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Hachaj, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Averaging Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Sequences of Rotations: Application to Preprocessing of Motion Capture Data

Hachama, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Technique for Image Classifying Registration
* Combining Registration and Abnormality Detection in Mammography
* Intrinsic Scene Decomposition from RGB-D Images
Includes: Hachama, M.[Mohamed] Hachama, M.

Hachani, M. Co Author Listing * 3D non-rigid pattern recognition based on structural analysis
* Digital Signature Based Control Integrity for JPEG HDR Images
* Global three-dimensional-mesh indexing based on structural analysis and geometrical signatures
* Kinematic Reeb Graph Extraction Based on Heat Diffusion
* Segmentation-based compression scheme for 3D animated models
* Wavelet based watermarking on 3D irregular meshes
Includes: Hachani, M. Hachani, M.[Meha]

Hachem, S. Co Author Listing * Pan-Arctic Land Surface Temperature from MODIS and AATSR: Product Development and Intercomparison

Hachemi, B.[Belkacem] Co Author Listing * Fully automatic multisegmentation approach for magnetic resonance imaging brain tumor detection using improved region-growing and quasi-Monte Carlo-expectation maximization algorithm

Hachet, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * PapARt: Interactive 3D graphics and multi-touch augmented paper for artistic creation
* study of street-level navigation techniques in 3D digital cities on mobile touch devices, A
Includes: Hachet, M.[Martin] Hachet, M.

Hachicha, A. Co Author Listing * Parallel quadtree representation and moment invariants computation of binary image for hierarchical matching on pyramid machine
* use of gray-level information and fitting techniques for precise measurement of corneal curvature and thickness, The

Hachicha, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the multiple reference frames compensation in the H.264 video coder
* High-throughput parallel DWT hardware architecture implemented on an FPGA-based platform

Hachicha, S. Co Author Listing * Application of DSM theory for SAR image change detection
* Multi-temporal Sar Change Detection And Monitoring
* Multi-temporal SAR classification according to change detection operators
Includes: Hachicha, S. Hachicha, S.[Sofiane]

Hachicha, W.[Walid] Co Author Listing * Efficient Inter-View Bit Allocation Methods for Stereo Image Coding
* No-reference stereo image quality assessment based on joint wavelet decomposition and statistical models
* Rate distortion optimal bit allocation for stereo image coding
* Stereo image quality assessment using a binocular just noticeable difference model
Includes: Hachicha, W.[Walid] Hachicha, W.

Hachimi, A.E. Co Author Listing * Texture complexity based fast and efficient intra block mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC

Hachimura, K.[Kozaburo] Co Author Listing * Character segmentation and transcription system for historical Japanese books with a self-proliferating character image database
* Comparison of Structural Variables with Spatio-temporal Variables Concerning the Identifiability of Okuri Class and Player in Japanese Traditional Dancing
* Decomposition of hand-printed patterns
* Image Retrieval Based on Compositional Features and Interactive Query Specification
* Presentation of Japanese Cultural Event Using Virtual Reality
* Quantitative analysis of Iaido proficiency by using motion data
* Retrieval of Paintings Using Principal Color Information
* System for the Representation of Human Body Movement from Dance Scores, A
* Ukiyo-e Rakkan Retrieval System
Includes: Hachimura, K.[Kozaburo] Hachimura, K.
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Hachisu, T. Co Author Listing * Creating an impression of virtual liquid by modeling Japanese sake bottle vibrations
* VisuaLift Studio: Study on motion platform using elevator

Hachisuka, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Wavelet Network

Hachiuma, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual Hybrid Approach for Filling Mass Estimation
* Prompt-Guided Zero-Shot Anomaly Action Recognition using Pretrained Deep Skeleton Features
* Silhouette-Based Synthetic Data Generation for 3D Human Pose Estimation With A Single Wrist-Mounted 360 Camera
* Single-modal Incremental Terrain Clustering from Self-Supervised Audio-Visual Feature Learning
* Toward Unsupervised 3d Point Cloud Anomaly Detection Using Variational Autoencoder
* Unified Keypoint-Based Action Recognition Framework via Structured Keypoint Pooling
* Unsupervised Anomaly Detection of the First Person in Gait from an Egocentric Camera
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Hachiya, D. Co Author Listing * Support system for archeologists to read scripts on mokkans

Hachiya, H.[Hirotaka] Co Author Listing * Artist Agent: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Automatic Stroke Generation in Oriental Ink Painting
* Combining Static Specular Flow and Highlight with Deep Features for Specular Surface Detection
* Exchangeable Deep Neural Networks for Set-to-set Matching and Learning
* NSH: Normality Sensitive Hashing for Anomaly Detection
Includes: Hachiya, H.[Hirotaka] Hachiya, H.

Hachmann, H.[Hendrik] Co Author Listing * 3D braid guide hair reconstruction using electroluminescent wires
* Human Spine Motion Capture using Perforated Kinesiology Tape

Hachouf, F.[Fella] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost neural network and cyclopean view for no-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment
* adaptive total variation method for speckle reduction in medical ultrasound imaging, An
* bi-directional fractional-order derivative mask for image processing applications, A
* Edge-region information measure based on deformed and displaced pixel for image quality assessment
* Estimating Clusters Centres Using Support Vector Machine: An Improved Soft Subspace Clustering Algorithm
* GMM Estimation of 2D-RCA Models With Applications to Texture Image Classification
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Edge-Region Information and Distorted Pixel for JPEG and JPEG2000
* Modified confusion-diffusion based satellite image cipher using chaotic standard, logistic and sine maps
* new method for finding clusters embedded in subspaces applied to medical tomography scan image, A
* Re-weighting features selection based on wrapper filter and genetic algorithms for figurative images recognition
* Score-Level Fusion of Face and Voice Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Belief Functions
* Speckled images restoration filter based on weighted multiplicative regularization approach
* Using 2D ARMA-GARCH for ultrasound images denoising
* Using a generalised method of moment approach and 2D-generalised autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity modelling for denoising ultrasound images
Includes: Hachouf, F.[Fella] Hachouf, F.
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