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Kam, A.C. Co Author Listing * Document Image Decoding by Heuristic Search
* Heuristic Document Image Decoding Using Markov Source Models
* Separable Source Models for Document Image Decoding

Kam, A.H. Co Author Listing * Automated recognition of highly complex human behavior
* bayesian framework for robust human detection and occlusion handling using human shape model, A
* Focal length self-calibration based on degenerated kruppa's equations method and evaluation
* Framework for Foreground Detection in Complex Environments, A
* General Method for Unsupervised Segmentation of Images Using a Multiscale Approach, A
* Human detection and tracking within hostile aquatic environments
* Specular Reflection Removal for Human Detection under Aquatic Environment
* Unsupervised multiscale image segmentation
* Video-Based Drowning Detection System, A
Includes: Kam, A.H. Kam, A.H.[Alvin H.]
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Kam, A.L. Co Author Listing * linear self-calibration approach for camera focal length estimation, A

Kam, C.H.C. Co Author Listing * SmartMood: Toward Pervasive Mood Tracking and Analysis for Manic Episode Detection

Kam, H.C.[Ho Chuen] Co Author Listing * Dual Back-to-Back Kinects for 3-D Reconstruction

Kam, H.S. Co Author Listing * Noise Detection Fuzzy (NDF) Filter for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise

Kam, J.[Johnny] Co Author Listing * Smart Buffer for Tracking Using Motion Data, A
* UAV Remote Sensing for High-Throughput Phenotyping and for Yield Prediction of Miscanthus by Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Kam, J.[Johnny] Kam, J.[Jason]

Kam, J.W.[Jae Won] Co Author Listing * CostDCNet: Cost Volume Based Depth Completion for a Single RGB-D Image
* Deep Virtual Markers for Articulated 3D Shapes
Includes: Kam, J.W.[Jae Won] Kam, J.W.[Jae-Won]

Kam, L.[Lui] Co Author Listing * Are Multifractal Multipermuted Multinomial Measures Good Enough for Unsupervised Image Segmentation?

Kam, M. Co Author Listing * Applying the Hungarian Method to Stereo Matching
* Automatic Tracking and Motility Analysis of Human Sperm in Time-Lapse Images
* Computing the Cost of Occlusion
* Coopertive surveillance in video sensor networks
* Disparity maps for dynamic stereo
* Sensor Fusion for Mobile Robot Navigation
* Visualization of Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
* Weighted matchings for dense stereo correspondence
Includes: Kam, M. Kam, M.[Moshe]
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Kam, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood, Magnitude-Based, Amplitude and Noise Variance Estimation

Kam, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning of Static and Dynamic Brain Functional Networks for Early MCI Detection

Kam, T.E.[Tae Eui] Co Author Listing * hierarchical stimulus presentation paradigm for a P300-based Hangul speller, A
* Motion Sickness Prediction Based on Dry EEG in Real Driving Environment
Includes: Kam, T.E.[Tae Eui] Kam, T.E.[Tae-Eui]

Kam, Z.[Zvi] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Deconvolution Using Machine Learning for Three-Dimensional Microscopy

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