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Koul, A.[Anirudh] Co Author Listing * Learn-to-Race: A Multimodal Control Environment for Autonomous Racing
* What Will I Do Next? The Intention from Motion Experiment
Includes: Koul, A.[Anirudh] Koul, A.[Atesh]

Koulakis, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * Affect-DML: Context-Aware One-Shot Recognition of Human Affect using Deep Metric Learning
* Hierarchical Nearest Neighbor Graph Embedding for Efficient Dimensionality Reduction
* Is My Driver Observation Model Overconfident? Input-Guided Calibration Networks for Reliable and Interpretable Confidence Estimates

Koulali, M.A.[Mohammed Amine] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection as a Hedonic Coalition Formation Game for Arabic Topic Detection
Includes: Koulali, M.A.[Mohammed Amine] Koulali, M.A.[Mohammed-Amine]

Koulali, R.[Rim] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection as a Hedonic Coalition Formation Game for Arabic Topic Detection

Koulalis, I.[Ilias] Co Author Listing * Imageability-Based Multi-modal Analysis of Urban Environments for Architects and Artists

Koulamas, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision-Based System for Textile Fabric Inspection

Koulaouzidis, A.[Anastasios] Co Author Listing * Automatic lesion detection in wireless capsule endoscopy: A simple solution for a complex problem
* Detecting and Locating Gastrointestinal Anomalies Using Deep Learning and Iterative Cluster Unification
* Investigating Cross-Dataset Abnormality Detection in Endoscopy with A Weakly-Supervised Multiscale Convolutional Neural Network
* Weakly-Supervised Lesion Detection in Video Capsule Endoscopy Based on a Bag-of-Colour Features Model
Includes: Koulaouzidis, A.[Anastasios] Koulaouzidis, A.

Koulermou, N.[Niki] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Ground Movement Due to Swelling/Shrinkage of Nicosia Marl

Koulgi, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Graphical Model-Based Tracking of Curvilinear Structures in Bio-image Sequences

Kouli, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * 2021 Greece Central Crete ML 5.8 Earthquake: An Example of Coalescent Fault Segments Reconstructed from InSAR and GNSS Data, The
* Editorial for the Special Issue Application of Satellite Remote Sensing in Solving Urban Geo-Environmental Issues
* Satellite-Observed Thermal Anomalies and Deformation Patterns Associated to the 2021, Central Crete Seismic Sequence

Koulibaly, P.M. Co Author Listing * Poisson statistic and half-quadratic regularization for emission tomography reconstruction algorithm
* Toward Accurate Segmentation of the LV Myocardium and Chamber for Volumes Estimation in Gated SPECT Sequences
Includes: Koulibaly, P.M. Koulibaly, P.M.[Pierre Malick]

Kouloheris, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Cost Function with Position Penalty for Motion Estimation in MPEG-2 Video Coding, A
* Issues in reduced-resolution decoding of MPEG video
* Statistical model-based video segmentation and its application to very low bit-rate video coding
Includes: Kouloheris, J.[Jack] Kouloheris, J.

Kouloumdjian, J. Co Author Listing * Modeling and querying video data: a hybrid approach

Koulouriotis, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Optic Recognition of Alphanumeric Content in Car License Plates in a Semi-structured Environment
* Development of an intelligent CAD system for mass detection in mammographic images
Includes: Koulouriotis, D. Koulouriotis, D.[Dimitrios]

Koulouriotis, D.E. Co Author Listing * Accurate and speedy computation of image Legendre moments for computer vision applications
* Computing Orthogonal Moments in Biomedical Imaging
* Efficient and accurate computation of geometric moments on gray-scale images
* Generalized dual Hahn moment invariants
* Novel moment invariants for improved classification performance in computer vision applications
* Unified Methodology for Computing Accurate Quaternion Color Moments and Moment Invariants, A

Koulouris, D.[Dionysios] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality for Indoor Localization and Navigation: The Case of UNIPI AR Experience

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