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Maas, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification Of High Resolution Satellite Imagery: A Case Study For Urban Areas In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
* Automatically Generated Training Data for Land Cover Classification With CNNs Using Sentinel-2 Images

Maas, A.E.[Alina E.] Co Author Listing * label noise tolerant random forest for the classification of remote sensing data based on outdated maps for training, A

Maas, H. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Techniques For The Determination Of Spatio-temporal Velocity Fields At Glaciar San Rafael

Maas, H.G.[Hans Gerd] Co Author Listing * email: Maas, H.G.[Hans Gerd]: h -g maas AT geo tudelft nl
* 3D building model generation from airborne laserscanner data using 2D GIS data and orthogonal point cloud projections
* 3D Determination of Very Dense Particle Velocity Fields by Tomographic Reconstruction from Four Camera Views and Voxel Space Tracking
* 3d Least Squares Matching Applied to Micro-tomography Data
* 3D Least Squares Tracking in Time-resolved Tomographic Reconstructions of Dense Flow Marker Particle Fields
* Advanced spatio-temporal filtering techniques for photogrammetric image sequence analysis in civil engineering material testing
* Aerotriangulation and DEM/Orthophoto Generation from High-Resolution Still-Video Imagery: On the Potential of Digital Cameras Onboard an Aircraft
* Analysis and correction of ocean wave pattern induced systematic coordinate errors in airborne LiDAR bathymetry
* Analysis Of The Effect Of Wave Patterns On Refraction In Airborne Lidar Bathymetry
* Analysis of the motion behaviour of Jacobshaven isbrŠ glacier in Greenland by monocular image sequence analysis
* Automated Method For 3d Roof Outline Generation And Regularization In Airbone Laser Scanner Data, An
* Automatic Feature Matching Between Digital Images And 2d Representations Of A 3d Laser Scanner Point Cloud
* Automatic Processing Of Mobile Laser Scanner Point Clouds For Building Fašade Detection
* Automatic techniques for 3D reconstruction of critical workplace body postures from range imaging data
* autonomous image based approach for detecting glacial lake outburst floods, An
* Bi-Radial Model for Lens Distortion Correction of Low-Cost UAV Cameras, A
* Cascaded image analysis for dynamic crack detection in material testing
* Closed Solutions for the Determination of Parametric Building Models from Invariant Moments of Airborne Laserscanner Data
* Combined Bundle Adjustment of Panoramic and Central Perspective Images
* Correcting attenuation effects caused by interactions in the forest canopy in full-waveform airborne laser scanner data
* Crack Width Measurement for Non-planar Surfaces By Triangle Mesh Analysis in Civil Engineering Material Testing
* Cycle graph analysis for 3D roof structure modelling: Concepts and performance
* Detection and Extraction of Water Bottom Topography From Laserbathymetry Data By Using Full-waveform-stacking Techniques
* Development of a geometric model for an all-reflective camera system
* Evaluating Thermal Attribute Mapping Strategies for Oblique Airborne Photogrammetric System AOS-Tx8
* Feature tracking in 3-D fluid tomography sequences
* Fusion of thermal imagery with point clouds for building fašade thermal attribute mapping
* Generation of Multitemporal Thermal Orthophotos from UAV Data
* Generation of TIR-attributed 3D Point Clouds from UAV-based Thermal Imagery
* Geometric Refinement of ALS-Data Derived Building Models Using Monoscopic Aerial Images
* Glacier Velocity Determination from Multi-Temporal Long Range Laser Scanner Point Clouds
* GPU-based Volumetric Reconstruction Of Trees From Multiple Images
* Image sequence based automatic multi-camera system calibration techniques
* Improvements in Lidar Bathymetry Data Analysis
* Integrated 3D Range Camera Self-Calibration
* Integrated Bundle Adjustment with Variance Component Estimation: Fusion of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data, Panoramic and Central Perspective Image Data
* Integrated Flexible Self-calibration Approach for 2D Laser Scanning Range Finders Applied to the Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW, An
* Integrated Georeferencing of LiDAR and Camera Data Acquired from a Moving Platform
* Integrated Processing Of High Resolution Topographic Data For Soil Erosion Assessment Considering Data Acquisition Schemes And Surface Properties
* ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing theme issue Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Knowledge-Based Building Detection Based on Laser Scanner Data and Topographic Map Information
* Method for The Registration of Hemispherical Photographs and TLS Intensity Images, A
* Methods for the automatic geometric registration of terrestrial laser scanner point clouds in forest stands
* Modular Geometric Model for Underwater Photogrammetry, A
* Motion Analysis of Fast Flowing Glaciers from Multi-temporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* On the accuracy potential of focused plenoptic camera range determination in long distance operation
* Optical Triangulation On Instationary Water Surfaces
* Photogrammetric determination of 3D crack opening vectors from 3D displacement fields
* Pilot Studies With A Photogrammetric Glacier Lake Outburst Flood Early Warning System
* Quantitative Measurement of Soil Erosion from TLS and UAV Data
* Radiometric enhancement of full-waveform airborne laser scanner data for volumetric representation in environmental applications
* Recognition Of Drainage Tunnels During Glacier Lake Outburst Events From Terrestrial Image Sequences
* Sensor modelling and camera calibration for close-range photogrammetry
* Shutter-less Temperature-dependent Correction for Uncooled Thermal Camera Under Fast Changing FPA Temperature
* Strict Geometric Calibration of An Underwater Laser Triangulation System
* Suitability for Airborne Laser Scanner Data for Automatic 3D Object Reconstruction, The
* Supervised Detection of Fašade Openings in 3D Point Clouds with Thermal Attributes
* Theme Issue: Image Analysis and Image Engineering in Close Range Photogrammetry
* Topology Extraction Using Depth First Search On Voxel Representations Of Tree Point Clouds
* Two algorithms for extracting building models from raw laser altimetry data
* UAV-Based Acquisition of 3D Point Cloud: A Comparison of a Low-Cost Laser Scanner and SFM-Tools
* Universal Approach for Geometric Modelling in Underwater Stereo Image Processing, A
* Validation of geometric models for fisheye lenses
* Volumetric nonlinear ortho full-waveform stacking in airborne LiDAR bathymetry for reliable water bottom point detection in shallow waters
* Voxel Space Analysis Of Terrestrial Laser Scans In Forests For Wind Field Modeling
* voxel-based technique to estimate the volume of trees from terrestrial laser scanner data, A
* Water Turbidity Estimation From Lidar Bathymetry Data By Full-waveform Analysis - Comparison of Two Approaches
Includes: Maas, H.G.[Hans Gerd] Maas, H.G.[Hans-Gerd] Maas, H.G.
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Maas, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Transport Based Image Morphing with Intensity Modulation

Maas, M. Co Author Listing * 4D Statistical Model of Wrist Bone Motion Patterns, A
* Constrained Registration of the Wrist Joint
* Observing System Simulation Experiment for the Aquarius/SAC-D Soil Moisture Product, An
* statistical shape model without using landmarks, A

Maas, N.[Niko] Co Author Listing * Hybrid State Estimation: A Contribution Towards Reliability Enhancement of Artificial Neural Network Estimators

Maas, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * email: Maas, R.[Robert]: robert AT isi uu nl
* Area-Based Computation of Stereo Disparity with Model-Based Window Size Selection
* Binocular Stereo from Grey-Scale Images
* Multiscale Taylor Series Approaches to Optic Flow and Stereo: A Generalization of Optic Flow Under the Aperture, A
* NLMS Algorithm with Time-Variant Optimum Stepsize Derived from a Bayesian Network Perspective, The
* On the Duality of Scalar and Density Flows
* Pseudo-Linear Scale-Space Theory
Includes: Maas, R.[Robert] Maas, R.
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Maas, S.A.[Steve A.] Co Author Listing * Strain Measurement in the Left Ventricle During Systole with Deformable Image Registration

Maas, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Cotton Nitrogen Nutrition Status Using Leaf Greenness and Ground Cover Information
* Index of Soil Moisture Using Raw Landsat Image Digital Count Data in Texas High Plains
* Three-Dimensional Index for Characterizing Crop Water Stress, A
Includes: Maas, S.J.[Stephen J.] Maas, S.J.[Stephan J.]

Maas, S.M.P.[Sander M.P.] Co Author Listing * Accurate eye localization in low and standard definition content
* Eye localization for face matching: is it always useful and under what conditions?
* Eye localization in low and standard definition content with application to face matching

Maaskant, R. Co Author Listing * High-Sensitivity Phased Array Receivers for Radio Astronomy

Maass, A. Co Author Listing * Ancient Mining Landscapes and Habitative Sceneries in The Urban Area Of Centocelle: Geomatic Applications for Their Identification, Measurement, Documentation and Monitoring
* Appraisal of Ancient Quarries and WWII Air Raids as Factors of Subsidence in Rome: A Geomatic Approach
Includes: Maass, A. Maass, A.[Alexander]

Maass, N. Co Author Listing * Epipolar Consistency in Transmission Imaging
* Estimating the Fundamental Matrix Without Point Correspondences With Application to Transmission Imaging

Maass, P. Co Author Listing * Magnification of Label Maps With a Topology-Preserving Level-Set Method
* Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis
* Regularization by Architecture: A Deep Prior Approach for Inverse Problems
Includes: Maass, P. Maass, P.[Peter]

Maass, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Cd2: Combined Distances of Contrast Distributions for Image Quality Analysis
* From Vision To Multimodal Communication: Incremental Route Descriptions
* New Approach towards Vision Suggested by Biologically Realistic Neural Microcircuit Models, A
Includes: Maass, W.[Wolfgang] Maass, W.

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