased Traffic Flow Through Node-Based Bottleneck Prediction and V2X Communication
* Measurement-Based Burst-Error Performance Modeling for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
* Modeling the Imperfect Driver: Incorporating Human Factors in a Microscopic Traffic Model
* Multisnapshot Sparse Bayesian Learning for DOA
* Serial subtractive deconvolution algorithms for time-domain ultra wide band in-vehicle channel sounding
* Time- and Frequency-Varying K -Factor of Non-Stationary Vehicular Channels for Safety-Relevant Scenarios
Includes: Mecklenbrauker, C.F. Mecklenbräuker, C.F. (Maybe also Mecklenbraeuker, C.F.)

Mecklenburg, R. Co Author Listing * UPE: Utah Prototyping Environment for Robot Manipulators

Mecklenburg, S. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Issue on the ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission (SMOS): Instrument Performance and First Results
* Salinity Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP): A Hub for Validation and Exploitation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Data, The
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
Includes: Mecklenburg, S. Mecklenburg, S.[Susanne]

Mecklenburg, S.M. Co Author Listing * SMOS Radiometer in the 1400-1427-MHz Passive Band: Impact of the RFI Environment and Approach to Its Mitigation and Cancellation

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