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Kada, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * 3D Building Reconstruction from Lidar Based on a Cell Decomposition Approach
* ALS Point Cloud Classification Using Pointnet++ and Kpconv with Prior Knowledge
* Animation Strategies For Smooth Transformations Between Discrete Lods Of 3d Building Models
* Automatic Extraction And Regularization Of Building Outlines From Airborne Lidar Point Clouds
* Building Roof Vectorization with Ppgnet
* Cell Decomposition for the Generation of Building Models at Multiple Scales
* Exploring the Latent Manifold of City Patterns
* Improving Road Surface Area Extraction via Semantic Segmentation with Conditional Generative Learning for Deep Inpainting Operations
* On-the-Fly Adaptive Subdivision Terrain
* Processing of 3D Building Models for Location Aware Applications
* Quantitative Assessment of Vertical and Horizontal Deformations Derived by 3D and 2D Decompositions of InSAR Line-of-Sight Measurements to Supplement Industry Surveillance Programs in the Tengiz Oilfield (Kazakhstan)
* Radar Remote Sensing to Supplement Pipeline Surveillance Programs through Measurements of Surface Deformations and Identification of Geohazard Risks
* Space Partitioning for Privacy Enabled 3D City Models
* Sub-surface Growing And Boundary Generalization For 3d Building Reconstruction
* Sweep-plane Algorithm for the Simplification of 3D Building Models In The Application Scenario of Wind Simulations, A
* Towards Object Driven Floor Plan Extraction From Laser Point Cloud
* update on automatic 3D building reconstruction, An
* Urbis Project: Identification And Characterization Of Potential Urban Development Areas As A Web-based Service, The
Includes: Kada, M.[Martin] Kada, M.
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Kadaba, S.R. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Decision-Feedback for Segmentation of Binary Images
* Image restoration using recursive Markov random field models driven by Cauchy distributed noise
* Recursive Estimation of Images Using Non-gaussian Autoregressive Models

Kadah, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic suppression of spatially variant translational motion artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging
* Classification algorithms for quantitative tissue characterization of diffuse liver disease from ultrasound images
* Computer aided diagnosis in digital mammography using combined support vector machine and linear discriminant analyasis classification
* Real Time Adaptive Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Coherence Enhancement
* Robust Estimation of Planar Rigid Body Motion in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Study of compressed sensing application to low dose computed tomography data collection
* Theory of true-velocity duplex imaging using a single transducer
Includes: Kadah, Y.M. Kadah, Y.M.[Yasser M.]
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Kadaikar, A.[Aysha] Co Author Listing * Joint disparity and variable size-block optimization algorithm for stereoscopic image compression
* Sequential block-based disparity map estimation algorithm for stereoscopic image coding

Kadam, P.[Pranav] Co Author Listing * GSIP: Green Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Indoor Point Clouds
* PCRP: Unsupervised Point Cloud Object Retrieval and Pose Estimation
* Pointhop++: A Lightweight Learning Model on Point Sets for 3D Classification
* PointHop: An Explainable Machine Learning Method for Point Cloud Classification
* R-PointHop: A Green, Accurate, and Unsupervised Point Cloud Registration Method
* Unsupervised Feedforward Feature (UFF) Learning for Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
* Unsupervised Point Cloud Registration via Salient Points Analysis (SPA)
Includes: Kadam, P.[Pranav] Kadam, P.
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Kadam, S.[Suhas] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)-based phenotyping of soybean using multi-sensor data fusion and extreme learning machine

Kadam, S.I.A.[Sun Il A.] Co Author Listing * Suitability of Earth Engine Evaporation Flux (EEFlux) Estimation of Evapotranspiration in Rainfed Crops
Includes: Kadam, S.I.A.[Sun Il A.] Kadam, S.I.A.[Sun-Il A.]

Kadambe, S.[Shubha] Co Author Listing * Shape normalized subspace analysis for underwater mine detection

Kadambi, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Imaging For Thermal Cameras Using Structured Light
* Deep Polarization Cues for Transparent Object Segmentation
* Deep Shape from Polarization
* Demultiplexing illumination via low cost sensing and nanosecond coding
* Depth Sensing Using Geometrically Constrained Polarization Normals
* light transport model for mitigating multipath interference in Time-of-flight sensors, A
* Macroscopic Interferometry: Rethinking Depth Estimation with Frequency-Domain Time-of-Flight
* MIME: Minority Inclusion for Majority Group Enhancement of AI Performance
* Not Just Streaks: Towards Ground Truth for Single Image Deraining
* Polarized 3D: High-Quality Depth Sensing with Polarization Cues
* Polarized Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
* Synthetic Generation of Face Videos with Plethysmograph Physiology
* Time-Resolved Far Infrared Light Transport Decomposition for Thermal Photometric Stereo
* Time-Resolved Light Transport Decomposition for Thermal Photometric Stereo
* Towards Rotation Invariance in Object Detection
Includes: Kadambi, A. Kadambi, A.[Achuta]
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Kadamen, J.[Jayren] Co Author Listing * Automatically Determining Scale Within Unstructured Point Clouds

Kadan, A.B.[Anoop Balakrishnan] Co Author Listing * Automatic diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy with the aid of adaptive average filtering with optimized deep convolutional neural network
* Early detection of breast malignancy using wavelet features and optimized classifier
* Optimized hybrid classifier for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy: Iterative blood vessel segmentation process

Kadandale, V.S.[Venkatesh S.] Co Author Listing * VoViT: Low Latency Graph-Based Audio-Visual Voice Separation Transformer

Kadappa, V.[Vijayakumar] Co Author Listing * Computational and space complexity analysis of SubXPCA

Kadappa, V.K.[Vijaya Kumar] Co Author Listing * SubXPCA versus PCA: A Theoretical Investigation

Kadar, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Class of Robust Edge Detectors Based on Latin Squares, A
* Class of Three-Dimensional Recursive Parallelpiped Masks, A
* Distributed Fusion Architectures and Algorithms for Target Tracking
* Evolving boundary detectors for natural images via Genetic Programming
* Method and apparatus for detecting innovations in a scene
* SceneNet: A Perceptual Ontology for Scene Understanding
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition II
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition III
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition IV
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition V
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition VI
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition VII
* Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition VIII
* Small sample scene categorization from perceptual relations
Includes: Kadar, I.[Ivan] Kadar, I. Kadar, I.[Ilan]
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Kadari, P.[Prashanth] Co Author Listing * Generalized communication cost efficient multi-way spatial join: revisiting the curse of the last reducer

Kadari, R.R.[Rachana Redd] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Geotagging Behavior: Do Geotagged Users Represent the Twitter Population?

Kadav, A. Co Author Listing * 15 Keypoints Is All You Need
* Attend and Interact: Higher-Order Object Interactions for Video Understanding
* COMPOSER: Compositional Reasoning of Group Activity in Videos with Keypoint-Only Modality
* Dual Projection Generative Adversarial Networks for Conditional Image Generation
* S3VAE: Self-Supervised Sequential VAE for Representation Disentanglement and Data Generation
* Self-supervised Video Representation Learning with Cascade Positive Retrieval
Includes: Kadav, A. Kadav, A.[Asim]

Kadavath, S.[Saurav] Co Author Listing * Many Faces of Robustness: A Critical Analysis of Out-of-Distribution Generalization, The

Kadavi, P.R.[Prima Riza] Co Author Listing * Application of Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Models to Landslide Susceptibility Mapping

Kadavigere, R.[Rajagopal] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry analysis of breast thermograms using automated segmentation and texture features
* Automatic liver tumor segmentation on multiphase computed tomography volume using SegNet deep neural network and K-means clustering
* Role of normalization of breast thermogram images and automatic classification of breast cancer

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