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Maksai, A.[Andrii] Co Author Listing * Eliminating Exposure Bias and Metric Mismatch in Multiple Object Tracking
* Non-Markovian Globally Consistent Multi-object Tracking
* What Players do with the Ball: A Physically Constrained Interaction Modeling
* WILDTRACK: A Multi-camera HD Dataset for Dense Unscripted Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Maksai, A.[Andrii] Maksai, A.

Makshtas, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Observations of Wintertime Low-Level Jets in the Coastal Region of the Laptev Sea in the Siberian Arctic Using SODAR/RASS

Maksimainen, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * Automated Multi-Sensor 3D Reconstruction for the Web
* Evaluating the Quality of TLS Point Cloud Colorization
* Interactive Geo-information In Virtual Reality: Observations and Future Challenges
* Luminance-Corrected 3D Point Clouds for Road and Street Environments
* Nighttime Mobile Laser Scanning and 3D Luminance Measurement: Verifying the Outcome of Roadside Tree Pruning with Mobile Measurement of the Road Environment
Includes: Maksimainen, M.[Mikko] Maksimainen, M.

Maksimenko, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Full Field X-Ray Scatter Tomography
* Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography
Includes: Maksimenko, A.[Anton] Maksimenko, A.

Maksimiuk, D.[Dariusz] Co Author Listing * Method of Fast and Simultaneous Calibration of Many Mobile FMCW Radars Operating in a Network Anti-Drone System, A

Maksimov, A.A. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Technique for Timber Stack Volume Contol
* Vision Based Automated Anthropological Measurements and Analysis

Maksimov, D. Co Author Listing * Graph-Matching Based CTA

Maksimov, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * When security games hit traffic: A deployed optimal traffic enforcement system

Maksimovic Moicevic, S.[Sanja] Co Author Listing * Objective estimation of subjective image quality assessment using multi-parameter prediction
Includes: Maksimovic Moicevic, S.[Sanja] Maksimovic-Moicevic, S.[Sanja]

Maksoud, S.[Sam] Co Author Listing * DIODE: Dilatable Incremental Object Detection
* SID: Incremental learning for anchor-free object detection via Selective and Inter-related Distillation
* SOS: Selective Objective Switch for Rapid Immunofluorescence Whole Slide Image Classification
Includes: Maksoud, S.[Sam] Maksoud, S.

Maksud, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Secret Key Generation by Continuous Encryption Before Quantization

Maksudov, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Image Registration in Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT Imaging

Maksym, J.N.[Joseph N.] Co Author Listing * Acoustic signal interpretation: Reasoning with non-specific and uncertain information
* Machine analysis of acoustical signals

Maksym, T.[Ted] Co Author Listing * Scientific Challenges and Present Capabilities in Underwater Robotic Vehicle Design and Navigation for Oceanographic Exploration Under-Ice
* Textural Approach to Improving Snow Depth Estimates in the Weddell Sea, A

Maksymenko, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Approximation of EEG Forward Problem and Application to Tissue Conductivity Estimation

Maksymenko, M.[Mykola] Co Author Listing * Towards realistic symmetry-based completion of previously unseen point clouds

Maksymets, O.[Oleksandr] Co Author Listing * Embodied Question Answering in Photorealistic Environments With Point Cloud Perception
* Habitat: A Platform for Embodied AI Research
* Is Mapping Necessary for Realistic PointGoal Navigation?
* THDA: Treasure Hunt Data Augmentation for Semantic Navigation
* Waypoint Models for Instruction-guided Navigation in Continuous Environments
Includes: Maksymets, O.[Oleksandr] Maksymets, O.

Maksymiuk, O. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion for Building Reconstruction from Multi-Aspect INSAR Data
* Determination of Glacier Surface Area Using Spaceborne SAR Imagery
* Radargrammetric registration of airborne multi-aspect SAR data of urban areas
Includes: Maksymiuk, O. Maksymiuk, O.[Oliver]

Maksymiuk, R.[Radoslaw] Co Author Listing * Renyi Entropy-Based Adaptive Integration Method for 5G-Based Passive Radar Drone Detection

Maksymonko, G.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of High Resolution Imagery for Object Detection

Maksymyuk, T.[Taras] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Route Selection With Allocation of Radio and Computing Resources for Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Maksyutov, S.[Shamil] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Four Years of Global XCO2 Anomalies as Seen by Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
* Assessment of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions over Large Regions Based on GOSAT Observations and High Resolution Transport Modeling
* Climate-Induced Extreme Hydrologic Events in the Arctic
* Country-Scale Analysis of Methane Emissions with a High-Resolution Inverse Model Using GOSAT and Surface Observations
* Methane Emission Estimates by the Global High-Resolution Inverse Model Using National Inventories

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