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Lecocq Botte, C. Co Author Listing * Cluster analysis by binary morphology
Includes: Lecocq Botte, C. Lecocq-Botte, C.

Lecocq, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Archaeological Artifacts on the Excavation Site

Lecoeuche, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * extension of kernel learning methods using a modified Log-Euclidean distance for fast and accurate skeleton-based Human Action Recognition, An
* fast and accurate motion descriptor for human action recognition applications, A
* Human action classification using surf based spatio-temporal correlated descriptors
* Kinematic Spline Curves: A temporal invariant descriptor for fast action recognition
* Temporal video segmentation using a switched affine models identification technique
Includes: Lecoeuche, S.[Stephane] Lecoeuche, S.[Stéphane] Lecoeuche, S.

Lecolinet, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Reading of Cursive Scripts Using a Reading Model and Perceptual Concepts
* Automatic Reading of Cursive Scripts Using Human Knowledge
* Conveying Emotions Through Device-Initiated Touch
* Cursive Handwriting Recognition Using the Hough Transform and a Neural Network
* Grapheme-Based Segmentation Technique for Cursive Script Recognition, A
* Image and Text Coupling for Creating Electronic Books from Manuscripts
* Multi-Classifier Strategy for the Recognition of Handwritten Cursive Words, A
* New Model for Context Driven Word Recognition, A
* new perceptive system for the recognition of cursive handwriting, A
* New System for Automatic Segmentation and Recognition of Unconstrained Zip Codes, A
* Off-line recognition of handwritten cursive script for the automatic reading of city names on real mail
* Segmentation d'images de mots manuscrits
* Survey of Methods and Strategies in Character Segmentation, A
Includes: Lecolinet, E. Lecolinet, E.[Eric]
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Lecomte, C.[Christele] Co Author Listing * Automatic Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval Using Belief Functions, An
* Preceding car tracking using belief functions and a particle filter
* Towards the Tactile Discovery of Cultural Heritage with Multi-approach Segmentation
Includes: Lecomte, C.[Christele] Lecomte, C.[Christèle]

Lecomte, J.[Jules] Co Author Listing * Neuromorphic Optical Flow and Real-time Implementation with Event Cameras

Lecomte, R. Co Author Listing * Energy dependence of nonstationary scatter subtraction-restoration in high resolution PET
* List-mode image reconstruction for real-time PET imaging
Includes: Lecomte, R. Lecomte, R.[Roger]

Lecomte, S. Co Author Listing * Abnormal events detection using unsupervised One-Class SVM: Application to audio surveillance and evaluation
* Auto-synchronized selective encryption of video contents for an improved transmission robustness over error-prone channels
* real-time ciphering transcoder for H.264 and HEVC streams, A
Includes: Lecomte, S. Lecomte, S.[Sebastien]

Lecomte, T.[Timothee] Co Author Listing * Fluid optical flow for forces and pressure field estimation in cellular biology

Leconge, R. Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction method of the proximal femur and shape correction
* Comparison of Image Restoration Methods for Bioluminescence Imaging
* discrete Hidden Markov models recognition module for temporal series: Application to real-time 3D hand gestures, A
* Hand Posture Recognition with Multiview Descriptors
* New Adaptive Switching Median Filter, A
* Real-time camera orientation estimation based on vanishing point tracking under Manhattan World assumption
Includes: Leconge, R. Leconge, R.[Remy] Leconge, R.[Rémy]

Leconte, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction of Multi-Spectral Littoral Images Using a PHOTONS/AERONET-Based Regional Aerosol Model

Leconte, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Spatial Resolution of SMAP Soil Moisture Products through Spatial Downscaling over a Large Watershed: A Case Study for the Susquehanna River Basin in the Northeastern United States

Lecoq, J.C. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking commercial OCR engines for technical drawings indexing
* Spatial alphanumerical attributes for graphical treatings

Lecoq, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Method for Quantifying and Mapping the Grain Size on Pebble Beaches, A

Lecoq, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * SNR of Positron Emission Data With Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Time-of-Flight Kernels, With Application to Prompt Photon Coincidence, The

Lecordix, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Platform for Research in Generalization: Application to Caricature, A

Lecornu, L. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous tracking of the two edges of linear structures

Lecorve, G.[Gwenole] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Speech for Automatic TV Delinearization: From Streams to Cross-Media Semantic Navigation
Includes: Lecorve, G.[Gwenole] Lecorvé, G.[Gwénolé]

Lecouat, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Fully Trainable and Interpretable Non-local Sparse Models for Image Restoration
* Lucas-Kanade Reloaded: End-to-End Super-Resolution from Raw Image Bursts
* Mixed Membership Generative Adversarial Networks
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Burst Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Lecours, V. Co Author Listing * Artefacts in Marine Digital Terrain Models: A Multiscale Analysis of Their Impact on the Derivation of Terrain Attributes
* Quantifying Intertidal Habitat Relative Coverage in a Florida Estuary Using UAS Imagery and GEOBIA
Includes: Lecours, V. Lecours, V.[Vincent]

Lecourt, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Snowpack Simulations in Complex Alpine Terrain Using Satellite and In Situ Observations
Includes: Lecourt, G.[Gregoire] Lecourt, G.[Grégoire]

Lecourtier, Y. Co Author Listing * Affixal approach for Arabic decomposable vocabulary recognition a validation on printed word in only one font
* Approximation of Digital Curves using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
* Automatic reading of the literal amount of bank checks
* Clustering Data: Dealing with High Density Variations
* Combining Structural and Statistical Features for the Recognition of Handwritten Characters
* Controlling the diversity in classifier ensembles through a measure of agreement
* Coupling Observation/Letter for a Markovian Modelisation Applied to the Recognition of Arabic Handwriting
* Experimental Comparison of Combination Rules using Simulated Data
* Extraction of Information Structures on a Form Base
* From Acquisition to Modelisation of a Form Base to Retrieve Information
* From data topology to a modular classifier
* Handwriting Recognition: Application on Bank Cheques
* Image Interpretation Device Cannot Be Reliable Without Any Semantic Coherency Analysis of the Interpretated Objects: Applied to French Cadastral Maps, An
* Incremental Distributed Classifier Building
* integer linear program for substitution-tolerant subgraph isomorphism and its use for symbol spotting in technical drawings, An
* Linguistic integration information in the aabatas arabic text analysis system
* modified contour following algorithm applied to document segmentation, A
* multi-model selection framework for unknown and/or evolutive misclassification cost problems, A
* Multi-Objective Optimization for SVM Model Selection
* Multilevel Approach and Distributed Consistency for Technical Map Interpretation: Application to Cadastral Maps
* Multiscale and Multiorientation Recognition Technique Applied to Document Interpretation: Application to the French Telephone Network Maps, A
* new classifier simulator for evaluating parallel combination methods, A
* new method of distortion-invariant character recognition, A
* Numeral Amount Recognition on Multi-Bank Checks
* Original Approach for Extracting Circular Shapes from Technical Charts, An
* Recognition of handwritten sentences using a restricted lexicon
* Recursive Estimation of Parameters of Straight Lines and Circles: Application to the Segmentation of the Rey's Complex Figure
* Script and nature differentiation for Arabic and Latin text images
* Segmentation and coding of Arabic handwritten words
* Similitude Invariant Pattern Recognition on Technical Documents
* Simulating classifier ensembles of fixed diversity for studying plurality voting performance
* Structural-Analysis of Arabic Handwriting: Segmentation and Recognition
* Structural/Statistical Feature Based Vector for Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* Symbol Detection Using Region Adjacency Graphs and Integer Linear Programming
* Technical Map Interpretation: A Distributed Approach
* Two aspects of automatic map treatment: road and texture extractions
Includes: Lecourtier, Y. Lecourtier, Y.[Yves]
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Lecoutre, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Bilateral K-Means for Superpixel Computation (the SLIC Method)
Includes: Lecoutre, J.[Jeremie] Lecoutre, J.[Jérémie]

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