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Koivisto, A.[Antti] Co Author Listing * Live Multimedia Adaptation Through Wireless Hybrid Networks
* Multimedia Presentation and Transmission Standards and Their Support for Automatic Analysis, Conversion and Scaling: A Survey

Koivisto, P.[Pertti] Co Author Listing * Removing Impulse Bursts from Images by Training-Based Filtering
* Shape Preservation Criteria and Optimal Soft Morphological Filtering
* Training based Optimization of Weighted Order Statistic Filters under Breakdown Criteria
* Training-Based Optimization of Soft Morphological Filters
Includes: Koivisto, P.[Pertti] Koivisto, P.

Koivo, A.J. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Classification of Surface-Defects on Dusty Wood Boards
* Real-Time Vision Feedback for Servoing Robotic Manipulator with Self-Tuning Controller

Koivula, A. Co Author Listing * AVX2-optimized Kvazaar HEVC intra encoder
* Comparative study of 8 and 10-bit HEVC encoders
* Kvazaar HEVC still image coding on Raspberry Pi 2 for low-cost remote surveillance

Koivula, H.[Hannu] Co Author Listing * GPS Time Series Analysis from Aboa the Finnish Antarctic Research Station
* TEC Anomalies Detection for Qinghai and Yunnan Earthquakes on 21 May 2021

Koivumaki, N.[Niko] Co Author Listing * Estimating Grass Sward Quality and Quantity Parameters Using Drone Remote Sensing with Deep Neural Networks
* Estimating Tree Health Decline Caused by Ips typographus L. from UAS RGB Images Using a Deep One-Stage Object Detection Neural Network
* Image-Based Real-Time Georeferencing Scheme for a UAV Based on a New Angular Parametrization, An
* Multispectral Imagery Provides Benefits for Mapping Spruce Tree Decline Due to Bark Beetle Infestation When Acquired Late in the Season
Includes: Koivumaki, N.[Niko] Koivumäki, N.[Niko] (Maybe also Koivumaeki, N.)

Koivunen, T.[Tero] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation using combined shape and edge matching

Koivunen, V. Co Author Listing * Alternative Derivation of FastICA With Novel Power Iteration Algorithm
* Compound-Gaussian Clutter Modeling With an Inverse Gaussian Texture Distribution
* Covariance estimation in multivariate OS-filtering
* Estimating Directional Statistics Using Wavefield Modeling and Mixtures of von-Mises Distributions
* Evaluating Quality of Surface Description Using Robust Methods
* Geometric Methods for Building CAD Models from Range Data
* Identifiability, Separability, and Uniqueness of Linear ICA Models
* Machine Vision Tools for CAGD
* Median and robust polynomial filters for multivariate image data
* Multivariate MTM filters-analysis and design options
* Nonlinear Filtering of Multivariate Images Under Robust Error Criterion
* Nonlinear Filtering Techniques for Multivariate Images: Design and Robustness Characterization
* Orthogonal Spline Fitting in Range Data
* Radar Waveform Sidelobe Level Optimality and Sampling
* robust approach to enhancement of multivariate images, A
* Robust Estimation in Signal Processing: A Tutorial-Style Treatment of Fundamental Concepts
* robust nonlinear filter for image restoration, A
* Sparse Active Rectangular Array With Few Closely Spaced Elements
* Spatial Sign and Rank Cyclic Detectors
* Spline representations in 3-D vision
Includes: Koivunen, V. Koivunen, V.[Visa]
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Koivuniemi, M.[Meeri] Co Author Listing * Automatic individual identification of Saimaa ringed seals
* Segmentation of Saimaa Ringed Seals for Identification Purposes

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