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Guns, T. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Urban-Freight Transport Based on GPS Trajectories of Heavy-Goods Vehicles

Gunsalus, K. Co Author Listing * Ellipses from triangles
* Shape statistics for cell division detection in time-lapse videos of early mouse embryo

Gunsalus, K.C. Co Author Listing * DevStaR: High-Throughput Quantification of C. elegans Developmental Stages
* Mirror Symmetry Histograms for Capturing Geometric Properties in Images
* Rapid and accurate developmental stage recognition of C. elegans from high-throughput image data
Includes: Gunsalus, K.C. Gunsalus, K.C.[Kristin C.]

Gunsay, M. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis for a subspace decomposition point-source image restoration algorithm
* Point-source localization in blurred images by a frequency-domain eigenvector-based method
* Restoration of blurred star field images by maximally sparse optimization

Gunsel, B.[Bilge] Co Author Listing * Annealed SMC Samplers for Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
* Annealed SMC Samplers for Nonparametric Bayesian Mixture Models
* Bayesian Inference for Nonnegative Matrix Factor Deconvolution Models
* Blind audio watermark decoding using independent component analysis
* Boundary Detection Using Multiscale Markov Random Fields
* Content Based Access to Video Objects: Temporal Segmentation, Visual Summary, and Feature Extraction
* Content-based video abstraction
* Fade-in and fade-out temporal segments
* Incremental clustering via nonnegative matrix factorization
* Incremental subspace learning via non-negative matrix factorization
* integrated decoding framework for audio watermark extraction, An
* Key-frame based video fingerprinting by NMF
* Method for content-based temporal segmentation of video
* Moving Visual Representations of Video Objects for Content-Based Search and Browsing
* multiple model structure for tracking by variable rate particle filters, A
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* novel perceptual feature set for audio emotion recognition, A
* Novelty Detection on Metallic Surfaces by GMM Learning in Gabor Space
* Object Based Video Indexing for Virtual Studio Productions
* Online speaker emotion tracking with a dynamic state transition model
* Online video scene clustering by competitive incremental NMF
* Perceptual Audio Watermarking by Learning in Wavelet Domain
* Perceptually weighted Non-negative Matrix Factorization for blind single-channel music source separation
* Reconstruction and Boundary Detection of Range and Intensity Images Using Multiscale MRF Representations
* Robust object tracking by interleaving variable rate color particle filtering and deep learning
* Robust watermarking of fingerprint images
* SAR image classification with normalized gamma process mixtures
* Segmentation of range and intensity images using multiscale Markov random field representations
* Shape Similarity Matching for Query by Example
* Similarity Analysis for Shape Retrieval by Example
* Supervised learning of smoothing parameters in image restoration by regularization under cellular neural networks framework
* Target Aware Visual Object Tracking
* TDIOT: Target-Driven Inference for Deep Video Object Tracking
* Transform Invariant Video Fingerprinting by NMF
* Two-Dimensional Mesh-Based Visual-Object Representation for Interactive Synthetic/Natural Digital Video
* Variable rate adaptive color-based particle filter tracking
* Video Content Representation by Incremental Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Video Indexing Through Integration of Syntactic and Semantic Features
* Visual surface reconstruction and boundary detection using stochastic models
* WAMI Object Tracking Using L1 Tracker Integrated with a Deep Detector
Includes: Gunsel, B.[Bilge] Gunsel, B. GŁnsel, B.[Bilge] (Maybe also Guensel, B.)
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Gunshor, M.M.[Mathew M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Diurnal Variation of Upper Tropospheric Humidity in Reanalysis Using Homogenized Observed Radiances from International Geostationary Weather Satellites
* Intercalibration of FY-2C/D/E Infrared Channels Using AIRS
* Radiance Differences between Wavelength and Wavenumber Spaces in Convolving Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder Spectrum to Broadband for Intercomparison, The
* Understanding the Imaging Capability of Tundra Orbits Compared to Other Orbits
Includes: Gunshor, M.M.[Mathew M.] Gunshor, M.M.

Gunson, M.R. Co Author Listing * Overview of the EOS Aura Mission

Gunson, N. Co Author Listing * Effective speaker spotting for watch-list detection of fraudsters in telephone banking

Gunst, A.W. Co Author Listing * LOFAR Telescope: System Architecture and Signal Processing, The

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